Friday, 8 March 2013

A thought or two for all age groups

Thanks Jack for your thought provoking contributions.


Anonymous said...

I love your shirt Geoff, do they sell them at Working Class Heroes?
You are a hoot.
(shop local)

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes you need to be very colourful when scooting down the mind of an "A" road at near 30 mph. Having a good head of white hair helps. It's amazing what you can pick up in Ulverston - there's a shop for every need - some tatoos across the forehead maybe - though I favour something like a bright yellow silk dressing gown that will billow in the wind.

Dr Havelock Ellis said...

In theory I agree with the Judge however his sentiments would have worked in the time of Huck Finn and Tom.
How can they work in this day and age?.
Children are being socially conditioned by the media to embrace ME ME ME ME.
Nobody can put the Genie back in the bottle.

Geoff Dellow said...

What I like about the judge's comments is that they are honest. Life for youngsters is tough but they need to be helped to face up to this. All around us in society at the moment is an atmosphere of dishonesty and not facing up to what are very tough times. This idea that is continuosly being promoted by politicians that what we need is 'growth'is so dishonest. Anyone who stops and thinks will realise that this is 'pie in the sky' thinking. We all have to face up to the fact that we have an unavoidable recession ahead. We all have to accept a very bleak future. The solution is perhaps that we spread the work round and all earn less and cease to enjoy the standard of living we have become used to. House prices need to drop down to affordable levels. The rich need to be made to loosen their control of the housing market. Immigration needs to be controlled.
All very difficult issues that we are very good at avoiding discussing to a logical conclusion.

Chris said...

I will be myself for a moment Geoff all of this MPD stuff is tiring.
What makes me sad is Journalism is no longer an honorable metier.
It exists to convince people to consume and to embrace ME ME ME ME.
I went to college n the US and know more about how things tick there than my own country the UK.
I was looking up alleged places of learning in the UK.
What they call Journalism schools all the iconography is ME ME ME on their websites and they are trying to sell courses like one would sell an old car.
I think he has lost his marbles with age and I would not give him any awards for humanity but I think Rees-Mogg was the last Real Newspaper man in the UK.
As for earning less I was looking up Email addresses last week and noticed the head of Arts Council England is paid 150k a year.
This man if you look at his background is not a latter day Monet but an administrator.

I have a theory get away from everybody and grow things always be nice to those you encounter in passing and as long as I have enough to buy Coca Cola and Gauloises I will be ok.
Talking of Judges what about Becky Judge Thatcher's daughter that girl could party in later years.
I guess fake levity is better than no levity.Take Care Geoff

Geoff Dellow said...

Great to have the real you with us, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Very profound Chris like to hear more from you.