Friday, 3 May 2013

What : no flags to welcome Printfest ?

Basically the Coro manager strongly recommended that we carry Public Liability Insurance (it could cost a hundred pounds for three days). We couldn't find anyone to cover us. (Printfest themselves, the Ulverston Town Council or the main Flag Festival on the shops in town were all approached).

In reply to a letter sent on Friday 26th April we finally get reply on Wednesday 1st May (after a verbal reminder) .

Ralph Spours (Chair of the latter) wrote:

Hello Geof.

Thank you fro your email.

Peter is dealing with this insurance matter.

The flags all look good and the heavy winds have now subsided.  I hope they stay that way.



Sadly we have heard nothing from Peter (Winston) their secretary.

The Flags will therefore enjoy an uninterupted stay in The Gill around the Cumbria Way Monument.

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