Thursday, 7 March 2013

Work on the cobbles down Market Street

These two videos look at the recent work that was done last October and what remains to be done to get this disruptive work finished.
The dates given to me by Jayne Kendall for the recommencement and completion of work are April 15th and at the latest May 5th, the date of the Bank Holiday

My conclusions are that only allowing three weeks for the remaining work is unwise and unnecessary.
A completion date before the start of the Flag Festival at the beginning of May is extremely important to the town. Work should therefore start well before the stated April 15th and finish before the stated May 5th. One that allows plenty of time for the contractors to overrun their estimates of only three weeks. Starting on April 1st should surely be the very latest. The latest Highways press release states that the work will take five weeks :starting on April 1st only just allows for this.

The coverage of the surface with Granite setts works out at:
Old setts in the Market Square - 80 to 90%
Work done early last year by Amey - 60% setts 40% concrete
Work done in October last year by Colas - 50% setts 50% concrete
The way the original setts were jammed together is preferable in that of spacing with concrete, no matter how good will always be outlasted by the superior granite of the setts


Anonymous said...

The second video isn't available to view.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks - fixed!