Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Stunned, absolutely stunned.

The people, I understand, in our Tourist Information Office, the same people that have been providing this service for many years now,  at the Coronation have been instructed not to provide any tourist information to people that approach them. One apparently rational tourist was so upset with the refusal to provide that he was understandable furious. He was unable to control being abusive of the staff there instead of the true people that deserve abuse. Normally very helpful staff where also extremely upset by this behaviour and the manager offered no solution other than to tape over the notice outside  which advetises this service. The problem is in fact understanding who has made this appalling decision and why has the public been notified more effectively.

A group of people, in July 2010, put a lot of work into organising and alternative to the way it was being run a few years back. A team of more than twenty people were ready to run the Tourist Office on a voluntary basis as is done at Grange over Sands. This group was reassured that the office at the Coro  was going to continue to run as it had and that there was no need for an alternative voluntary group. Now we find that this promise was untrue and the groups willingness to run an alternative was in fact needed.

This work was documented here on this blog in a posting made on July 30 2010.

Again in a followup article urging the public to become involved at a Town Council meeting to be held on September 6th the detailed background on this campaign for Ulverston to keep control of the Tourist  Information Office was given. It was reported that Airey was "on radio cumbria after 5pm today saying he was going to push for the council to get on board.

So who is to blame for this sudden change? The person who must be the first to provide answers is Cllr James Airey who was the person at the centre of the decision at the time to not use a voluntary structure as is being used successfully in Grange over Sands.

Now by the back door - without consultation the tourist aspect of the office has been stopped.

So we have a very angry group who want answers.

Even if this only an interim measure this disruptive action is unacceptable as a smooth transition to the town running this service could have been secured.

While on the subject of the running of the Coronation and the formation of a Friends of the Coronation Hall : why is it that some people who joined at the very first meeting have not been informed of subsequent meetings so they have only found out by word of mouth after meetings have been held.

What is going on?

The following people should be able to provide answers:
James Airey
Colin Pickthall who is deeply involved with the Friends of the Coronation Hall

Jayne Kendall Clerk of Ulverston Town Council - Ulverston Town Council

I suggest you contact them by email or even more effectively by phone.

Who can provide acceptable answers? - I am asking Councillors and the Town Clerk to explain

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An insight

I've just had a thought. Does this make sense?

The 'civilised world' is falling apart. We depend too much on sophisticated support systems that are wonderful as long they work as intended. But they are beginning to go wrong.

Facebook is being used to pull teachers apart so that they can't cope.

The financial world has put all the power in the hands of big companies.

Democracy is no longer effective.

We're all dependent on energy from complicated sources: how many of us would cope if we had no gas or electricity.

Countries like America and Russia (China ?) are on the verge of fighting each other in power struggles.

But who will be the people who will be the least effected?

Who are the people that communicate well with only the ancient art of voice, facial and body language expression?

Who have well established communities that continue to function well?

Who appear to us to be enjoying life the most?

Is the answer below?

The people living in remote areas of the world that nobody wants to invade. People who have 'primative' skills and are still adaptable to changes in weather conditions.

While the rest of us destroy each other, doesn't the third or even fourth world stand most chance of surviving! Time to teach our children how to blend in with the people of remote Nepal, remote Amazon remote Antartica. Are there still places where the 'civilised world' hasn't managed to influence greatly what I could could call the Fourth World?

What do you think - if in fact you do think (out of your box)?

Preparations for Flag Fortnight this week end

For up to date info on what is happening with The Gill Group go to their Facebook Page.

Who are they? Once again go to their Facebook page. Nowadays you can't do anything without Facebook!

You wanna bet? Says Geoff

SLDC Chief Executive, Lawrence Conway

 The Government is talking about you, Lawrence Conway aided and abetted by  Cllr Helen Irving.

Councils urged to curb health and safety ‘jobsworths’

This is exactly what happened over the pottery that was removed from Mill Dam Park fencing last year: brought about by the actions our District Cllr Helen Irving. This story was highlighted by the Westmoreland Gazette editorial saying "Lawrence Conway haven't you got better things to do" - than back the removal of this harmless pottery from the park fence. Helen Irving should be ashamed of her role in supporting such a negative Chief Executive. Even Conway's Officers, Deborah Wright and Jim Maguire were extremely unhappy over being ordered to remove the pottery for Health and Safety reasons. However they felt they had to do as they were told by their boss Lawrence Conway.

At a meeting with local residents Conway stated that they should not do any work in the park unless they were being supervised by a SLDC officer for Health and Safety reasons. Furthermore the pottery should not be put back up because SLDC considered that it was dangerous. Irving raised no objection - it was she who had raised the matter with SLDC in the first place. Basically the excuse was that residents' actions wouldn't be covered under the Council's insurance. 

This directive is still effective in the park to this day. But are the locals taking any notice? Isn't it time for Conway to reconsider his policy and instead welcome any work being done to maintain a SLDC Park? One that is much used and much loved by the local people.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Yahoo email attack

It seems that there has been a major attack on those that have Yahoo Mail accounts.

I rarely use mine and it has a random password that is extremely unlikely to get cracked so changing the password doesn't make much sense.

I've just closed the account.

The Yahoo system must be feeling the effect which puts Google in an even stronger position.

We all need to gain control of these powerful internet giants who have far too much control over what could happen to what has become a way of life.

Rod Demick at the Swan was sensational

Rod has a real talent of attracting people who love listening and joining in, in a pub atmosphere.

By six o'clock all the rooms were full of people listening and clapping at the end of each number with many standing. Most of the numbers we were joining in with rich harmonies and chorusses. We were all having a great time - we even had some dancing 'in the aisle'. There were several well behaved pub dogs and some children - it is an inn after all.

You can find Rod on Facebook He has great presence and a wonderful sense of rhythm that gets feet tapping. People come fair distances to be part of the event - several of them are performers in their own right.

Isn't it great that we have this kind of thing happening in several of our Ulverston pubs.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Spring photos from Allan Wilson

A pansy and two tulips.

Isn't it amazing what a photographer sees that passes us completely by.

A walk up Hoad today

Today the weather will be much better than a year ago when this was filmed!

Les Tallon will be there to greet us with drinks - always a hot cup of tea and a biscuit. Quote "I'm an Ulverstonian and I believe you must always put something back into the community " And sure enough Les did just this last Monday : see below!

Sure enough last Monday I met up with Les as he returned from visiting the monument - not for fun - but would you believe it: to clean all the steps to the top with a vacuum cleaner - on his own - ready for the opening over this weekend to the public starting on Good Friday and continuing Saturday , today and Easter Monday. Dedication indeed. He and his team will be found every Sunday and Bank holiday for the rest of the year: ready to raise our spirits - whatever the weather with a chat, a drink, and encouragement to climb to the top.

Maybe see you there this afternoon!

I look forward to paying him back with a drink when he visits the Stan Laurel on his 'days off'. You could do the same if you see him there!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Out of touch

Where have I been for the last eleven months?

Only now, by chance,  have I discovered this video

It's easy to remain immersed in ones own little struggles and sometimes miss the broader picture.

Looks like there are even more interesting videos yet to be seen on Youtube. Time for me to look around more!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Too bloody polite for our own good

Look at the number of people that can't cope with being teased.

People can't cope with disagreements. Disagree with someone and you've lost a friend for life. Yet surely the way real friendships grow is through learning to deal with the rough as well as the smooth. Thirty year olds break up because they hit a hard patch - they're not in the habit of having an argument and then learning to compromise: to allow the other person space to be different yet overall working together over the main things in life.

In French Cafe´s, I'm amazed how the locals break into a heated argument. Yet these are friends that have know each other for years. Often a cafe´serves different people from different backgrounds and ages - it's a great place to mix , disagree and get along.

Here, especially in Ulverston, we have lots of different factions all pulling in different directions and most about to fall down flat on their faces. People haven't learnt to get along, disagree but still stick together. Think of our public 'leaders' of all kinds:

How many of them can we tease?