Saturday, 30 May 2009

My Priorities if elected !

Immediately find out how officers are monitored so that they are both rewarded and disciplined for their performance.

Over the summer: Get one or two groups started - working with one of the following : Honeypot, South Ulverston, Croftlands, Park Estate, ABC ( Anslie, Burlingtion, Casson) Neville street area.

Familiarise myself with all the County Council departments.

Ditto with Business promotion in the area (Ulverston Website as a small start) Improving the shopkeepers representation and coordination.

Visit the Environment Agency responsible for Dragley Beck and Recycling.

Achieving better value from the Highways Department by demanding a change in attitude to work in the town.

Promoting a sensible parking scheme operating in Ulverston by first questioning officials.

Becoming familiar in detail with the workings of the police so as to communicate with the public about their role in meeting challenges.

Monitoring the behaviour of young people around town in the early hours of the night.

Encourage good schools in Ulverston - first request visit of the buildings at UVHS with a view of lobbying Carlisle for redecorating funds.

Encouraging improvements in the schools that are letting the community down.

Promoting greater non-teacher participation from the community in schools.

Having discussions with officers so as to make the most of opportunities for the Honeypot, South Ulverston, Lightburn, Croftlands and ABC area

Ensure the upgrading of Croftlands playing area as soon as possible.

Encourage the greater use of recreational areas particularly Lightburn Park and the MUGA area by adults so as to modify young people's behaviour.
Develop the Rose garden opposite the Library.

Longterm : Promote co-operation between Cllrs outside of Kendal through Neighbourhood Forums so that Ulverston gets a better deal

If I don't get in then I'll be concentrating on Groups throughout the area and greater community communication/participation also working with UVHS sixth form.

Looks like I'll be busy!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Media Lynch Mob

Are we not going too far with our fury with MPs?

Will there be suitable candidates to stand in their place?

It could be very difficult to persuade them back with the treatment some of them are getting!

Get yourself down to Lightburn Park

The kids are happy but now is the time, right at the beginning, to get them behaving well to all ages.

I was able to talk to the few rogues there and persuade them not to ride their bikes on the grass.

There are enough sensible kids around for an adult to have a lot of influence in guiding their behaviour in a way that is sympathetic and considerate to everyone.

Ignore this scene and the yobos will take over and we're in for a lot more trouble than if we got stuck in now.

Most of the kids are arriving by bike and hence kids from all over are attracted here.

It's a great chance for older ones to have a lot of influence by simply showing an interest and even a bit of admiration for the skills that some of them have.

While we scrap and squabble . . .

over MPs expenses.

We are being left behind in far more important projects.

I believe that it will be China that will try the hardest to save humanity.

They have the power to impose their will on a vast population.

They will want to be the survivors.

They will know that Global Warming is the greatest threat they face.

They are investing vast sums of money into renewable energy sciences.

"China is to throw its economic might behind a national solar power plan that could result in it becoming one of the world's biggest harvesters of the sun's energy."

It follows that we will be buying all this technology from them and becoming poorer and more powerless by the year.

If you want to buy a modern energy saving heat pump, you will buy it from China - not the UK; not Germany in Europe; but miles away where we are already buying a lot of our toys and gadgets.

If we want a free future, we need to be looking beyond our politicians little toes (that have gone to market) and look up at the horizon ahead of us.

First Cumbria was rendered powerless by political squabbles last October and now it is Parliament.

We need to wake up and get our priorities clear and stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by newspapers and the media that seeks to filch our money and futures as we slouch distracted on our sofas.

Cumbria needs to encourage renewable energy industries to develop here using our mechanical and electrical engineering skills to the full in this new field.

Let's get focussed on jobs for the British by being farsighted. We need every ounce of co-operation if we are going to pull ourselves out of the mess we are headed for.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cameron would promise us the world

If only to get into power.

But how competent would he be?

I'd choose Vince Cable any day!

(Note: I put "cameron" into a Google image search :

What did I get ?

Not this one, I assure you! )

Monday, 25 May 2009

I like the sound of this

Photo nicked from here
Water Yeat
Village Hall

Proudly announces

The Nibthwaite Olympix

An evening picnic and some daft games thrown in.

On Sunday 12th July starting at 4pm
At Water Park Outdoor Centre
(East of Lake beyond Nibthwaite)

Bring your own picnic, drinks, seating and a sense of humour.
A barbecue will be provided for you to cook any food you bring.

Parking is available for some cars.
Arrival by foot, bike, canoe, sailing boat and rowing boat is encouraged
– moor up on the promontory opposite Lake Bank Jetty.

Entry fee £2.00
Under 16’s free
Dogs welcome

Proceeds to Water Yeat Village Hall Funds and Water Park Trust
Charity No 222932

Welcome again to our new visitors

Yesterday showed the highest number of different visitors in one day for a while (maybe ever).

My logs give the information though I haven't a clue who you are.

My greatest regret is that it is so difficult for you to track what has been said in the past.

I started with the idea of an index but it was turning into a long task and I have more interesting things to do - like actually talking to you on your doorstep.

We are exploring alternative software that will bring topics being commented on to the top of the pile.

Any suggestions?

I'm already tentatively planning out my time table - should I get in.

I have the feeling that I have a limited time ahead of me - say 12 years - and I want to hit the ground running.

(The feeling I had when I used to leap backwards from the platform of a moving bus as a kid so as to avoid falling flat on my face)

I shall publish what I see as the immediate tasks and offer a priority for you to comment on in a couple of days.

It's very important to me that I win with a resounding majority so as to send a clear message to Councillors and "Servants" alike that reform is clearly in the air.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fraudsters up to clever tricks

Dear user of PayPal services,
This email is to inform you that we had to block your PayPal account because this ip accessed your account 3 times and tryed to change your billing information. We apologise for the inconvenience but the safety of your account is our main priority.

To remove the limitation login to your PayPal account!
To remove the limitation, read carefully and complete all the steps listed in the link above. Thank you for using PayPal!The PayPal Team

Some messages are very plausible. (Though how about the spelling?)

The way I check them out is always to look at the link they give by mousing over but not pressing.

This is invariably NOT what you would expect and is very dodgy.

In this case

With my internet provider I get a message that this is not the link it says it is!

Using foreign labour

Cartmel Grange Nursing Home

What are the working conditions in places like this?

I've come across some people, living in Ulverston, that work there.

Is the management totally above board?

61 places at £600 / wk is quite an income.

"Working permits and transport organised from the Far East in exchange for employment?" I ask myself.

Nice place for BNP members to send their parents?

This is another place I'll be poking my nose in, if elected!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Regretfully coming to an end

Once in a while I have the experience of reading a really good book and as you sit and share someone else's thoughts through the pages you can see those that still remain rapidly diminishing.

June 4th is quickly approaching and I will cease to have a good excuse to go knocking on people's doors and finding what great people are hidden behind them.

Every night I'm out, I meet someone new that I didn't realise lived here. You can't predict what kind of people you'll meet by the area you go knocking. There are always lots of surprises. The conversations will soon come to an end. . . .

The exciting thing then is finding out how these meetings will progress into friendships where actions become the result and difficult obstacles are overcome!

Whatever the result of the election, I shall have lots to follow up and enjoy!

Friday, 22 May 2009


Richard Foster of SLDC take note.

We in Ulverston are fed up with your "play it safe" attitude.

We want to be allowed to have more "dangerous" play areas like the one being explored on BBC Breakfast this morning at the Tate Modern this week end. Here "Health and Safety has been brought down to earth with some "dangerous" play equipment.

Somewhere to go and have a bit of challenging fun - I'd love the chance!

At last we get a skateboarding park in Lightburn Park - fifteen years too late - during this time our young people have become increasingly restless.

Now concentrate on the playing field at Croftlands and improve the area in the Honeypot so that the Auction Mart and Abattoir loses it appeal to youngsters.

Norman Bishop-Row, it's time for you to be more proactive and put Ulverston on the map. You with all the other SLDC Councillors outside of Kendal are in the majority.

How come Kendal appears to get all the goodies?


This wonderful battler from London's East end is hitting out again!

I draw inspiration from people like this.

I'm impressed bythe statement:

"Keothavong does not have her coach with her in Warsaw, as she sometimes likes to have "anti-social" weeks when she does everything for herself."

I know the feeling!

Watching her hit the hell out of Venus Williams a while back showed (for a few points) what she is made of.

Forget Andrew Murray for a while and "watch this space". Here I predicted a Brit Woman in the top 30 by Wimbledon last August!

As her technique and canniness improves, so will her progress.

Pity her name isn't Smith and then we'd all be behind her. Bear in mind a bit of "foreign" blood does us good.

BNP take note - a lot of you owe your fighting spirit to foreigners - the Vikings, the Normans and now maybe the Poles - no idea what Anne's background is - does it matter.

Maybe some battlers will get into Parliament this next time round and stand up to "the System".

I'm meeting some equally inspirational people here in Ulverston.

Last night I was talking to someone who I felt was almost enjoying the challenge that life had thrown at her.

She was living life "on her own terms" and others had better work with her or else feel the brunt of her energy.

Not everyone makes the headlines.

Those that do often don't deserve it - it's amazing what papers can do to sell themselves.

I digress!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

County Council reform

The timing couldn't be better.

Everyone is up in arms about politicians but far more important the whole system is being questioned.

At present the focus is on Parliament but what is happening on our doorstep needs to change:

The way our Town, District and County Councils are run needs a radical shake up.

Not only must this look at the way the the Councillors behave but even more important:

It must examine the performance of the "civil servants" who repeatedly are left by the Councillors to work in a totally unacceptable way.

It was the behaviour of those running the Neighbourhood Forum that was the final straw in my decision to become a County Councillor back in June last year:

  1. They didn't advertise their meetings here in Ulverston
  2. The Forum started off well in the early days but local people became disillusioned when it became clear that it was the County Councillors that were running the show. Some forums in the UK are brilliant and provide a valuable means of good communication between the public and the politicians. The key phrase you will see in these good forums is "Each (forum) is run by a committee of volunteers" - not the politicians. This is true in many parts of the UK but not here.
  3. Instead of enabling community discussions it's main function has become the distribution of small grants to those "in the know" that they can be obtained - very few in Ulverston itself.
  4. It stifled important discussions so that the topic of Affordable Housing was held in Swarthmoor Hall on a cold November evening and not the Coronation Hall that had been promised. Attempts to have this meeting rescheduled were thwarted by Cllr Kolbe.
  5. Despite questioning the officers running the Forums throughout Cumbria, no change in the set up of the Forums here was possible. The only way with a chance of this was to become a Councillor myself!
Another area for reform is the procedure accompanying public participation in the council meetings.

In practice this is often a farce:

Councillor Geoff Cook who chaired the county meeting in Kendal when the Highways Department were questioned about their supervision of the contractors working on the cobbles in Market Street did not take the question seriously.

He allowed a totally irrelevant answer to be given even though this was pointed out to him. Furthermore none of the Councillors appeared to understand what was going on. The result was - nothing registered. Action came not from the County but from the contractors who recognised that they were at fault.

As you will see from my first post here I am intent on doing things and not talking about them

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Reform of the political system

I agree with Nick Clegg.

The whole system needs to be overhauled.

This will take time but a new direction needs to be set before the next election.

Good to see Esther Rantzen getting involved.

We both share the same approach.

We refuse to be answerable to anyone other than ourselves.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Blackbirds in song

Is it my imagination, or are there a lot more blackbirds around this year?

Isn't it great having their song everywhere?


MEP elections

With these less than three weeks away, I've started to have a look at the choices.

To find out about the candidates I'm finding Wikipedia a great help

I think that this is a great place to start.

It gives all the candidates and reliable links to web sites to find out more about each party and their candidates.

Following the launch of the Jury team a couple of months ago they have come up with some Independent candidates.

The Jury Team

They each give lots of information about themselves. However so far I'm not impressed but I've got some reading still to do.

Graham Ross has clearly not read his blurb very carefully.

In answer to the question

"Why would you like to represent your region?"

He replies : "To expand direct pubic influence," a small typo with great consequences - something I'm sure to do in the future and am very aware of!

I'll be back as I explore this important subject further in order to make an informed vote!

For now I'm going to try to switch off politics - Sunday is supposed to be my day off!

MPs expenses and behaviour - the future! ?

It's this kind of thing that got me all fired up last June and caused me to decide:

Enough is enough.

I'm not going to be treated like this - by the present system and the County Councillors on the Neighbourhood Forum - which most of you won't have heard about because the Cllrs don't publicise the meetings.

So I fought as best I could and as I was getting nowhere, I raised my game:

Can't beat 'em. Join 'em.

When elected I'll again try to get the procedure changed.

From my experience of speaking to the County Council last year, I can see that I'll be upsetting a few apple carts as I buck against an archaic system that prevents freedom of speech in the council chamber.

A system where you are careful not to upset the committee chairman because he will overrule you and won't grant you "the privilege" of speaking.

A system akin to that in Parliament where the speaker has enormous power and you try not to upset him. Well this week I suspect the MPs will be getting rid of Martin, the Speaker, who has been attempting to prevent access to the expenses fiasco information.

Slowly this archaic system will have to change.

Things will have to be much more open so that politicians will have to be more honest.

Getting good MPs in future will be difficult. "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys" comes to mind. ( How many people will want to be a County Councillor for £9,000 / year? with all the time away from home necessary and the need for most people to supplement this income to pay the mortage and feed the kids).

Are there enough dedicated people who will do the job because they have a high regard for their fellow countrymen/town.

One hopes so.

However I haven't found others in Ulverston who want to get involved by being a councillor! If you know someone let me know - I'm willing to help them win their next election if they have a mind of their own and some integrity. The SLDC and Town Council elections can't be too far away.

Time for you/them to show what you/they are made of!

Come on now - have a go! Especially if for no fault of your own you are out of work.

It really can be fun!

Especially if you enjoy having insults thrown at you regularly - as you will find on this blog and even from a certain incumbent County Councillor . . . . who has reformed more recently!

Health and Safety gone MAD

Sam Braken, Kendal Safety Officer for SLDC, has decreed that the bench that stands here for older people to wait for a taxi, should be removed.


Because someone bumped into it and complained.

Some Councillors to their credit have complained to the Market Manager , but will they have the perseverance to take it further or will they lie down and play dead?

SLDC have a record for being totally unreasonable regarding Health and Safety.

Any suggestion of a risk and they ban the activity.

This is totally different to Barrow Borough Council who have come to the view that people do not in fact sue and Councils do not lose cases.

Richard Hennah of Barrow has pioneered skateboarding in Barrow whereas Richard Foster of SLDC is overcautious. The latter will not allow kids to bring their boxes into parks to practice their skateboard tricks in case they hurt themselves.

What happens in Ulverston? - The kids are left to practice in potentially dangerous places like Car Parks and the parade on Central Drive, Croftlands.

It's been a real battle for this Health and Safety attitude to be resisted and a stronger stand needs to be made.

Schools - well maintained buildings ARE important

Looks grand.

But what does it look like inside?

In a recent article regarding a visit of Councillors to Victoria High we had some significant comments reported:

"Cllr Airey told Monday’s meeting that the success of UVHS being taken out of special measures in March must be followed-up by tending to the school learning environment.

He said: “I was shocked and amazed by the state of some of the buildings."


Town councillor Janette Jenkinson would welcome any county council support, but was less convinced about the importance of buildings.

“I would like to state that it is not the buildings that create a good education,” she said. “It’s the teachers and staff.

“But yes, it would make a difference.”

Having taught in Victoria High recently I cannot agree with Janette Jenkinson.

With paint peeling off the walls and a drab environment from years of neglect it is difficult to be positive.

None of us would put up with this in our own homes. The message coming across to all that enter this school in its present state is that no one cares.

Janette reflects a sad view amongst the Conservatives that this is an area where spending money is not important.

It is.

It reflects the view of County Cllr Pauline Halfpenny that Dale Street should be closed. She put the boot in at a vital point in the decision over the school and failed to support Wendy Kolbe at a crucial meeting last year.

James Airey is a man that always, in my hearing , talks sense. I will be voting for him in the coming election for County Councillor. (I am definitely NOT a Conservative but of the people available for election, he is the best choice - I always vote for the person and not their party)

There was no comment reported from County Councillor Kolbe on this issue. How hard has she fought to get funds for the school?

I aim to first consult the school and then have a early meeting with Moira Swan, who I already know, to get some support for UHVS.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Latest Highway botch job

I can't believe this is done on a busy road by a "responsible" Highways Department.

No doubt they will tell us that they are an "emergency solution".

How long will we have to wait for the long term solution?

Human contact

There are groups of people that are hidden away out of sight that would greatly benefit from seeing and talking with people other than those paid to do so.

Many of us don't realise these people exist.

Suchet was back on TV on BBC breakfast to highlight the work being done with Dementia. How groups of musicians were enjoying "talking to" others through engaging them in making music.

They had found a hidden door into these peoples brains when all other entrances were blocked.

People with Dementia were tapping out rhythms and "dancing" with their hands and feet. It was good to see.

Something I hope to do in Ulverston is get many small community groups formed like the one at Lightburn Park.

I am meeting people living only 50 yards from each other that have similar interests and don't know the other exists. We have no common ground where we can meet those that live nearby and this could be of great enjoyment to us all.

I shall get these groups going if I can whether or not I get elected and am at this moment exploring other groups nationwide, that have ways of bringing people together.

More on this again soon!

Blind love

I got quite angry last night.

I was calling door to door - as I do - when I was questioned by someone who doesn't appear to use his reason but has a blind faith in a party.

These are the kind of people that put and kept Hitler in power and I had hoped were a thing of the past.

Thankfully I have only identified two of these people out of the thousands of people I have now talked to.

Because a person was a member of a particular party, they could do no wrong and were beyond question. This may be fine when a party is following a particular policy that one supports but in local government, things are very different.

Hopefully we elect people in local government because:

  • They consult us regularly to find out what our concerns are
  • They work to implement these concerns
When someone is doing neither, I would hope that questions would be asked by the individual about their chosen candidate as to their suitability to run.

I am gob smacked to find there are still people with this blind faith still in Ulverston.

I can cope with those that don't know and those that are skeptical but those that "know", when they are totally ignorant other than in a belief that their party must be right . . . . .

Furthermore this person wasn't even going out supporting their blind love who could do with all the help that is available at the moment.

Some people, I talk to, haven't seen a politician on their doorstep for years, if ever . . .

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Welcome to our new visitors

Please feel free to comment on any posting here. The more the merrier.

We have in the region of 300 regular viewers with new people arriving daily as a result, I assume of my leaflet through the door!

Next subject :Dementia - the importance of music in our care homes - see the BBC Breakfast this morning!

Note: those mischievous Cobblins have been active again amongst the Market Street Cobbles ! See the previous sighting of the Goblins of the Market Street Sewers!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The discussion on the lower pages has made me go back to basics regarding my beliefs.

I'd appreciate your help in sorting these out with your reactions to the following because my actions will be dependent on these beliefs.

We all take drugs - well possibly one in a million doesn't.

Tea and coffee are drugs; herbal teas are drugs. We take others quite readily for illnesses.

The drug that causes the most concern in Britain is alcohol.

All drugs affect the behaviour of our body.

Alcohol has the property to help us relax. Some people cannot relax without it.

It leads to people's loss of inhibitions; they behave in a way that would not normally be their natural behaviour when they are "under the influence".

Encouraging people to drink excessively is irresponsible because as soon as they start losing their inhibitions, they can't see why they shouldn't drink more and more . . The result can be damage to themselves, to property and to other people.

If the result of activities in an establishment leads to people coming onto the streets out of control and this arises from them drinking too much (something they might well deny), we have a problem. More seriously people who are "not under the influence "- bar staff may allow them to drink.

If there are very rare occurrences where the Police have to be involved outside then this is understandable. If however Police are regularly required to bring order to irresponsible people then the establishment is not working as we would wish.

When people come out on the streets at times that non drinking people are around in quantity (during daylight) then these have a great influence on the behaviour of the less responsible. However when irresponsible come onto the streets in the middle of the night when the majority are in bed and the only other people that are around may be other irresponsible people. Then we a looking at "trouble". The only solution that we have then is the sober authoratitive Police.

The latter can do an excellent job but cost the taxpayer a lot of money especially if the have to operate regularly in the middle of the night. With limitted resources of cash there can be other work that we may want the police to do - in the day time.

Thus I conclude that if certain activities in the town regularly lead to irresponsible behaviour in the night then those activities should be stopped.

The onus is on the establishments - no one else.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Do I detect an element of hypocracy around?

Barwatch scheme this last Christmas

So what's this about not admitting the Roxy to the scheme?

See comments on the Roxy below.

Again I ask what has Cllr Jamie Samson got to say? Phone call coming up - he ignores my emails and letters!

A disgrace in the 21st century

This is Prince's Street Ulverston, seen by all that come into town from the station.

These are a grand set of terraced houses (featuring the dog sculpture on the roof) ,going down another floor at the back.

For over 15 years, I understand, the property in the middle has been going downhill with disruptive behaviour from multiple tenants going on inside and a rapidly deteriorating exterior outside.

It has been a nightmare for the neighbours.

The fact that this situation has been allowed to continue is a disgrace and reflects on two serious problems that we have with local government.

One: the councillors involved have not pursued this issue with vigour. One concludes that they think that once they have raised the matter with the officials at the SLDC, their job is done.

Secondly over the past 12 years there have been a series of avoidance strategies and inaction by the SLDC officers and the Cllrs have done nothing to correct this.

It was only when there was a near disaster with a fire in the building, caused by a tenant, that things began to change. Had it not been through a stroke of luck with the fire engine being quickly available, then the fire would have taken hold with the whole block of houses.

The Fire service have now boarded up the main property.

Even after the fire nothing happened and it was left to the neighbours to raise the issue.

A meeting was eventually called with the council officials in March with the following resulting vague proposals. To download the SLDC responses to the neighbours questions click here and then click the link labelled "Response to Dr McQuillin.pdf" part way down the page. Here is the Evening Mail report of the recent situation.

Now at last the Council are going to decide what they will do at their Cabinet Meeting, this next May 27th.

They will have to be on their toes as they have an appauling record on this issue. Mr Tummie was not convincing at the earlier March meeting; his boss Mr Sykes was seen to be squirming in his seat at the incompetent performance being given by his 'team'. This whole sad saga confirms the low position held by SLDC in the bottom 15% in the country as measured by the Audit committee. It now has an opportunity to rectify the matter.

The SLDC can count on a public outcry from Ulverston if this house is not quickly sold to a new responsible builder for the ultmate use by a private family.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Gary Robinson on the new Roxy venue.

The follow recounts a phone conversation with Gary Robinson of the Canteen in Barrow and now the Roxy Music/Arts venue.

This call was made to Gary "out of the blue" yesterday (Saturday 9th afternoon)

His initial reaction was resentment that someone was apparently phoning to tell him his job and what he should do in what was "family time".

My urgency was to catch him before the Saturday night gig so that he could start that night, aware of the views of several people that I have been in touch with in the last few days. (Having stated that it was family time, it was difficult to get Gary off the phone once he had started - he is good at arguing his point of view as those that heard him at the public meeting will know.)

On Feb 5th I posted an article very much in favour of this project. Now I have severe doubts.

On some points during our conversation, I found him unconvincing.

He argues - and he is welcome to correct me here - the following:

He is following the rules and doing all he can and if there is bad behaviour then this is because of the type of people he is dealing with.

He believes it is early days and it will take a while for the irresponsible behaviour to be weeded out by excluding these people from entering the venue.

He is paying high wages to ensure that expert staff are employed to deal with any behaviour problems. He also feels he has a good working relationship with the police.

For my part I ,and many others, look at the situation very differently.

What impressed me about the description of what was to happen with Gary at the Roxy was that something of benefit was going to happen in the town and that there was a need for responsible people to have a venue open till 3.00 am where they could enjoy live music along with an occasional drink. Furthermore the Roxy could become a venue were the artistic interests in the town could be focused and developed.

What has happened so far does not encourage this optimism.

It is essential to me and many others that access to alcohol until late does not lead to drunken behaviour by people that have lost their inhibitions and control of what they do.

At present what is happening sends out messages to me and others that people with too much alcohol inside them are being turned out on our streets in the early hours. People who show little concern for others.

Gary cannot in my opinion duck this issue. It can be argued that the behaviour is linked to drink. This is happening inside the Roxy and is thus the responsibility of those behind the bar. The Roxy must quickly establish itself as a place that will attract the responsible people who go to enjoy good , live music and not the irresponsible who go to drink.

Gary Robinson has total responsibility for the way in which his venue is run and it must quickly become a place for the former.

If the latter take hold; I and many others will join together to force the venue to be closed.

I suggest that a change of direction needs to be implemented quickly. The whole appearance of the venue both outside and in, needs urgent attention in my view. The quality is nowhere up to the standard of the former Buffers at the station and that had its problems.

Your views as always are welcome. I trust that the Councillor for this area - Jamie Samson - with his interests in the licensing committee of South Lakeland is monitoring the situation closely.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Roxy concerns

What started as a good idea for Ulverston shows signs of turning sour.

This is the view as one approaches the Roxy this Saturday morning.

And this is what is found on the door step.

Not the images that convey responsible behaviour the night before when this new music venture was in action.

Neighbours across the main road are already reporting a deterioration in the noise levels coming from this venue and these images tell their own story.

Suspicions that excessive drinking here would be condoned are being confirmed.

The management will have to take a firm approach and not serve alcohol to people who abuse their nighbourhood. It is the man behind the bar that needs to take action. Profits from beer sales must be secondary to this place being a benefit to Ulverston.

At present the signs are not good and I am seeking an interview with the promoters. Now is the time for a firm approach to be taken or they will have Ulverstonians turning against them.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Witch Hunt

For the Newspapers to bother reporting Gordon Brown's cleaning expenses is pathetic, but for the Guardian to feature this 'revelation' on the frontpage shows what kind editors we have selecting the news we are being fed.

Just stop and assess this information:

£6, 600 paid a cleaner over 26 months, that's £66 per week - £13 per day. Just how little do they think a cleaner should be paid, for God's sake.

This story that goes in the National press and on prime time TV News illustrates how irresponsible the media is being. What idiots do they take us for?

Leave Brown alone to get on with his job.

Let's be clear at the beginning - before I am elected as County Councillor. I shall be claiming for a taxi if it enables me to do the job of county councillor better. Though I enjoy driving, if I am faced with driving home over long distances after a long day of getting people to listen to me and taking in what they are saying, I shall use a taxi.

I shall not car share as this will put even greater strain on my patience to have to endure the company of pompous idiots.

What I see as being an efficient way of working is to have someone else taking care of getting me from 'A' to 'B', leaving me to write emails, make phone calls or just plain sleep.

If a County Councillor is doing his job properly he/she is managing the efficient spending of millions of pounds and needs to be enabled to do this in every way possible. Criticism is only justified if the councillor is not doing their job well. This is where the media should target its stories.

And before you start criticising the above, take note of the following:

At present a Councillor cannot claim for journeys for more than a set rate per mile in a car as though they were driving their own. Thus when I use a taxi - which I certainly will - it will be me that pays for most of the cost under the present rules.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Prime Minister's Question Time

Brown, I thought gave a good account of himself, whilst the Tories did themselves no favours by the way they taunted him.

Their behaviour reminds us just how childish politicians can be - something that is repeated to me over and over again as I go round talking to Ulverstonians at the moment!

Monday, 4 May 2009


As I enter this unpleasant world, I quake in my boots!

I've always been wary of this environment and wonder how I will cope.

Watching both the Labour and Conservatives makes me sympathise with those that want nothing to do with these shenanigans.

The Media doesn't help with its obsession for a story. Always trying to provoke an MP into some revelation of their unthought-yet thoughts.

The way the leading Labour figures fall prey to these approaches reveals what shallow people some of them are. The Conservatives have no reason to be disloyal but if the tables were turned, one suspects they would be exactly the same.

If I look around for people I respect then I have to investigate the Liberals with Vince Cable prominent - only because of the focus on the economy. There are many others who take impressive stands on various issues.

I cannot however comprehend the local Liberal campaigners who put winning seats for the party above honesty.

Last SLDC council election, a friend of mine was a candidate who found they were having their publicity written for them and found that that they had views they had never expressed. The party machine of "this is how we get you elected" had taken over.

This reminds me where advertising in a South American country allegedly resulted in a brand of toothpaste getting the largest block of votes - a story I can't back up with a Google search!

Tim Farron is one I respect. He illustrated his reliability when he resigned form the inner Nick Clegg circle on a matter of principle.

Other politicians that stand out are Shirley Williams and Claire Short who say what they think, loud and clear.

Hopefully this is a characteristic that I can emulate though I need to take care with the Claire model !

Journalism under threat

The proposed closure of the press hall in Barrow is a worry.

Loss of 28 jobs to do with the actual printing of the paper by moving this to Carlisle indicates something that should concern us all.

I've heard statements of disbelief that anyone reads the Mail because of much of its sensational style of head line but some of the journalists behind the news are great.

What concerns me is the fact that the Mail is owned and run by such a large money driven organisation with little thought for local people.

If there's a better business opportunity elsewhere, on feels, the owners will be off without a thought for our communities and the journalists that feed them.

Journalists can help us think and act about the issues around us. They have a very important part to play in our communities. We must find a way of paying them a reasonable wage for what they do which is independent of the which seems to be "the fast buck".

What's on

Your chance each week to announce what's happening in the Town.

Just add a comment!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's official: Geoff is running for County Council

The forms are in stating that I am running for Ulverston East. My leaflet is distributed to one area : around Neville street. Door to door revisiting starts here tomorrow Monday 3rd May.

I shall start to find out what you think of my leaflet - a copy is here.
I have no idea how it will arrive on your computer.

I cannot bring myself to talk in slogans but prefer my attempt to use joined up sentences.

Your feedback is very welcome.

I shall of course be distributing this leaflet throughout the whole ward during the next month.

For those that would like to do something themselves:

You could download this poster
and put it up in your front/back window.

You could even put your own version up!

"Geoff Dellow is a Cunt" appears to be a popular slogan in some places!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Children will have a fantastic time tomorrow, Sunday

If they attend the drop in Printfest workshop in the Coro from 10.00 to 12.00 .

They can print their own pictures and with expert help, easily come up with some lovely designs to take home. All for free, I believe!

Some parents have travelled all the way from Stockport to attend!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Tesco - pull out - ?

Rumour has it that they are miffed with our bye-law prohibiting deliveries before 7.00am. They appear to have called a halt on all work

The suggestion is that they could try to bully (persuade) the council to change the rules for them by refusing to carry on and refusing to sell.

Will they just dig their heels in and leave the store empty until they get their way?

What do you think? Should the council give in and change the bye-law?

It's surprising how suspicious people are of this multinational giant and ready to suspect the worse of them.

For me the main point is how to we keep or even encourage our town to be more active trading.

I do NOT feel that our councillors take this problem seriously.

We need some imaginative thinking of how to proceed.

Wouldn't it be great if we could have another ethical organisation like the Coop in the town?

Two excellent festivals start tomorrow

Both of which were pointed out a month ago!

Spoilt for choice - something if it rains and something if its fine!