Saturday, 8 June 2013

Coming up in the next few days

Persimmonns, the new homes house builder, are back in Ulverston working up Union Lane and they are already breaking the planning law and SLDC are doing nothing about it. Is this because they haven't the money to take on this powerful and crooked business Giant?

When you scrape below the veneer of helpful builders that provide valuable work there's a mass of unhappiness and corruption. Looks like we're going to big trouble with these houses: a repeat of the trouble we had in the Lund Farm Estate , one many of us suffer from every day- the queues at the North Lonsdale / A590 junction because Persimmons tricked us into not paying for the roundabout that was laid down as a planning condition for the whole of this estate project then there was the problem with the drains on this estate not working.

Why do we have to have them coming back time and time again - Is it because they can work the weak/incompetent/corrupt (it difficult to find out which) local government system we have at both District and County level.

Because I was amazed at the complaints across the country with Persimmons I have created a new blog "Persimmons are cheats" ( and it's amazing how many hits I've received in only the few hours its been up). Have a look and ask yourself "would you buy one of their 'new' houses?" If you hear of anyone considering buying one of the Union Lane houses you might wish to warn them and tell them that they are already breaking the terms of the planning permission that was granted to them. Note there should be eight "affordable houses" provided and these have to sold first yet is there any mention of affordable house in their present advertising?

I'm preparing and in depth review of the present situation over the next few days but first lets look forward to the 100 plus people that are expected to come to Mill Dam Park tomorrow for some fun. These are just the people who will be grateful for being warned off the full price Persimmons homes even the 'Affordable' ones needed to be checked out thoroughly, something that I'm sure readers of this blog would be only too willing to assist potential buyers before they sign their hard earned cash away. Even 'Affordable' could easily become affordable and a financial trap if property prices where to fall - something highly likely in this financial situation. The Greeks have only to start removing their cash, invested in London property , at the top of  the house price pyramid for it to start to cave in. Buyer beware - Councillors Wilson and Clough get the CAB running again quickly for people to have access to good reliable information.


Anonymous said...

My wife friend and family attended to lend a hand.
We were greeted with a good cup of char with water boiled in a solid copper kettle ( watch out Gillams) offerings of Blueberry scones delighted my taste buds!
The small jewel of a park was a hive of activity with donated flowers from David Ulverston market stall proudly planted amongst the borders.
The array of nibbles and cakes would beat any afternoon tea from 5 star hotels.
Dapple shadows from hornbeam trees provided shade amongst fluttering flags.
A "COOL EVENT" on a hot afternoon.
Jack & family

Geoff Dellow said...

It was great having you , your family and your friend Derrick (spelling?)come along - my what a hat.

Sad that I was so busy myself not to catch you on a photo, grafting away putting up all the pottery on the road side. I think however your on video which I'm shortly going to put together.

The Sandwhich that Janet put together was superb. I was amazed what came out of that cicle panier all the way from South Ulverson.