Friday, 14 June 2013

What do you do when you're down?

Sadly for me I'm a risk taker.

This has great highs when you succeed and real lows when you fail.

My first strategy is to feel good about myself.

The next is not to mope - which can be difficult.

The next is to do something that you're reasonably good at so that you can succeed.

Next is to find something to do that will cheer someone else up.

It also helps me to think that once I've got through this patch, I'll be a lot stronger.

Lastly I remind myself what truly hard things some of you guys are going through - all with a lovely smile and giving encouragement and awareness of other people's difficulties.


Geoff Dellow said...

The above worked a treat and by 12:00 I was firing on all cylinders again getting ready for making contact with those enjoying the Good Life in Ford Park tomorrow with new cards, great photos from the Sunday event and fresh sweet peas to give away hippie style.

Gladys said...

Good for you! Being positive and optimistic in spite of of negative feelings and/or difficult circumstances, is hard but rewarding.

Anonymous said...

The good life was exactly that, a splendid event with cheerful choices.
We are so lucky, fantastic wonderful company.
Make love not war.
Be sure to wear some sweet peas in your hair
Gorilla for you BABY !!!!!!!

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes wasn't it a great event - great helpfulness and awarenes of other people all around us. Lovely watching we kids letting our hair down and joining the youngsters who were having a ball in the middle of the grass while endless friendly conversations went on around us. All helped along with beautifully scented flowers almost enough for one each. in two months time we'll have enough for every person in Ulverston to have had at least one. Think of all the surprised happy smiles achieved with so little. Think of all the unexpect bunches of flowers that will be received as presents - is this what "Flower Power" meant in the Sixties?

Time for a happy self-satisfied sleep with an hour or two in the park to look forward to tomorrow!