Friday, 19 April 2013

CAB and Cllr John Clough

I met up with John earlier this afternoon.

He came across as a very genuine person with a lovely friendly twinkle in his eye. I immediately trusted him and believe that like Cllr Jane Harris he is doing the best he can for the town. There may be others but I haven't been impressed yet.

On the basis of this contact I would vote for him for County Councillor at the election in May. More of that later.

He is clearly keeping tabs on the CAB situation. He winced when I told him that I couldn't get through to the Windermere CAB.

So it's really watch this space. The situation re our CAB is at present totally unsatisfactory and no, the transition from one organisation to another has not run well in that there has been a gap with no face-to-face contact but something is really happening behind the scenes.

The lesson I come away with is that officials should avoid using phrases like "the Matter is in Hand" which is a red rag to a bull for me. It means "I don't really know but just leave it to us". But I'm not ready to do that - I want some explanations of really what is happening  and that someone is actually doing something to solve a situation. Too often nothing does until someone like me pokes his nose in and asks questions.

From John Clough's point of view, can I thoroughly recommend a blog like this with the aim of keeping people like me informed and establishing trust that we really do have some politicians who are genuinely working their socks off for us. I can see that it could be a lot of work for already busy people but it would restore public confidence in our politicians and get us involved in supporting them. We need to move in the direction of us all working together. As in the picture of the charity I saw in town earlier today - well done Avril!

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Gladys said...

Perhaps it is early days. 'Matters in hand' can be piled high. Let's hope things get sorted but I rather think the present 'solution' is not fit for purpose. I hope I am proved wrong.