Friday, 29 January 2010

Anthony John Clarke visits Ulverston

Don't miss it!

Anthony John Clarke £7.00

There are very few places in the UK and Ireland that Anthony John has not played, his supporters are loyal and many and the tributes he receives from his peers bear witness to the talent and hard work of one of the folk scene's nicest guys. With several albums of songs to his name he retains his reputation as one of the top songwriters on the scene. His hard work and dedication to his craft are a credit to him.

In the words of the man himself:-

"People don't leave the house to be bored to death. You have a responsibility to entertain and avoid being self-indulgent. I avoid being professionally Irish as much as I can. I'm from Ireland and I love Ireland but that doesn't mean I have to go on about Ireland all night. Just because I'm an Irish songwriter doesn't mean I can't love the Kinks and the Small Faces, Wes Montgomery, Coldplay, The Dixie Chicks, Christy Moore or Frances Black. I like the songs of George Formby . They were my first delight musically and I liked listening to them with my children as they were growing up" Anthony John speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside 2005

If you've not seen an Anthony John Clarke Concert, give it try! If you've not heard his music, you have a treat in store. He is no ordinary songwriter, and the warm feeling that you experience when leaving one of his shows will stay with you forever.

At the Sports Club next to Ulverston Swimming pool and Sport's Centre. Doors open as usual at 7.45pm. Tickets available on-line by telephone 07743 555227, or on the door.

" i've seen athony john clarke a couple of time and i think its amazin how he works a crowd. he can bring you to tears in one song and the next have you in stitches because he is incredibly funny "

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Has education money been spent wisely?

My experience suggests not.

"Driving up standards" - the cry of the politicians - was, I believe, counterproductive in the dead end secondary school that I taught in.

In practice, the struggle to achieve as high a number of high grades as possible, can be a disaster.

Fine if you're one of those that are just below a "C". You get all the help possible to drag you over the boundary wall to success. If however you are a potential E or below and seen as an impossible task you can easily be cast aside and treated as a nuisance that may stop the rest climbing up.

You can be encouraged to get on quietly failing in your own little corner and be left to rot.

Youngsters in this position often give up completely on formal education and switch to developing antisocial skills - something they can learn to be good at.

Students that were enjoying education and feeling good about themselves in year 9 suddenly at year 10 change their attitude and become 'unmanageable' - fulfilling their predicted role of being a failure.

Part of this problem is to do with the National Curriculum introduced in the '80s. Boys for instance were being taught hand skills which they could become very good at. Yet these skills weren't rated under the new curriculum and were taken off the syllabus. Instead the students were expected to solve problems in a nonsense mechanistic way:

"Right three ideas and show why two are rejected and the third is good"

Not in their range of thinking at all.

By contrast cut a piece of wood at a right angle so that it's 147.3 mm long - no problem plus or minus 0.1 mm.

This I think, meant that students were taught that they were failures. They carried this into 'adult' life developing their antisocial abilities by mixing with each other in activities that hit out at the establishment that had called them "failures".

Many people in adult life are now resentful of 'the system' - the one that they saw themselves failing at. They find it emotionally painful to stop and analyse where they are going so that many don't waste their effort in this direction.

They end up seeing themselves having little to do with those that appear to be succeeding in the system and resent associating with these "successful" people. Instead they can occasionally hit out against the smug bastards who make out they know where they are going.

Result : increased division in our society.

Blame the government system of education and not the teachers!

Why are we hooked on getting out of a recession

What we all need is to stop growing and adjust to a recession which could be a good thing for all of us.

A lack of growth, an acceptance of a "lower standard of living", fewer "things" - cars, larger houses, gadgets is a good thing for most of us.

Materialism has widened the gap between people. People - good friends - have become less important than "things".

Don't we need a new direction - "backwards" ?

The world's resources cannot sustain "growth" - we're already consuming too much.

Isn't it more important to be thinking of completely new concepts of satisfying some of our basic needs?

Aren't these :

Having a safe roof over your head - preferably your own?

Having satisfying work that brings us into contact with other people in a stress free environment?

"Doing" less, "working" less, with more time for reflection?

Living contented lives?

Not being hung up with "fairness"?

Not feeling an overriding need for something: drink, clothes, sex, money, drugs, "friends" ?

Any others!

We all need to think in a completely different way.

I don't believe you can legislate this - which is top down thinking.

What we really appreciate is bottom up thinking:

Start with ourselves : think what we really want.

Plan out with those immediately around us how to achieve this.

Then encourage others in our locality to adopt this new way of thinking.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I found this quite sickening

David and Rachael Cooper’s home in North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston was burgled after being under 9 inches of flood water in their living room.

Did the burglars realise just what have could happened to them had they been caught by South Ulverston residents?

Being thrown in the freezing cold Dragley Beck would have only been the start of it. They would have felt lucky to find a policeman in sight.

The attitude of the people who suffered was incredibly resilient. Their positive never-say-die attitude speaks out loud and clear. By contrast one pities the kind of people these buglers live amongst./

Monday, 25 January 2010

Mill Dam Playground

Work got started on planting the donated bulbs.

We planning to continue there next Sunday at 10:30 am and will discuss further involvement with this project.

We would be glad to have your interest - it would be good to have opinions of what can be done in the park as we're there for the long term. . . . maintenance, plants (we're buying a greenhouse to bring on plants from seeds donated by Chiltern Seeds), pottery on the fencing and walls, picnic tables, growing veg, using the adjacent derelict "Pound" which is a historic site for Ulverston.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Horse returns a little worse for 'wear'.

cGradually the stars of the show are returning to Gill Banks!

To join his friends the Dolphins, Pig, flowers, leaves and birds!

These will be put up again to continue amusing and entertain their follows.

Thanks to the anonymous helper who turned up to help with the repairs, yesterday. Good to meet you!

Bulbs, repairs and new planters

We're going to have a go at planting all these bulbs in the Mill Dam Playground, starting at 10:30 am tomorrow, Sunday 24th. Come along to give an opinion as to where the tulips, hyacinths and iris should be planted.

We need to move fast because these bulbs are only available because they should have been put in last November and are sprouting already!

Aprox. 130 Crocusses have already gone into the planters in Gill Banks; another 70 will go into the 4 new planters that are about to be made and installed

The repairs of the broken pottery from the Gill Banks railings is going well and most of them will be back in place within the next week.

A Kiln firing will start today of four new Terra Cotta planters done by ten people during the last few weeks. This takes the dried clay pieces up to 1120 deg C when the clay particles fuse together into what is similar to a solid glass. They will then be filled with plants and bulbs!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Some of these are very good!

Going the rounds, I believe - for the last couple of years - they at last reached me - and maybe you!

Thanks Les.

*The Road to Enlightenment - The Teachings of Zen*

1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow.

In fact, just Piss off and leave me alone.

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a flat tyre.

3. The darkest hour is just before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbour's' milk, that's the time to do it.

4. Sex is like air. It's not important unless you aren't getting any.

5. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.

6. No one is listening until you fart.

7. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.

8. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

9. If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of mortgage payments.

10. Before you criticise someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

11. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

12. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish,and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

13. If you lend someone £20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

14. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

15. Some days you are the bug; some days you are the windshield.

16. Don't worry; it only seems kinky the first time.

17. Good judgement comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

18. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

19. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

20. Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

21. There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

22. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.

23. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

24. Never miss a good chance to shut up.

25. We are born naked, wet and hungry, and get slapped on our ass.... then things get worse.

26. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Grit Update 3

The state of Salt grit bins around Ulverston are still of concern to me.

We have two close by that are completely empty still. This is in spite of it being reported to James Airey by the Area Engineer that they have all been filled.

I notice that the one in the Gill that I have been checking daily is yellow while most of them are green. The difference is most likely that yellow means SLDC - on their Car Parks - the one on Tank Square is also empty. A quick check of green bins across Ulverston suggest an inconsistent picture with some green bins full on Croftlands and one empty and many partially full/empty.

What are you experiencing?

The following is a list of the bins checked! :


Hawthorne Drive,

Maple Ave, by the Community Centre

In Town:

Top of Conishead Road ( and Springfield Road 75% full)

Tank Square Car Park - completely empty

My area:

The Gill Car Park - completely empty

Top of Garden Terrace (and Mowings Lane) - completely empty

Town Bank Terrace - half empty

Chittery Lane - half empty

Town View and Whinfield Road 25 % full

B & Q donate bulbs to Barrow and some come to Ulverston's public places.

These 540 bulbs need planting as soon as possible!

Passed on to us by the Ulverston Community Police Officers they are heading for Ulverston Pulci places.

The location is up to you.

At the moment the idea is to focus them on Mill Dam Playground where they will be followed up with plants grown from seed. Some will also go in the Gill Banks planters!

Want to get involved ? They could perhaps go in a patch of ground near you!

Pig survives - with a few cracks!

Now a combination of eight pieces, Pig is back to amuse us! These remaining broken bits fit in somewhere else.

There are many more items that are just waiting to be sorted , then stuck together again - araldite works wonders.

And these freshly fired bits and bobs will soon be distributed around the town where you could see them if you keep you eyes peeled when walking near the Town Centre . You could even get one for yourself!

At the week end a further four new planters will be fired all made by different local people and probably go in Gill Banks with the five already there (which didn't get damaged!).

Monday, 18 January 2010

Glad I like jigsaws!

80% of the pots at Gill Banks were broken, on Friday evening , ten days ago.

Now it's time to see how many of the pieces are re-glueable !

Can this be done without showing lots of cracks?

Can the odd little piece that is missing be found?

There's a pile of small pieces to sort through. Fortunately, I love jigsaws. At least with broken pots you know whether you've found the right piece - it fits exactly !

Araldite can work wonders.

We'll see what the outcome looks like.

There are some favorites that may survive in some form. Pig and a couple of Dolphins may qualify! Several of the Russian Dolls should be OK. Horse requires some major surgery.

Time to make some more flowers.

The latest idea is to make moulds. The end product will then be destroyed gleefully - it will be chocolate and shortbreads of varius kinds - might even be Aluminium and Brass . . . . a little harder on the teeth.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Grit update 2

James Airey, one of our two county councillors, is currently exploring with the Town Clerk ," David Parratt, regarding the Town Council ordering extra supplies of grit".

He seeks suggestions as to where this could be located - somewhere central and under cover to protect from rain. I have suggested the old Auction Mart at North Lonsdale Road and the A590. Any other suggestions?

He has also supplied a document that provides old information in the form of Frequently Asked Questions to the County Council regarding gritting. This is on their web site here.

Fascinating art work

The Ulverston Blog listed on your right - After the Confict - draws attention to findings at Sir John Barrow School during recent building work in yesterdays posting. It refers to a previous posting that I had missed last November.

Excellent photo of a mystery yet to be solved.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow and Ice

From Tim Farron MP:

"I've received hundreds of e-mails, phone calls and letters about the recent icy conditions in recent weeks - particularly from older people, some of whom have been trapped in their homes since before Christmas.

Like many of you, I am furious that the Conservative-led County Council failed to clear pavements and residential roads when they had the chance - and also that they did not provide sufficient grit for residents to use themselves.

Much of the current problems are being caused by the compacted ice left behind from the first snow-fall before Christmas. I will be asking for a full investigation into why gritting was not carried out in all areas earlier - and am determined to hold county council bosses to account for their failures.

On the positive side, even though gritting is the county council's responsibility, South Lakeland District Council offered up their staff to help with the clear up. In recent days in Kendal and Windermere, SLDC staff have been out clearing ice and snow. It’s at times like these when it’s really important that people pull together. Many people I've spoken to are still snowed in and have not seen gritters so I am working hard to make sure gritters go to those places. People in South Lakeland deserve so much better.
I spent time last week with a team of volunteers on Maude Street in Kendal, clearing a path through the ice and snow for elderly residents at Nobles Rest so that they could safely access the town centre. As with the recent floods, we have come together as a community and helped one another.

We desperately need the county council to pull their weight and give local council tax payers the service they pay for. I am calling for a full investigation into what happened to make sure it never happens again.

Finally, I just want to wish you, your family and friends a great 2010. And as always if I can help in any way please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Tim Farron MP
Acland House
Yard 2

Tel: 01539 723403
Fax: 01539 740800"

From James Airey, County Councillor

"Hi Geoff

I know you mean well, I am sorry I am giving vague answers but that's what I am receiving from Officers. I am pushing them like mad for action and will continue to do so as soon as I have definite information I will forward it to you. The Town Council can request its own supply of grit as long as it can get it tipped and stored somewhere handy that would enable residents to
pick up their own supplies for community use.

Many Parish Councils have already done this.

I am interested in all issues in Ulverston or I would not have stood for Election.

Regards James."

Some of Tim's statements are rather hollow - blaming the Tories - when all parties are responsible for the workings of our Highways Department.

"Calling for a full investigation". He keeps doing this. Anyone can call for an investigation but do they get one. I've yet to see the results of the last investigation Tim called for - over gritting a year ago!

From James it seems that the officers don't surrender information readily. Isn't this that needs to change?

Town Council with it's own reserves of grit. Sounds great and would be impressive if they actually did it - but will they?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Warning to Driver for Dodd's Florist

You were seen driving down a steep road covered in ice whilst on your mobile phone. Previously you were also seen reversing up the road at a dangerous speed by someone else.

Please don't do it again as I often have my camera ready to film and will attempt to get a conviction of similar drivers in Ulverston. I only just missed one guy by a split second a year ago!

Strange - update.

Perhaps this report provides some answers?


Monday, 11 January 2010


I've succumbed.


We'll see where this leads.

Danger - ice over water - the canal.

It seems to me that this is a situation to watch out for.

Youngsters unfamiliar with ice and snow may take dangerous risks and venture onto ice that up till now was holding them.

A lot of kids in New Zealand lost their lives because adults failed to express concerns to them that they were taking extremely high risks (not ice).

Kids together, can wind each other up, with dares.

It's our role as adults to point out when risks are not worth taking!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Strange ?

Did anyone else find this activity strange?

Four days closed, over 100 teachers, over 1000 able bodied students.

Yet the public are asked to come and help.

I nearly went to investigate but decided an older woman on her own up country lanes dealing with icy conditions was more of a draw.

I might have said something inappropriate to the "school bosses".

Best to stay away from controversy.

Any insights from anyone?

Do we want the NHS protected?

Cameron thinks so.

This is a complex subject so lets tackle it in small steps.

Was the spending of £2 bn on Swine 'Flu wise? Did we need protecting? (follow the "flu " label for what has been said before)

Are we spending too much money and prescribing too many drugs? (ditto "drugs" label)

It has been found that children who are exposed to germs (including animal shit) end up growing up healthier - though the others die. Do we put too much emphasis in taking over what our bodies have evolved to do naturally?

Is keeping people suffering from dementia, alive with feeding tubes (which is being required in some "Care" Homes) "good" or "evil"? It sounds like living hell to me.

Does the NHS take over our lives with the attitude "We know best how to keep you alive" when we don't want to live anymore thank you very much ? Is not quality of life the most important? Each one of us defines this in different ways, but are we consulted on how we want to live?

Is the purpose of the NHS solely to help our bodies do what they do exceedingly well without interference?

Have we been brainwashed into thinking that living as long as possible is more important than living short quality lives? Do we just want to stay alive as we can't face up to the idea of dying. We can't even use the word "died" but use the euphemisms:"passed away", "joined the great majority" (which is no longer true!)

Richard Nordquist writes concerning taboos

"Some folks in hospital "expire" there. And, according to hospital records, others experience "a negative patient-care outcome" or "a therapeutic misadventure." However, such mishaps can't be nearly as disappointing as the patient who has "failed to fulfill his wellness potential."

So of these answers could lead to the NHS not costing very much at all!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A beautiful day ahead

Isn't it great how this cold spell is bringing out the best in people!

We're all rediscovering our abilities to cope and enjoy ourselves.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flowers for public places.

The greenhouse shown earlier will be erected on this patch of land.

It will be used to grow plants from the seed given by Chiltern Seeds some of which are growing in the cold frame below. These flowers will be used to brighten up parts of Ulverston that you feel need it.

If you'd like to get involved you'd be very welcome even if its just to suggest where they should be put.

The cold frame at present.

All advice gratefully received - I'm a bit of a novice!

Enjoying myself

I think a lot of us will be adjusting to the new weather conditions and finding that they can cope even if it's a struggle.

This reliance on ourselves and our neighbours is great for our feelings of self esteem and the way things are going to have to move in the future. (I have a revealing tale to tell on this later).

Stop expecting "them" to solve our problems and get the satisfaction of coming up with our own solutions.

I'm off to do some clearing of the ground for the green house I'm buying! Glorius sunshine - even if I have to get below the top 3 inches of frozen soil with a pick axe!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Neighbourhood Forum

Worth going to and making contact with the system which is now under new management with new County Councillors.

Come find out what they're like and pose questions with specific outcomes requested.

Tuesday 19th January
7.30pm at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Springfield Road, Ulverston.


A local magistrate and legal adviser from the Court Service will give an insight about their roles, how
decisions are made in criminal cases and what actions are taken to deter and punish offenders. There will
be a discussion about the sentencing options available to magistrates and a chance to ask questions.

……………………………10 minute break for refreshments…………………………….

➢ Illegal parking in Ulverston (Debbie Binch)
➢ Roots and Shoots food growing project (Sarah Atkinson)
➢ South Ulverston flooding update (Debbie Binch)
➢ Ulverston Air Training Corps (Callum Ryan)
➢ Home Safety Visits (Karli Buckingham)
➢ The Hoad (James Airey)
➢ Any Others

Representatives from local groups applying to the Forum for a grant will take a few minutes to explain about
their application.

A chance to exchange information, advertise meetings and events, and to raise any issues or ideas for the local area.

6. THE NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 23rd March 2010, 7.30pm at Stainton Recreation Hall.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I suspect there's a bit of Ulverston in this book. . . . . .

For those that enjoy fiction.

"Smoothly, expertly written, the author captures the essence and conflict of human love and religion as they struggle to coexist in a judgmental world."

Try The Tinner's Rabbit !

South Ulverston - Flooding

From the latest Flood Bulletin no 9

"- Along with carrying out inspections
and repairs to all its flood defences in
Cumbria, the Environment Agency
has begun site investigations to
determine which third party assets,
including boundary walls, need to be
repaired. Work has also begun in
Ulverston to reduce the likelihood of
any future flooding from Dragley
Beck to the properties around Steel
Street and North Lonsdale Road.
Community engagement officers have
attended a series of meetings with
local flood action groups to offer
on-going practical help and support."

Does this mean anything?

If so , what are the Environment Agency doing?

Grit update

The following message from James Airey was overly optimistic:

Hi Geoff

I have been told that the grit boxes should be filled very soon, I know this
is no consolation but stocks are again low and it is a question of manpower
getting the stuff out every where. Ulverston though does seem to have come
off rather better than say Kendal. So hopefully our constant jumping up and
down is working.

Regards James.

I think it's up to us all to help ourselves and others around us. I guess the role for James is now to identify the needs and help organise us all to help each other.

A.R. has given excellent advice in her last comment just below of how to use an alternative to the unavailable salt that won't work on thick compacted ice or snow anyway .

As A.R. didn't reveal the source of his (she apparently is a he) Ballast used on his drive, I've been down to Travis Perkins and bought Grano which is slightly over £3 per bag and will be switching to this up our lane.

Do we know of any roads that need to be closed because of the potential for serious accident?

I'm sure the "jumping up and down" it is true. But this is the electorate doing things. What is our County Councillor able to achieve?

What does "very soon" mean? Still no grit and its Wednesday and the pavements are treacherous. I'm coming to the bottom of my carefully used single bag . . . . but at least we have a foot wide path up a difficult sloped lane that is clear.

Something I also strongly believe in is, thanking the workers for the work they do get done. I think that the standard of gritting of the town pavements has been excellent. I understand that once you get there the standard is good.

So hopefully we can send a thank you.

Do you agree?

Clear the snow now and keep ontop of it!

If we want to avoid icy pavements the answer is to quit moaning and get out there and shift the snow now - immediately.

With a deep freeze coming up on Wednesday night this will freeze solid all compacted snow.

My approach is to shift it before it is trodden or driven on! So I was out there last night and have done the same again this morning.

Unfortunately the stuff down now is slushy and not so easy to brush but a shovel will work easily.

My approach will be to clear paths just one foot wide now - it only takes a few minutes and is good fun! You might even meet the neighbours andhave a snowball fight with a few kids!

Then follow up with rock salt (which I've still half a bag full) on the parts that are cleared when what remains starts to freeze. It's a waste of the precious stuff to sprinkle it on snow - it gets too dilute.

In the mean time any snow that falls gets either brushed off or shovelled. In less than half an hour 50 yards can easily be cleared.

No point in moaning now.

Instead get the satisfaction of being in charge ourselves and discovering what a few people working together can achieve!

There's no comparisom in the feeling of spending 30 minutes trying to get others to do something and that of spending 30 mins doing it yourself if you can.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Manchester Camerata Concert on Saturday last

These concerts in the Coro never cease to inspire me.

The standard of the latest was sky high and the whole orchestra played very well.

A lot was due to the conductor who instilled a lot of enthusiasm in the musicians and thence to the whole hall.

There was a great sense of fun throughout. Well known works where brought to life so that you noticed for the first time harmonies and ways of playing that had been missed before.

The atmosphere for me surpassed the Last Night of the Proms which the program emulated.

Good to be part of a packed house.

Inspired me to achieve the same standard of excellence in my present projects, especially the Flowers/Parks one.

Feeling very grateful that these people travel all the way from Manchester to entertain us.

Aren't we lucky to have this standard of entertainment here in Ulverston!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Flowers for Ulverston's Public places

Readers of this blog may remember that Chiltern Seeds of Ulverston gave us hundreds of packets of the seeds for use in Ulverston.

In order to grow plants for planting out, from these, I am buying a green house.

Here is the one I'm in the process of choosing.

I have found a neglected part of our small garden on which to erect it.

It will get plenty of sun but until a week ago it was a pile of rubble overgrown with ivy and brambles which hasn't been touched for thirty years.

As you can guess the ivy roots are enormous - up to 2 inches diameter. The only way to shift these is with a pick-axe assuming one can get the rocks out for the blade to penetrate. As you can guess , progress is slow. The secret is to do a little at a time and I'm at the end of my first week. Most of the task is complete.

I only have a basic knowledge of gardening and am totally overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead.

I'm spending a lot of time reading up on greenhouses on the internet as I recover from my exertions each day and am narrowing my choice to one 6 feet by 8.

I'll first have to rebuild some of an old drystone wall, build up some brick wall and lay a concrete base.

I'm hoping to use the plants on the planters in Gill Banks and start with cultivating some new beds in the Mill Dam play ground that I helped get built many years ago.

I hope to get help and guidance from SLDC.

If there's an interest, we can also provide flowers for Lightburn Park and other areas of the town.

All suggestions are most welcome in the many parts of this project. If there's an area of ground you'd like some flowers in , let me know.

Piano again

What I'm discovering with the piano is that I'm slowly learning the sound that I get when I play any three notes down together. I'm hoping that in time I will think a sound and be able to instinctively know which notes to play. I already have chord sequences that I like.

I deliberately play what I know will be "out of tune chords" from keys that have nothing to do with the one I'm in just to see what happens and then find my way back to harmony with the original key I started in - which is usually C sharp minor!

I find my hand fits round the notes easily.

A reoccurring thought is that I couldn't possibly play the notes that I play if they where written down - there would be so many sharps, flats and modifications.

I often start with a tune that I know or one I've made up and then listen to the effect on this tune of the different harmonies that could be used - any chord of three notes which includes the note I'm playing.

Then I'm looking around for different ways of playing a chord, notes together, one after the other jumping and octave as an arpeggio etc

Now I hear the way various composers harmonise with the tune they are playing.

Then there's the rhythm I chose.

So many variables and scope for variation.

With a really good piano (which I don't have) one can just enjoy the sounds created. This is where I migrate to any grand that happens to be sitting in a public place and have a tinkle for a few minutes.

So this is one of my new interests (an old one that is being greatly extended).

Two more planters for Gill Banks

When fired these two fronts will bring the number of planters up to seven.

They were done at two separate workshops recently.

If you're interested in doing one we can set one up for a Saturday afternoon!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ulverston Rock Salt Grit Boxes

"James Airey and Peter Hornby,

In view of the cold spell forecast for this next week, the above subject has come up again, on my blog.

It would make a really good impression on everyone if at least the boxes all over town are again replenished this next Monday!

It was good to see the NHS Health Centre Car Park being gritted all over today!

Geoff Dellow"

Email just sent out to our county councillors.

Reply received straight back from James Airey:

"Hi Geoff

I think your right, I will make some calls and hopefully get them filled up.

Happy New Year.

Regards James Airey
Campaign Manager
Westmorland & Lonsdale Conservative Association
Office: 01539721010
Mobile: 07734265963"

Let's see what that produces!

Extremely cold weather coming up

Be prepared.

We have some record breaking temperatures forecast for the coming week and then they will ease off a little.

With the possibility of snow forecast on Monday night, it will be important to brush it off pavements Tuesday morning, before anyone gets a chance to compact it and it turns to ice.

Let's get people working together if this happens. It's a small amount of work with great benefits!