Wednesday, 29 May 2013


They always make me feel most uncomfortable.

The tragedy by tiger has hit the national headlines. Hopefully people will stand back and reflect.

Zoos project the worse of human nature: control of the environment for the mindless amusement of bored humans.

Why promote dangerous wild animals (controlled my people). If we want this thrill, go to where the wild animals are in their own surroundings. If we can't afford this  then watch the superb documentaries made in great depth by film makers over several years.

If we want to observe wild life for ourselves then we can go into the countryside and sit patiently, silently and watch: rabbits, foxes, moles, field mice, herons . . . .

At the moment we have blackbirds raising their young - fascinating.

Tigers surely aren't tigers if they are not free to roam.


Gladys Hobson said...

I've already left a comment but I don't think it registered, so here it is again (or something like it). Animal Parks help preserve the species that mankind, in general, help to destroy. It is aprt of their job. Those who visit the parks are not mindless but have their various reasons for visiting. Few can see these animals in their own habitat, TV documenteries don't have the smells, sounds and and atmosphere . We can admire their beauty and wonder at their individual 'creative design'. Some study their habits, which we may learn from. Throughout the world the 'mindless' destroy Nature's magnificent creatures for pleasure and profit. The 'mindless' kill such animals and use their parts for potions - an ugly trade indeed. Some reduce their numbers by destroying their habitat. Yes, No doubt there are zoos and individuals throughout the world who treat animals inappropriately. Many humans also treat their fellow kind with cruelty, so should we be surprised if they are cruel to animals, whether wild or domesticated? Let's not tar Animal Park owners, keepers and visitors with the same brush.

Geoff Dellow said...

Gladys,sincere thanks for your comment. It's good to have intelligent comment that presents another viewpoint. First I am not talking about the Dalton Zoo specifically but Zoos in general.

There are no doubt some zoos that are better than others. Zoos that attempt to provide an environment that is sympathetic to the animals.

I am only reflecting on my own feelings. When I last visited the Zoo- because a friend wanted company with their children - I was sickened at seeing the lion I saw there. I felt it was cruel in the extreme to deprive such a potentially proud animal in such restricted captivity. In effect we are imprisoning and depriving these animals of their freedom. My thoughts immediately turned to what I imagined the lion would be feeling: and animal that was used to prowling, basking, outwitting in a territory of thousand of miles- confined to a few miles. I imagine how I would feel as a human if for instance I had been captured by a colony of ants and restricted to one room all my life - all for the benefit of the ants to gorp at me for their pleasure. Think how we value our freedom to live our lives as we wish. I'm sure there are whole races of humans in Africa that find it incomprehsive how we here behave to wild animals. They show a profound respect for animals in many ways. Yes they can regard them as a dangerous foe and will kill them whilst admiring and respecting their wish for freedom - the sing admiring songs about their proud nature.

No humans who trap and confine wild animals are mindless. They have a very onesided view of the animal and give no consideration to the needs of the mind of the animal. I have seen the sickening sight of a leopard confined to a cage on his own. Prowling the same few yards, back and forward, back and forth, all day so that the path is worn down. How can we kid ourselves that they are enjoying life. We are mindless and cruel because we haven't stopped to think what the wild animal is thinking. And yes we can learn a lot about this by their body language and their bodies - often with scruffy fur. By their low spirits because the have no interest in sex. Doesn't this tell us something. Imagine a healthy male in his prime taking no interest in sex with a gorgeous lively female.

How can we defend 'preservation of the species' in this way - again isn't this for the benefit of humans and not the animals?

Mindless, mindless, mindless.Cruel cruel cruel.

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes my description "Mindless" is strong - it's meant to be. It describes a mind - not a person - that does not think and analyse what they really think.
A mind that follows a trend - without considering the implications. One that makes decisions without thinking out the pros and cons.
A way of thinking that is not encouraged on this blog!
If people want to trully get excited about wild life then go for a walk in the countryside and keep your brain sharp and eyes alert. You will need patience and the skills of a great detective. How many people have seen a field mouse, vole or a mole in action, seen a spider weave it's web? Seen a starling swarm at the top of Gill Banks. Seen the Dipper lower down the stream. Yet they are all around us and truly fascinating when spotted. As far as 'preserving a species' how about the mindless destruction of hedges across the country which remove the habitat that supports our wild life.

The same kind of mindless thinking elects local politicians on the basis of their party and national trends rather the qualities of the people involved - so what's happened as a result here in Ulverston to our Citizen's Advice Bureau - it's gone - and we're told everything is fine. The people needing the service are bewildered and angry to find their cases have been abandoned because of a break down in the system. No come on, we need to wake up and realise what is happening around us- the future of the Ulverston 'with the big heart' is at stake. Mindless.

Gladys said...

I agree about animals confined in cages.

Gladys said...

To stop and think about things and what we are doing — actually doing, rather than following — needs to be brought to people's attention. That I agree with. With all the media at work affecting people's minds, it is good to ask questions rather than just follow. Same goes in politics, whatever the colour.