Wednesday, 19 June 2013


As you will see here , I find it increasingly unsatisfactory to attempt to communicate while sat at this bloody computer.

I leave a very busy and for the most part very satisfying life. I enjoy face-to-face communication and my own activities with those with other people too much  to give priority to most computer generated communication. This certainly applies to Twitter, Facebook, Google and the other forms of remote, superficial communication.

Every minute spent here is a minute that could be spent actually talking directly to other people, playing my clarinet, working in Mill Dam Park, working at the allotment, walking over Hoad. Next would come the use of the telephone.

When I have all these rich and enjoyable activities the use of the computer must come at the bottom of the list.

This thought comes from attempting to communicate by Facebook when there are so many alternatives.

Here are my preferred means of communication - in this order:


Telephone talking



Then I have to think very carefully what I use! The alternatives can be very time consuming, addictive with very unsatisfactory results.

The main result is a waste of gas, another burnt out kettle and the consequent telling off as is about to happen now as I attempt to make myself a coffee and say to myself -

"Oh, I'll just check my emails"


Gladys said...

But you reach a LOT of people through your blog. And have a record of what is communicated.

Anonymous said...

Will all fans and critics of the Professor of Sensibility please reveal they love the blog