Sunday, 10 August 2008

Global Warning - we have 100 months

Of course I'm not the only one that is concerned.

I find that there was a major article in a national newspaper on the first of this month

This is a very impressive/convincing article.

We have less than eight years to change our governments thinking.

We really do need to do something NOW.

I've just joined

Please check it out and sign up too.

Even using cautious calculations, we have only one hundred months before we pass the climate's 'tipping point' - the point of no return - where the chance to tackle global warming could be far beyond our reach. aims to provide one simple thing, once a month, that we can all do to play our part in preventing potentially catastrophic, runaway global warming.

And please email the link to all your friends, using the 'Send to Friends' button on the site, like I have.

Many thanks.



les galloway said...

I agree that clathrates are a serious problem and could easily wreck any attempt to reduce carbon output. What is quite incredible is that some “experts” are actually considering mining them as a source of fuel (as if we need any more carbon based fuel sources). Given their unstable nature I do not believe it is possible to mine the deposits without an unacceptable risk of catastrophic release.
On the 100 months, I admire the optimism, but my own feeling is that the climate change lobby has been far too conservative in its predictions, presumably for fear of scaring off the decision makers with doomsday scenarios. As an example, it is only recently that there has been any serious acknowledgement of the fact that, when icecaps begin to melt, the melt water percolates down to the bedrock and lubricates the base of the ice. It may take 500 years for the Greenland icecap to melt but what actually matters (from the point of view of 8 metre rise in sea level) is how long it takes to slide into the Atlantic, melted or not.

Geoff Dellow said...

I've just written to Tim Farron (tim at who I respect highly, to inform himself thoroughly on this issue.