Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Roberto comes to Potfest in the Park

Roberto is the Portuguese version of Punch and Judy.

"Behind you"
"He's got a frying pan"
are the cries from the children, watching this at Potfest in the Park, when we went on Sunday 27th July .
Like the dance inducing jazz group, Roberto provided a hilarious alternative to looking at all the pottery on show at this wonderful event. Featured here on this blog

for more information this is where this Roberto came from and I'm pretty sure this brilliant performer -via his puppets - was José Gil.

I have every intention to visit him in Portugal along with the amazing artist Joanna Vasconcelos- see here on my blog and on Youtube.

Potfest in the Park

My, what an experience.

Those that have visited this event before will know that at Potfest in the Park, the top ceramics makers and potters in the world come together at this event. It's truly amazing what a wide range of products can be made from in ingredients that are buried in the ground: simple clay.

Have a look here to see what was on show in the past:

We visit it every year and have got to know some of these potters well and though we resolve not to buy anything, we always succumb, This year was no exception.

If you missed this wonderful event , there is still the chance to visit Potfest in the Pens which takes place at Penrith itself, this next weekend. This event is open to any potter (even I went there a few years ago with my pots).It attracts some three hundred potters including many of the top potters who have been at last weekend's, Potfest in the Park

See here for details

and  here

Monday, 28 July 2014

Body language and high spirits at the supermarket

I love watching people in the supermarket. in this case Booths

Tonight there was a beautiful woman there.

Well to any sane man she was beautiful: she had a lovely lively confident personality. She had a confident cheeky way of moving her hips, not in a sensual way but in a confident"I know what I'm all about" way. The last time I remember this was in Paris, where eighty percent of women are beautiful . Not because of their physical looks but just because they believe in themselves. They don't need men to leer at them by exposing as much flesh as possible in a cheap 'come and get me' language that I see at eleven in the Ulverston High street on a Saturday night. On the contrary they are beautiful because they know they are: and they don't need any man to tell them they are. In fact,far from wanting to attract the attention of a man by exposing flesh, they do so by putting across the message"don't bother looking my way, You wouldn't stand a chance so why bother.

such was the woman in the supermarket. What an exciting personality. She was surrounded by ripples of laughter as she quipped and glanced teasingly in a confident way. She was totally relaxed in response to the appreciative remarks from this eighty year old nan. There was none of the "what do you think you're looking at" thigh length skirt alternative model.

Long live the confident Parisian, full-of-sparkling-personality alternative. Sadly I rarely come across these, normally, on my trips to the  Supermarket  these days.

It's so refreshing!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Singing : my what an atmosphere

The Wilson family were here a fortnight ago.

They were amazing.

 Here's why:

The U3A here in Ulverston

It's good to know that some members of the U3A( the organisation consisting of some 450 retired people),  who have taken the time to understand what has happened, are outraged by the actions of their committee in banning me from membership,  I look forward to having more consideration being given to all the hard work I put in to establishing this organisation when it started over six years ago when I was a member of the  Steering Committee and on the subsequent Managing Committee over six years ago and their first membership secretary. I helped  setup the Funess U3A founded the Philosophy Group with Denis Clampton , the very group they wish to stop me attending now.

I have never done anything to bring disrepute to the U3A : on the contrary I have stood up to a leadership that at times were manipulating their members: something they continue to do to this very day by their present action.

Now perhaps these outraged members will have the courage to stand up to an unthinking committee that act without knowing the facts.

Surely, the committee are  bringing their own organisation into disrepute by their actions.

see my posting here

Note: I left a message on the U3A web site, a week ago a asking them to provide me an address to use to communicate with the U3A committee. after a week, I  still  received no reply.

This  suddenly changed whren I directed my enquirey to the Chair using their web site(the only form of communication left to me) .I immrdiately received a reply from none other than their Chair, Margarete Hughes with whom I am now in contact. I'm sure things can now improve for the better for all of us in the town.

I received the following reply:

Dr Geoff Dellow
Your request for information has been forwarded to me as our secretary was on holiday. You have already received a letter from the committee and that does contain all the information you need
Grete Hughes
Chair, Furness U3A

It's always good to be in closer communication with people when attempting to resolve differences and misunderstandings.

My problem is that when I received the above  information I was preoccupied with the effects of my stroke which at certain times chatters me emotionally.All I remember was the mention that I had "brought the U3A into disrepute"    which in my opinion has never been true. As people will know me well are aware:I am not that kind of person.

I therfore replied to Margaret Hughes, yesterday,  Monday 28th  July, the following:

Dear  Margarete ,

Sadly the letter you refer to has gone astray,
(I have had astroke and arrived when I was preoccupied with coping with this)

I vaguely remember some of the contents but not all the points that were made.

Would you mind sending me a copy so that I can I can be refreshed with what it said.



Here is the prompt reply I received:

Fascinating reading, I'm sure you will agree to which I have replied:

I think you can guess my next question!

Where can I find : the statement  "that had brought the U3A into disrepute though abusive behaviour or comments of a personal nature online," which is still there.

I've done a search using Google "dellow and U3A" and found nothing abisive.

No doubt I am using the wrong search criteria.



I await the reply, sent Tuesday July  29 th

Being Positive

George Monbiot helps people at Sheffield University from a very wide age group and social bachground think through what they can do in the present national situation,

 He really does have  some powerful answers.

Sadly they require us all to understand the lies that we have been fed by people that manage to persuade us that black is white.

Well worth  every minute of the time you can give in watching and listening and above all understanding  this great thinker. I agee, it's not easy, but to my mind essential that we do it if we value our future.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


38 Degrees Logo

This morning, 38 Degrees members handed the world’s most-signed greetings card - signed by a whopping 125,000 of us - to the new environment secretary, Liz Truss MP. In it, a clear message: protect our bees. [1]

Together, 38 Degrees members asked Truss to do everything in her power to protect bees. Including championing the EU ban on harmful pesticides. The card looked really impressive as it was carried into the Department for Environment! Here’s a pic:

Truss’ predecessor, Owen Paterson, wasn’t a friend of the bees. [2] Instead, he stood up for pesticide companies and big agribusiness. He made his views clear in an article he wrote for the Telegraph newspaper last week when he brushed aside people calling for a sustainable environment as the ‘Green Blob’. [3]

Now Liz Truss has his job - and she'll be under pressure from the same pesticide companies. But with our record-breaking card, she also knows that she’s bee-ing watched by thousands of ordinary people. A sobering prospect for any politician in the year leading up to an election.

The likes of Syngenta and other pesticide businesses are waiting in the wings to put in new applications to use pesticides that harm bees. [4] But together, we’re ready to pull out all the stops to make sure protecting our bees is at the forefront of Liz Truss’s mind.

Thanks for everything you do,

Rebecca, Maddy, Megan, Becky and the 38 Degrees team

PS: What do you think 38 Degrees members need to do together this year to make sure bees are a top priority for Liz Truss? Please share your thoughts on Facebook or comment on the blog:
Facebook: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/bees-card-facebook
Blog: http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/2014/07/24/bees-liz-truss-mp-receives-our-giant-card/

PPS: 38 Degrees is funded by thousands of people chipping in what they can. That’s why we can stay independent of big business and government. If you’d like to chip in too, please click this link:

[1] 38 Degrees blog, Bees: Tell the new environment secretary to protect them!:
The previous record for most signatures on a card:
[2] The Guardian: Owen Paterson set to scupper EU plans to ban pesticides linked to bee harm:
[3] The Telegraph: Owen Paterson: I’m proud of standing up to the green lobby:
[4] Daily Mail: Banned pesticide withdrawal welcomed:

38 Degrees is funded entirely by donations from thousands of members across the UK. Making a regular donation will mean 38 Degrees can stay independent and plan for future campaigns. Please will you chip in a few pounds a week?

Unsubscribe: If you no longer wish to be part of our movement and receive our emails you can unsubscribe here.
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For those of you that enjoy beautiful music

This music for me is so powerful that it makes me cry with Joy: Can any others reading this understand this?

Many of my friends do!

The power of good music to raise the spirits and echo our innermost feelings

Sadly many miss out on this.

It's good to see

the skateboarders practising  so hard  in the heat in The Health Centre Car Park.

I'm encouraging them for all I'm worth.

It's good to see such enthusiasm to learn such difficult tricks and it's bloody hot. They've been repeatedly trying for what must be over  two hundred times for the last hour.

We all need to encourage youngsters like this.This determination to succeed will help them be able to cope in their life ahead.

Hi Frances and Eleanor , former Queen of England

Frances and Eleanor have recently moved into The Gill . I met them yesterday: and what's more I've managed to remember their names!

To help me remember Eleanor pointed out she was named after a former queen of England so I've looked her up!

More on Eleanor, my what a woman:

Eleanor of Aquitaine (French: Aliénor/Éléonore; 1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages,

Eleanor's succession to the duchy of Aquitaine in 1137 made her the most eligible bride in Europe. Three months after she became duchess, she married King Louis VII of France, son of her guardian, King Louis VI. As Queen of France, she participated in the unsuccessful Second Crusade. Soon after, Eleanor sought an annulment of her marriage,[1] but her request was rejected by Pope Eugene III.[2] However, after the birth of her second daughter Alix, Louis agreed to an annulment in consideration of her failure to bear a son after fifteen years of marriage.[3] The marriage was annulled on 11 March 1152 on the grounds of consanguinity within the fourth degree. Their daughters were declared legitimate and custody was awarded to Louis, while Eleanor's lands were restored to her.
As soon as the annulment was granted, Eleanor became engaged to Henry, Duke of Normandy, who became King Henry II of England in 1154. Henry was her third cousin (cousin of the third degree), and nine years younger. The couple married on 18 May 1152 (Whit Sunday), eight weeks after the annulment of Eleanor's first marriage, in a cathedral in Poitiers, France. Over the next thirteen years, she bore Henry eight children: five sons, three of whom would become kings; and three daughters. However, Henry and Eleanor eventually became estranged. Henry imprisoned her in 1173 for supporting her son Henry's revolt against her husband, and she was not released until 1189 when Henry died (on 6 July), and their son ascended the English throne as Richard I.
Now queen dowager, Eleanor acted as regent while Richard went on the Third Crusade where he was captured and held prisoner. Eleanor lived well into the reign of her youngest son John. By the time of her death, she had outlived all her children except for King John and Queen Eleanor of Castile.