Monday, 18 March 2013

What everyone needs

Have some of us become hooked on gadgets!

For those with more money than sense:

Lakeland Plastics is full of them.

Orange Peeler for £6 - for people who have lost their thumb.

And on the same page these amazing contraptions for £15 and £25 - you obviously need one of each.


Chris said...

Geoff,I feel that Apple Peeling Device should be Nuclear Powered,What if somebody tired out their wrist turning the handle?.
I am heading off to meet some dodgy Russian Gentleman that will give us a great deal on 235.
Could you start building a Heavy Water Plant as we will need a Neutron Moderator for out Nuclear Powered Apple Peeling Device.
All joking to one side Geoff a sad world when people are buying such crap.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad world when some can't afford the apple/orange to use the gadgets on.

Geoff Dellow said...

You're so right what an upside down world we like in and sadly we ain't seen nothing yet so we need to find something to keep our spirits high. Amazingly I've never felt 'happier'and it's because of people. So many people like me that I'm beginning to believe I'm a 'nice guy after all. A message there for you Chris. We all need to spend the time to get to know some people really well - stop flitting from place to place - it takes time and a fair bit of 'doing' things that carry the message - thank you and I like you and I appreciate being liked.

Geoff Dellow said...

What happened to the pictures? Could it be that Lakeland plastics have found a way to reverse them?