Saturday, 31 October 2009


I 'm beginning to come to the conclusion that over the last fifty years, people have become less and less likely to want to commit themselves to a particular course of action.

The contrast shows itself when one deals with different age groups. With older people, say over 50, if they say they will do something, they do. They may just as easily say no, but if they say yes you can rely on it happening.

If you look at clubs and groups of people doing things. Football, youth clubs, scouts, pubs with activities or just going to there; are there less now than before?

With younger people below 40 there's a different relationship. People readily agree to do something and then don't or they won't say yes or no and then they do it when push comes to shove.

It's as though people hang back in case something better comes up. These kind of people may often miss out and do nothing because an early commitment was needed. They turn up to and event and all the tickets have gone, for a meal and the place is full, to a friend's house and they gone out!

The result of a 'hang back' attitude is that a lot of things won't happen because organisers won't take the risk of failure. Groups of people planning to take action miss out because, if some planning is needed, then the opportunity has gone because too much was left to do at the last minute.

Is this that people have lost confidence in themselves that they find it difficult to take risks? They go around in a half state of depression always choosing the safe option - which may be staying at home and doing nothing or just watching tele.

Is this why many people reading this blog are just looking for something to tear apart, to criticise rather than come up front and say - "That's a good idea." ?

I find this with myself. It's far easier to criticise something than make a positive comment. It's a difficult habit to get out of! One needs to work at it to change.

Taking the plunge is a good analogy. It's always off-putting to think about going swimming on a cold wet day but great when you get there!

However I also wonder whether I look at the past and issues like this with rose tinted glasses. "It wasn't like this in the good old days."

Which is it?

Friday, 30 October 2009

Candle light walk - weather looks good!

6.30 pm, when we aim to start the walk up Gill Banks, looks good on the Weather Forecast .

We may even get a glimpse of the Full Moon just as the sky gets dark!

The 104 pottery holders will be put out first thing, awaiting their candles at 5.30 pm. This may be the only chance to see them all as many of them will be taken home by those attending the walk, assisted by their light, at the end of the evening.

Many are looking forward to the event as word seems to have got around that there's something a bit special going on. Many are dressing up to spook out the evil spirits that may be lurking in the Gill Banks Wood.

This will be an experience that costs next to nothing but could remain in children's memory for many year's to come! Memories that are revived by that candle holder that was brought home and now sits on the mantelpiece.

SLDC certainly know how to waste our money

Ian Boydon reports in the Westmorland Gazette that:

"MORE than £24,000 is to be spent asking residents of South Lakeland if they think the district council should give up responsibility for public toilets. "

This must run as the biggest, most foolish waste of our money ever.

Though not a massive sum - though you could build a luxury Toilet block for that amount - it certainly rates as foolish. It could even be called devious because it looks more like an excuse to close all the toilets down. It looks like yet another "consultation" which the public ignore because they suspect that democracy has flown out the window and diktat has crept in via the skirting board - as do the rats in some poorly maintained farmhouses.

Surely a far less expensive solution is to hand the toilets back to the Town and rural councils to administer. I'm sure that Ulverston Town Council could do a far better job and be more sensitive to the needs of Ulverstonians.

This reasoning applies equally well to the Tourist Information office and the management of our Car Parks.

The Toilet Survey is wasting money in a way that was only surpassed, when £75,000 was spent by SLDC for looking into a mouthwatering scheme for Ulverston. Then, a beautiful glossy survey, done by Capita (jobs for the boys) on the future development of Ulverston Canal which now sits on the shelves, was ignored by the council and never adopted. Why commission a survey when you haven't the intention of implementing any part of it? (Here's a 3.9 MB sample of a beautiful couple of pictures!)

No wonder the Audit commission places SLDC as one of the most mismanaged Councils in Britain - being placed in the bottom 15% (in 2003 it was in the bottom 4% now it rates "adequate") along with the County which is in the bottom 30% thanks to the Tories in the past. But little credit to the Lib Dems who have made little difference. The problem here is that the officers rule the roost and the best the Councillors can do is go bla, bla on the front pages of the Mail :

"Isn't it terrible how the County/District have closed this and that" with full size portrait of Colin Hodgson.

Why the Hell didn't he see 'this and that' coming beforehand and do something about it then ? Instead he waits until it's too late and bleats loudly to the surrounding hills and his Tory mates echo back weakly "Blaaa, blaaa. Isn't it terrible what Kendal are doing to us"

"Wake up woolly minded beasty" I cry, "Aren't there more of you outside of Kendal than in?"

"Do you never go bleating to your fellow councillors in the other far-flung outposts of South Lakeland like Sedburgh and Ambleside who are also ignored"

"No, it's far too comfortable here in Ulverston and we do love to have our photo on the front of the paper and have cosy meetings in the council chamber in a town where no one gives us hassle - until you came along - and we're not bleating to you - you call a black sheep, a black sheep - that's not friendly"

"Grrr, Grr, Grrrrrrrr," I reply in my best Wolf's accent

Monday, 26 October 2009

Detailed record of over 100 spike lights

This next Saturday 31st October at 6.30pm, 300 candles will light the way along the path up Gill Banks and back by the upper path. 100 of these will be on the spikes of the railings; the rest along the ground in jam jars to light the way. The Spike lights being used in the Gill will be distributed to those who come for use as Candle holders at home.

The 'handle' on the base can be removed!

Here is a detailed record of the holders that have been made by some 15 local people in the past few weeks.

Incidentally we will be clearing the paths of dog shit at 4 pm to make sure that this isn't stepped in as we walk in the dark!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The display at Lightburn Park

Note: a flower,fish and bird have been added since these photos were taken!

So, from left to right we have:

Drum roll . . . .

Mounting the pottery in Lightburn Park

Always bear in mind that the photographer, Zoe, was there too!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A candlelit procession lighting up Gill Banks

Saturday 31st October at 6.30pm

The people of The Gill invite you to join them for a short full-moon celebration when we will follow the candle lit lower path into the dark wood and return by the upper path. About a hundred different pottery ‘spike lights’ have been made to light the way by local people. When we return there will be a few cakes, spooky food and drink in some of the Gill houses. We suggest a contribution of £2 per family and the individual handcrafted lights which make into table lights, will be on offer at £2 each. The absence of torches which dazzle the eyes, enhances the experience.

Test runs have impressed us with the unusual experience of walking in the dark , beside the stream with the only light coming from hundreds of candles that light the way every few yards.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Link with Evening Mail

Good to be working with the online version of the Northwest Evening Mail.

The Ulverston Community Website definitely has a community 'feel' away from the gore, sex and violence of the main paper headlines.

Katie Robinson's report on the Lantern Festival is a great example and we look forward to another excellent report on the Dickensian Weekend!

Blog stats

Regular visitors per month are holding at a steady 300 t0 330 with an average 25 visitors daily spending 2mins reading what's there.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Trial run for the Halloween candle light walk a success

Four of us tried the spike lights out along the path in the dark tonight and were thrilled to bits.

They looked really 'atmospheric'!

Down to the mundane - more jam jars needed!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

A spate of Graffiti

Three lots of graffiti have recently appeared in the area around Soutergate.

Can we ask any kids with spray cans (black) to account for themselves?

Just cleaned a swastika off the play equipment in Mill Dam Playground.

It comes off well with white spirit but not detergent (Mr Muscle) - more difficult when on breeze block - any advice?

Tuesday - I just had a go at the ejaculating penis in the alleyway next to 46 Soutergate.

Comes off with white spirit first, followed by dishwasher detergent and a scrubbing brush.

I'd be glad to be part of a team to deal with this - Tom? (You were involved in getting the stuff off Hoad Monument weren't you?) Could be Ulverston's version of Ghost Busters!

* * * * * * * *

My attitude over the last couple of years has changed:

I used to think it was someone else's responsibility to deal with these minor irritations but now I think very differently.

If one becomes concerned and try to get 'them' (usually the council) to do something about an issue one can get very frustrated with inaction.

Now, I realise it takes less energy to do small jobs myself than write/phone and ask someone else to do the job.

So now I've come to the decision to do many jobs myself if I can.

This includes , picking up litter (I've seen many others do the same), pick up other people's dog mess and now deal with graffiti.

Going along with this is a willingness to tell people off if they are causing problems - so far so good!

Several people have been very apologetic over dog mess "I'll go and pick it up, I can see that you're annoyed" - as steam is shooting out my ears!

What do others think. What does Colin Hodgson recommend when it's on his ward (Mill Dam Playing area) ?

Do we need to remind ourselves how to enjoy life?

Once we have a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs, we can then start enjoying life!

Many things that we really enjoy are free.

A walk in the sun - like yesterday.

A chat with a neighbour.

A smile from a passerby.

Breakfast in bed.

Sparrows outside the window.

A visit to look at the latest pottery postings . . . .

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Help needed in Lightburn Park today

This afternoon 1pm onwards (Saturday 17th) we will be putting up the 100 items of pottery that were made a fortnight ago. These will go in the Children's play area and will attract a lot of interest.

This will make a great display to rival the one on Gill Banks.

You can help the couple of people that have said they would help if only to hold pottery in position while it's fixed. With a few more people we'll have the job done in no time and the result will be fabulous.
* * * * *

Many people actually turned up to help and all the work was done within an hour.

We felt it really looked good! What do you think?

More photos no doubt from Zoe!

A strong challenge to educational thinking

"In a damning indictment of Labour's education record since 1997, the Cambridge University-led review accuses the government of introducing an educational diet "even narrower than that of the Victorian elementary schools"."

Reports the Guardian yesterday.

At last an independent group with considerable authority is speaking out. An exhaustive study that must be heeded.

As a former teacher in both primary and secondary schools, I agree wholeheartedly with their findings.

This is one area of Labour's policies that has been disastrous for young people and their parents.

At an early age children need to develop naturally in a positive stress free environment with as much contact with parents and friends as possible.

They have an abounding drive to find things out. This is how they learn to speak with all its rewards of communication. The last thing they need is to be regimented in larger groups. They need as much one to one interaction as they can get, to answer and develop their individual exploration of the world in a positive encouraging atmosphere.

Teachers who love education, know this, and are dismayed by government diktats.

Many of those that had a long experience of teaching found the new emphasis over the last ten years, unwillingly imposed from on high by Head Teachers, unacceptable to their sense of what was right.

Most of them who were proactive and had that highly valued quality of self motivation, got out of a spirit crushing system and found other jobs .This happened all the way from the classroom to the Head's office.

Coming before an election - will this register with the voters?

The Liberal Democrats have been consulting with teachers and concerned parents for the last few years and will have a well thought out policy. I don't trust the Conservatives one bit with their "bring in the army" approach.

"Zit Down"

"Don't move.You vill zit quietly ant listen to vat I zay"

"You vill learn vat is good for you"

"No questions allowt"

"Vat is dis - Vy? Vy? Vy?"

"Vee know vat iss bess for you"

Know wonder Ulverston kids misbehave as they occasionally do. Try experiencing their 'learning' environment at Victoria High.

Teachers turn into bullies when they are themselves put under pressure.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the future!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Open Letter to Colin Hodgson


As the SLD Councillor representing my area and the most prominant Ulverston Councillor at Kendal, could you help me with the following questions.

1. When will the issue of the locked toilets in the Gill be resolved?

Four things prompt my question.

a) I have just talked to visitors from Cambridge, needing a pee, who were dumbfounded to find the Public Toilet locked with it's lights on. Colin Williams raised precisely this issue aver a month ago. The visitors stated that if something like this happened at home, all hell would break loose. Here, you do nothing except wait patiently.

b) I was walking home along Upper Brook Street and came across a man about forty years old peeing in the corner right next to someone's front door.

I turned and asked pointedly in a loud voice" Do you have to?" He responded "I'm bursting for a pee and there's nowhere else to go."

There was no answer that I could give as the Gill and other toilets were locked.

c) A friend who lives next to one of the alleyways leading from the Gill to Soutergate came out one morning to find human shit by the entrance to her house and garden. She had no option other than clear it up herself.

d) During the Lantern Parade and when the Fair was in full swing the Gill Toilet was again locked at dusk.

Surely this is a matter for an urgent solution and you appear to do nothing. In your position I would be livid with rage and would have immediately demanded from the officer who made this cost cutting decision that the toilets be kept open immediately. This clearly has not happened.

I am so furious with this situation where my perception is that local government has lost its senses that I plan to take action myself.

I plan to buy my own locks and lock these toilets open until common sense returns.

2. When will the Stockbridge Lane Car Park be used sensibly.

You were present with me at the consultations with Nick Raymond of CCC last year in November and December when four out of five groups rated the need for a sign to this car park at the Market Cross as a high priority. The decision by Raymond that this would "promote the use of the car" and thus place it at nearly the bottom of priorities for the county appeared to pass by the Ulverston Councillors present without reaction, yet a resident who like me, had taken the trouble to attend all three of the two hour long consultations left the final meeting with the comment "What a farce".

I am appalled that non of the councillors appears to get upset with this decision. This issue sits firmly as your responsibility as SLDC for the area.

As you will be aware, a few weeks ago, I raised this issue in the full council meeting held here in Ulverston. I received a totally unacceptable answer that "the situation is under review" and hence no action is proposed. This situation has continued for well over a year and probably several years. The fact that the situation is still "under review" speaks volumes.

If we had Councillors of the calibre of Tim Farron in our town we would have councillors leading demonstrations over many issues through the streets of Kendal, yet non of you, and you in particular, do anything.

The people of the town are looking for some dramatic leadership at a time when democracy not only at a national level but even more so here at a local level has become a laughing stock.

Having followed all the processes open to me, I am looking at more effective ways of expressing my feelings and this is a route i would prefer not to have to follow.

I can assure you that I am work with all my energy to get the vast majority of our local councillors voted out of office at the next elections in three years time.

As you will gather I am very upset and I haven't mentioned other burning issues like the need to have strong leadership to promote Tourism (close the TIC !) in the Town were we are failing dismally as is demonstrated by all our empty shops as compared with similar towns in the Newcastle area which have been forward looking and are benefiting from the weak pound in attracting European visitors. Here Car Parks, web sites, Town initiatives, Sunday closing are along letting us down. True Jayne Kendall does what she can but the councillors seem to do nothing themselves as compared with those in Grange over Sands.

I look forward to receiving a convincing reply.

Geoff Dellow

Saturday 31st October 6.30pm - The Gill

A candle-lit procession lighting-up Gill Banks

The people of The Gill invite you to join them for a short celebration when we will follow the candle lit lower path into the dark wood and return by the upper path. About a hundred different pottery ‘spike lights’ have been made to light the way by local people. When we return there will be a few cakes, spooky food and drink in some of the Gill houses. We suggest a contribution of £2 per family and the lights which are adapted to use on tables will be on offer at £2 each.

Perhaps, stop rushing around and consider !

A friend past this on.

It strikes a chord with me:

(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, 'Later. Now go get washed up for dinner.' There would have been more "I love you's" More "I'm sorry's."

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute. Look at it and really see it. Live it and never give it back. STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Isn't it terrible? - Yes - So what?

Ralph Spours rants:

"Saw that SLDC in their wisdom are proposing the CLOSURE of the Tourist Information Office at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston. How preposterous! Much of the economy of Ulverston depends on Tourism. The many Festivals we have here, the Laurel and Hardy statue, Hoad Hill and the Canal and many other features are all to attract visitors, to stay in our hotels and guest houses, to eat in our restaurants, to dink in the pubs, to spend money in our shops. The list goes on. It must NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!"

So what is he doing about it?

Can't he use his influence with his Conservative Councillor mates to coordinate a strong Ulverston project to promote Toursim in the Town.

The two important web sites for Tourism in the Town - Jayne Kendall's SLDC web site (mind you Jayne puts a lot of effort in for the town in other ways) and the Town Council - oh what a lot of lovely councillors - web site; the non functioning Stockbridge Lane car park with no sign to it at the Market Cross; the non functioning after hours Public Loos in the town ; the poor state of repair of our cobbled main street; the poorly administered Ulverston Market; the lack of fresh street markings and drab street furniture; the drunken mindless activity in the town after midnight; the lack of traders activity on "Ulverston is Dead on Sundays" .

All these and the could-care-less-Ulverston-attitude with the occasional rant about how terrible we are being treated, are all letting our town down big time on the Tourism front.

Can't we learn something from the go-ahead attitude of our Grange over Sands neighbours who are running rings round us in proactive projects while we doze away in front of tele or whinge in the pubs about who/or what to run down next.

Isn't it fortunate that we can blame Kendal for everything . . . .

So what you you doing Geoff?

Well not much:

Getting United Utilities to do their repairs on the cobbles again and do all new work to a high standard.

Adding the odd pottery attraction on a few railings.

Putting positive videos on Youtube to promote the town.

Get the odd sign put up in town without anyone realising how it happened

Having a go at the County, District and Town Councils to do their jobs properly.

Getting Lightburn Park's children's play area smartened up with excellent SLDC help from Engineer Peter Clark.

Give a little nudge to Nick Raymond (Highways boss) to help him out off his office chair.

Encouraging other active people in their struggles.

Hopefully , smiling a lot while I blow my own trumpet!

It all helps, I think.

Monday, 12 October 2009

"Oh No" - Illegal activities again

Local Government - this time SLDC - are winding me up a treat and I'm in great danger of turning criminal in frustration.

The locking up of the public toilets at dusk is driving me bonkers.

I past a man peeing beside someone's front door as I walked along Upper Brook Street.

"Do you really have to ?" received the rejoinder " I'm busting for a pee - where else can I go"

I had no reply.

I talked to someone yesterday who told me they had shit in the alleyway across from the toilet in The Gill. She had to clean it up herself.

The fair is in town and The Gill is milling with people - it's also the Lantern Procession - and the toilets are locked - with their lights on!

Do we have to revert to life in the middle ages.

Someone could easily nick the hasps on all the toilets in the town so that they can't be locked any more.

If that fails , I guess the next step is remove the gates themselves - not difficult!

Anyone who checks will find that the nuts on the ones in The Gill are only finger tight . . . . .

MPs expenses - are we getting distracted?

Shouldn't we be encouraging our MPs to govern the country?

Instead of hounding them like this.

Meanwhile in France, their government is supporting and financing car manufacturers to have the very best electric car in Europe. Money is being channeled into developing the best electric battery.

Wouldn't this kind of thinking be more productive for our country.

We pour so much of our energy into wanting our football team to be the best in the world - Couldn't we instead pour our energy into developing a product that will be in demand by millions of people and will thus do the following:

  • Make us feel good because we have the best product after a really hard fight - We did something similar with Concord but got the product wrong.
  • Provide tens of thousands of jobs.
  • Revive our steel industry.
There must be other equally important products of the future - Wind Turbines - Wave Energy Converters - Heat Pumps.

Why don't we encourage our politicians to put their energies into being proactive and developing new technology in a big way.

Shouldn't we be measuring our politicians on what new initiatives they bring about and ignore whether they are squeaky clean.

Aren't we being led on an unproductive witch hunt.

We're happy to see the top job of Cumbria County Council advertised at £170,000 p.a. and not raise an eyebrow, yet we raise hell at an MP earning some £60,000.

Which of the two have the more important job?

Which of the two have the more physically demanding job - being in two places at once?

Which of the two have expenses to pay for developing relationships with the business doers in the country (and elsewhere)?

Haven't we been led up the garden path by the media trying to sell us more papers or watching TV along with the ads for business?

Why do we fall for it?

What are the chances of getting really good MPs with drive and good business judgement in the elections coming up?

Won't the guys we really want be working elsewhere for £500,000 and up elsewhere.

The phrase "You pay peanuts - you get monkeys" comes to mind.

Oh No! What we really really want governing us are scrupulously honest morons that know how to smile nicely and avoid answering straight questions and wasting time on the floor of The House so that legistlation is NOT past.


Roll in the Conservatives!

Friday, 9 October 2009

New event in The Gill

These 20 Candle holders that fit on the spikes are part of the 80 - 100 ones that will be used to light the way up the path beside the stream at 6.30 pm on Saturday 31st October - in three weeks' time.

Every one is different and they've been made by a wide variety of people.

We're very keen to have more of the blanks have holes cut in them with your design so come along to one of the three workshops at The Coach House , Union Lane - 11 till 4 pm this Saturday or either of the two following. We've lots of ideas for design and they can be as simple or sophisticated as you like!

The idea is for the children to follow the lights out to the place where the paths join and back by the other with a little celebration with hot food and drink when we're back! Having your own candle in a jar on a piece of string will help light up the route!

If you fancy adding a bit of music to the procession join the skeleton band by contacting Geoff - gd at

Thursday, 8 October 2009

What class am I ?

Does it matter?

There have been comments on this blog as to what behaviour is middle and what is working class and presumably what is lower and upper class.

Why do people think in this way?

My grandmother on one side was a char, my mother started as a shop assistant having matriculated at 14 and left education in order to support her mother who was on her own, her father having died when she was 7.

My father was a foreman in the spray painting department. I know nothing about his parents.

His sister worked behind the counter in the post office.

So what do you conclude?

The significant thing perhaps was their attitude to the world in general. My French mother, at 18, chose to learn a foreign language extremely well. To do this and 'see the world' she took employment with Army officers serving in India as a nanny to their children.

She found she was required to work in the home and saw nothing of India other than a few Indian servants.

She found the cash to get herself back to France before her contract finished because the job was not as it had been made out to be.

I was brought up with very little money in the home, my mother taught French at evening classes.

In order to get reasonable accommodation, my parents rented a three floor house and sublet the middle floor.

I worked hard at my state primary school and managed to get into Grammar School and then on to university.

The jobs I have done have been 'professional' and then I worked manually for myself converting barns into self-catering accommodation.

I've run a market stall here in Ulverston selling 'health foods'. I then trained as a teacher and taught in London.

I quite happily turn my hand to any job that comes up and believe I could earn a living at anytime that this was needed. I'd start by cleaning windows, painting and decorating and cleaning out gutters and drains or go back to selling using a market stall. There's a need for a lunchtime cafe for the youngsters in the town - I could take that on!

I resent having any label attached and see myself as classless. I value straight talking which often makes me avoid what some label as the middle classes.

One thing I've always done and that is to learn new skills. I'd rather have a skill than cash. Whenever I have some spare time it is used to improve a skill. At present I'm extending my piano playing skills. Then last year I swam ten lengths of crawl for the first time - previously it had been four. And of course I'm learning how local government functions. In the last few weeks I've learnt that society is not led by reason but by a 'group dynamic' which is heavily manipulated by the few. Which is why politicians can effect vast swings in the way people vote by manipulating the public even to the extent that some are persuaded that it's a waste of time to vote. What nonesense! We just have to sort out which candidate is the best; not to find the perfect candidate. (The democrats are my choice though locally they're a disreputable lot however they've got more good politicians at the top than any other party. Tim Farron is a shining example)

My real friends come from a wide range of occupations. The main thing they have in common is that they work hard in the day time and use their spare time in a 'useful ' way. They tell you straight what they thinkand are not in the habit of swearing except to vent intense feelings.

So do I need a label or is this more your problem?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why Labour has failed . . . in my view !

It tries to effect change by legislation.

If this legislation is faulty, as has been the case with education, then the system founders.

The testing of students at every turn is being finally accepted as a total failure. It has led to young young people that have been trained not to think for themselves but instead be bullied and manipulated by those in charge of schools - Education Authorities, heads and teachers.

Finally after ten years of misery, with most of the excellent teachers escaping from 'the system', we're getting a revolt from associations of Head Teachers against the status quo. One wonders only "Why has it taken so long?"

Now Brown wants to legislate against incompetetent parents.

Isn't it time for ordinary responsible people to step in and start asserting themselves in their own communities ?

I agree the comment re Knowhere was uncalled for but it would be good to feel that more people stepped in to modify the behaviour of young people who don't seem to know when to stop drinking.

More and more people are suffering from those that can't hold their drink though the locked up loos (with their lights on) don't help.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What makes people attractive?

Just been watching some young women - as one does - ! at my age.

What makes them so ?

Conforming to the stereotype ?

Or believing they are ?

Even though they don't fit that 'beautiful' image . . .

Think Dawn French -fat ? yuk or vivacious ? sense of humour ? wow . .

Something for some of us to think about?

Put a mischieveous twinkle in your eye today . . . and see what happens . . . be prepared for a positive response you're not used to!

Something for a rainy day . . . .

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Time for a new approach

In order to have more influence in effecting change in Ulverston, it helps to be a councillor.

(Even though one can do a lot as an individual in direct contact with council officials and suppliers of services like United Utilities)

People perhaps avoid becoming a councillor because of the stereotypes of attending pointless meetings where little is achieved.

But does it have to be this way?

How about becoming a councillor in order to be better placed to question officials about the way they carry out their duties and then if policy needs changing, to target these committees where these decisions of policy are made.

What I suggest is that more people consider becoming a councillor without a commitment to attend meetings just because the system demands it.

So I propose to try and get elected at the three levels of local government:

In three year's time - at Town Council and at South District level ,

Then again at Cumbria County level in four years' time.

How about it - will you join me?

It need not require much of your time as there would be no comitment to attend time consuming meetings.

The more of us there are, the more effective we could be at getting the system to work in Ulverston's favour.

It will be a question of personalities being elected rather than unthinking party politicians