Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some positive thoughts

More and more of my active friends are avoiding reading or watching the news

This strikes me as a very positive approach.

Too often the news is seen as a form of entertainment.

Those that care about what is happening feel dragged in by the media into wanting to do something to influence the result. In reality they know that all their efforts  will have little to no influence on the result.

We all need to choose to do things that avoid frustration and have a reasonable chance of success otherwise we will become depressed.

For me I am learning to focus on the real people around me and not on things that are so distant. People that I meet in the flesh and can relate to directly. People that live in the same street or close by. People I see and can talk to almost daily or at least weekly. The ideal people for me are those that I can work with in some activity or other. In this way one can get to know what people are really like. Too often talking can seem empty unless they result in positive actions. Talking can reveal  great differences in opinion which is fine as long as these opinions are not rigid.

Sadly there are some people who are absolutely sure they are right. These are the people who on the broad scale cause wars, when both sides are completely sure the other side is wrong.

By getting to know others personally we can come to like the qualities of a great variety of people who all have their different strengths and weaknesses.

If we respect each other and admire the qualities of those around us then we can feel good about each person. This doesn't mean that we need see all their views and actions as positive from our point of view. What we can do is focus on the qualities,

These are thoughts that I am seeking to put into practise.What are yours?

I love the quote attributed to  Saint Francis de Sales:

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering you own imperfections"

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