Sunday, 30 October 2011

Incredibly beautiful

Hold me in your arms
 Make my world round again.

When you hold me in your arms
You make the world round again

If I'm not by your side
Where else could I be?
If If I'm not in your eyes
   Who else is there to see me?

Your senses make my world disappear
Your lips on my skin make time not begin
Your love around my heart means I will never die
And kissing you is like kissing the sky.

By Rita Baugh of Ulverston

Monday, 24 October 2011

Join us next Monday evening - even if you have no kids around

The Candlelit Walk promises to be a magical experience again.

Quite different from last year.

This time more dramatic with the powerful flickering wax flames that rage and spit in wet windy weather, as they illuminate the beck and surrounding wood.

Trying to record the effect doesn't work on camera - you have to be there.

Shimmering lights in the high branches of the old trees,  reflections off the babbling water and the eerie sound of a group of wailing singers and musicians who are making music specially for this event.

The combination of sight, sound and friendly people makes this early evening event very special.

Read what David and Janet Fellows had to say about their experience last year!

Here are the words of an enthusiast who has been to every event:

Along with the visual spectacle of all those flickering candles,
musicians will also be adding to the spooky atmosphere. Ulverston
singers Geertje Baugh and Naomi Edwards have been working on some
bewitching ballads with a folk flavour to fill the night with haunting

“It gives me tingles seeing all those candles lighting up the woods,”
said Gill resident Jennie Dennett who's helping organise the walk.
“And the donated wax is also scented, so there's that brilliant smell
of burning wax, wet leaves and then the sweetness of cake shops all at
the same time. It's a real multi-sensory experience!”

It's an easy walk with lots of quiet very aware people. Parking in The Gill right at hand.

6:30 pm Gill Banks off The Gill, Ulverston this next Monday 31st October.

To keep in touch Go to our Facebook Page

For more information : Contact me by email - gd at (written this way to avoid spam) or by phone 01229 480347

The background to Ulverston's Candlelit Walk - Monday 31st October at 6:30

It all started on 22nd March 2009 with an email from Sue Sellers suggesting that I might be interested in a community pottery project using what turned out to be one ton of Terra Cotta clay  that Susan Thwaites of Dalton  wished to find a home for.

All this clay has now been used (and fired!)  and  a second ton was started three months ago.

In subsequent months the project grew from pottery on the garden wall to pottery on the wall of Union Lane, to The Railings , Gill Banks and then  Lightburn Park and Mill Dam  - much of this is documented on this web site

Having found a way of attaching pottery to the railings,  presence of spikes provoked the though that they needed covering. A few things were made but quickly got nicked because they were attractive including a hiker made by Jennie Dennett.

The though occurred that the railings could be used along their full length - lower path and upper path. The idea of the candlelit walk was born.

By September 2009 we had set ourselves the target of making 100 pots to hold Candles in Jars  - one every ten metres so as to light the upper and lower paths of Gill Banks which we achieved with some hard work from Geoff who made nearly all the blanks whilst Bernard and Elisabeth Ellis  decorated about 25 about forty people in all decorated the pots - many of them children. See this Youtube video.

October 31st 2010 saw the raising of the target for candle lights raised from 300 to 1000 - some of these still remain upside down in the bushes.

Wax Lyrical (Colony Candles) of Lindal provide the thousand candles). The concept of filling loo rolls was used then for the first time came from Gladys Hobson whose son revealed the concept. 20 larger spike lights were used to dramatic effect above the pottery on The Railings - wax overflow still to be seen.

The visual effect in 2010 year was intensified by having a small talented musical group of three musicians who played music to enhance the experience.

Because the 2010 candle lights still had many burning hours available they are again being used. Also because of the high work intensity using of candles all over the wood and the lack of helpers these are being kept for the paths. What is new is having some 60 larger flames which are being used for the first time to light up the beck as it runs along close to the beck.

The making of new spike lights has been limited to 15 this year made by six potters and one family.

What is very special is that we now have two musical groups playing involving with some very talented new singers who know how to create eerie music suited for the occasion.  Rita Baugh is one of them.

We anticipate to have about 10 helpers on the Monday afternoon .

As much work as possible will be done over the Saturday and Sunday in preparing the path  making it safe, free of slippery leaves and dog dirt.

Most people make a real effort to dress up - so much so it's difficult to tell who is who. At this time many parents are making costumes for themselves and their children.

There is no charge for the event which will cost very little to actually run this year as most of the pottery and candles were made last year and the year before. The walk itself costs are about twenty pounds with additional low costs for drinks afterwards. Some funds will be need next year for pottery and candle supplies.

No policing is required for the event : the numbers so far have been in the vicinity of 200 participants. who walk without torches in order to see the lights more effectively.

The greatest need is for involvement in making pots, candles and wax flames and musicians  and workers on the night, not for money.

Next year's event will be on a Tuesday evening.

The event now has it's own  Facebook page : " Ulverston Candlelit Walk"

Saturday, 22 October 2011


As posted (with a couple aof corrections!) on Colin Williams' blog :


Glad you're raising this issue in UTC as well as the police.

This is an issue like many others where I believe the general public can take effective action - my top project is to document on my camera and then support the police as they prosecute any one I see driving a vehicle while on a mobile phone. I've had three near misses and caught one so far. ( The latest, a fortnight ago, was a guy driving a small white van with PPS written in large letters: he was stuck in traffic beside me near the Coro on his phone. I was getting out of my car to challenge him when the lights changed. I followed him trying to get close enough to get his number, until the open road of the A590 just past Booths. This time he got away.)

I've just returned from a country where it is in the culture to get everyone to obey the law (An oversimplification).

They are what I call assertive: if someone does something they don't like they tell them, if someone asks for help, they they help if it's genuine. As everyone does this as second nature then it's no big deal to tell someone you don't like what they're doing and it comes easily - here I find it really hard work).

With a culture like this the police act only as back up.

So in the New Market situation you highlight we could all stand in front of cars and make them stop and then ask them what they think they are doing.

For my part I have moved back notices and bollards so that it's clear that cars are not allowed to drive down this street on Market days.

Please Colin start setting the example of being assertive and telling people off. The police need only intervene when the situation gets more aggressive which in my experience it never does: the worse that happens is you get some swearing and are told to "fuck off and mind your own business".

If we all were more assertive, many things would improve dramatically.

This is the direction, I  believe, we have to go in times of financial hardship. We, the public need to take charge.

How about Sgt Johnston organising some courses in public assertive behaviour?

*             *             *             *             *

I am starting on this theme of "Assertiveness" by only publishing  comments if they are accompanied by a real name - there will no doubt be exceptions - and finding out who is "real" will also be problematic.

See how we go!

If you haven't the courage to give your name; surely this poses lots of disadvantages not only for us but for you too.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Worth investigating

Please keep an open mind to the possibility that global warming can actually lead to freezing winters as we had last year.

I'd be interested in your findings of what scientists are saying and what theories they propose.

Surprisingly I can see some logic in this belief , but am still trying to understand.

The reduction in the ice cover at the north pole and the resulting volume of cold water from the melted ice may be responsible.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Staggering number of comments arriving

But they're all from robots trying to promote their own interests.

Real people have disappeared.

Just shows me how fickle the blogging community really is and why I'm right in concentrating on people who you can look square in the eyes and talk directly to.

There is no doubt a place for blogging here but it comes way down my list of other alternatives of human communication.

The topics I'll be tackling next are:

The very disappointing use of our allotments - with many not being used at a time when there is a long waiting list of people wanting them (60 , I believe). - My local rep believes that the council just pay lip service to the concept of throwing people off plots they aren't using. - I'm gathering opinions as to what system the users actually would prefer : there's a strong case for taking it away from the Ulverston Town Council to run and instead handing the running to the allotment holders themselves.

Repair of the Cobbles down Market Street - Having ripped up the cobbles between New Market Street and Brogden Street that were perfectly good, Cumbria County Highways are now stating that they won't be continuing the replacement of the really bad ones until next year ( Does that mean never? Will the work be done when trade is quiet - January and February for instance? Would this mean in 2013? )

With elections coming up next year, do we need a completely new type of councillor to match the challenges our town faces in the future?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A visit to the Ulverston Scrap Store

This organisation is run and funded by a remarkable woman who has decided to do this demanding project to enable us to use, at very low cost, materials and products that would otherwise be thrown away.

We in Ulverston are very lucky to have her come here to her store every Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 5pm every Tuesday whatever the weather.

There are lots of other interviews of people in Ulverston on this blog:

Click the label "interview" or this link to past interviews

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Our next community activity

We're putting a fair bit of work in preparation for the Walk in the Dark lit only by burning wax on October 31st at 6:30pm

Here's what someone has written about their last year's experience:


Last year we saw a little note in the Evening Mail from Geoff Dellow asking for donations of jam jars. Some 800 were needed to light the path up Gill Banks. We were so pleased that we’d remembered to go there on the Sunday evening, All Hallows Eve. It was magical and such an antidote to all the commercialism and hype that now surrounds what is often known as “trick or treat night”.

Not only was the path lit but there were lights dotted above and below it in the woodland. Accompanying us was the sound of running water in the Gill. At the place in the circular walk where you turned back musicians were quietly playing. At the finish there was a sight to attract the children, a haunted house with evil scarecrows peering out of every window. Nearby were some attractively carved pumpkins along the wall.  Finally were greeted by a cheerful group of helpers offering us a choice of welcome refreshments.

It was such a peaceful sociable event underlining the communal spirit of Ulverston and such an appropriate event ……. lights in the darkness.   Just as we remember the first lantern procession that is now part of Ulverston life it would be good to think that this one too will become a local tradition.

I’ve just met Geoff who tells me that the event will be on again this year on Monday 31st October. They don’t need and jars but the musicians have moved on to college so some new players would be welcome. Other help is needed too. Should you be interested or just like to know the opening time Geoff can be contacted at or Tel. 480 347.

David and Janet Fellows.

Note : you may wish to follow the latest activities of this event on our new Facebook page where there is a lot of information.