Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oh what a glorious day

Plenty of people going over Hoad, many from away, some from Bournmouth.

Ford Park was being very well used. Lots of children and people on the fields; the playground and cycling being very popular with children; impromptu childres races.

The Cafe with Rufino Ferreira as chef and friendly and helpful staff, was doing a roaring trade. Sitting outside was bliss : good food : good company.

The beautiful Walled Vegetable Garden managed by Sarah Macormack was receiving lots of well deserved attention.

We're very fortunate to have two very skilled, efficient and inspiring people working here- Cafe and Garden at Ford Park. At last Jackie Williams' hard work over a decade is paying off in spite of the many negative people that have occasionally got people's backs up in the past with their me. me, me ; my, my, my attitude. At last Ford Park is beginning in feel like a community centre. We just need to modify the remaining self centred management. It's a community set up and if we don't like what we come across we need to speak out if we want to see change instead of grumbling.

 Bottom up organisation, here we come - more on this theme in the offing. I've popped regarding top down people - just had enough - the Keep Ulverston Tidy farce was the last straw!


Anonymous said...

Been working away, so like the supermarket, I missed all the fun. As i got back last weekend i thought to meself the old town looks quite pretty. Was this with evening mail strret clean thingy, i know that ford park volunteers helped out then, so what farce, where and by who? Did you take part?

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes the town is looking good - Isn't it great. I have to take some time to explain my farce comment. As you may gather, it's a criticism of a society that needs to be organised from the top down over issues that are really better done by those at the 'bottom'(me)without the top involved. Looks like I better get stuck in and explain - hold your comments (they won't be published).