Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tax collectors are good?

Police are good? Politicians are good? . . . . . 

We had a day out to visit old haunts yesterday. 

The sun was out. The clouds in the sky looked beautiful.

The Tourists were of course being welcomed with open arms in the Lake District: for some the last day of the school holiday.

At Grasmere church, visitors were being welcomed in as many as thirty different languages.

Presentation was paramount at the Ginger Bread Shop. There was a steady flowing queue to see and buy a product sold all over the world by two young women dressed in traditional costume in this  minute establishment.

At another promotional shop.  It  would follow that everyone is good from the bags on sale at the ultimate feel good gift shop in Touristland at Grasmere, in the Lake District.

A teacher , nearby misread the following bag at first glance as Teachers are GOD

She commented

"How appropriate"


Gladys said...

Nice to carry around goodwill messages.

Geoff Dellow said...

I agree: today I met my first 'Mums are good' bag, owner.

Mums are good.

I look forward to meeting my first 'Tax collectors are good' bag , owner.