Thursday, 28 March 2013

More money for the Lantern Procession

It's very gratifying that Piggy is earning more money each week he weathers the cold.

 Last week it was one pound, this week it was £1:40. I'm using this as a measure of how good my clarinet playing is.
As for me, unlike the hardened busker, I can only play if I'm fired up inside to wanting to play. The weather and my lack of experience has made the experience painful. It's a hard learning curve. Three things that have changed: my ability to make attractive sounds and secondly my ability to play fun tunes. The first requirement is being met as I've now bought a clarinet that I can play to create what I consider to be good sounds though this diminishes as my hands get colder and colder so that can't feel whether your fingertips are covering up the holes properly. The more I play the easier it becomes. Lastly I now have found a place I consider to be home.

Now I have the motivation to practise more and more and with my new clarinet it enables me to play in keys I couldn't manage before. So over to you- if you like what you hear (and only for this reason) feed up Piggy for the Lantern Procession. I have little interest in the sympathy vote and don't need the money.

 So I'm off to a good practising cession now!

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