Friday, 31 May 2013

Comments on this blog

There are still people who think it is appropriate to abuse me over the views expressed here.

It is not.

If they wish to put forward a counter arguement in a polite way, giving their real name then this is welcome and they will get published.

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Geoff Dellow said...

It is sad that some people have a fixation on a particular theme which has been discussed here before and their concerns replied to. In these present times it is helpful to "look on the bright side of life" focussing on something that is good about Ulverston. Why run it down? Abusing others is not helpful unless reasons are given. Criticism I believe can be helpful when this happens.
Unlike dwelling all the time on bad news it is helpful to at the same time to hear of some positive things. There are many very positive people about and we need a lift from their way of looking at life around us. An example if the Good life Festival that starts on th 14th June. Conflict is helped by understanding the other viewpoint. An honest debate can help this.

Yes it's a difficult line to tread - there are always two sides to a story and it's easy to focus on the negative side.