Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A great and very experienced singing duo

Demix is their name. Sara sings and Rod plays guitar - and sings. They have been performing for over thirty years and Sara, sadly, is considering giving up because she finds it increasingly difficult to attain the standard she sets herself. They perform because they enjoy it - sort of as a hobby- but they are very good. The listener would never spot anything other than total excellence and entertainment. Such is the enthusiasm of those that have heard them that Sarah keeps extending her public singing by another year and then another - and another. You never know though when she will stop so: Hear them at the Queens pub at Biggar , Walney Island on Saturday 11th May, say 8pm - very soon. Sadly Rod is not the best of pulicists - he anounced they were performing only on the morning of their last gig. You'll have difficult finding out about them so - trust me - they are superb and great fun.

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