Wednesday, 17 April 2013

An amazing place to visit

PlayZone - at The Custom House in Barrow

I love it  - and I'm seventy eight.

Not only do I have fun with a host of under fives (older ones are in school) but I enjoy the positive company of the adults.

As they bring their children there in the morning when I go there are always a high proportion of adults to kids.

Even in the play area (rather than the cafe´) there is at least one adult for every four kids. Yes they are also scrabbling about and crawling around on all fours ducking under 'doorways' three foot high, climbing over barriers or even between eighteen inch rollers that require you to dive and roll forward.

The big dual banana slide gives you and the children a 'weyhey' 'wee' experience with a splat finish at the end - we all love it. For the children there are loads of 'risky' experiences that the plunge into the unknown with a little trepidation and then go back for more once that twinge of fear has been mastered. The variety is great with rooms of light four inch plastic balls, two feet deep: perfect to hide deep inside and give the unsuspecting visitor a brief scare.

More later - I've work to do!

All for £3.50 per child - Adults get all the fun and exercise they want for free - that is for 90 minutes if it's busy - longer if not.

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