Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Labour - and others - yuk

It might help Labour if their web site was up to date!
Wrong voting day and no mention of their County candidates. Are they as indifferent as the rest of us?

Mind you the Conservatives and Liberals are totally complacent - They don't even have web sites.

In fact if you put Ulverston Liberal Party into Google you get the Ulverston Green Party!

Go to their web site and you'd never know there had just been an election. All they advertise is their none existent 'debates' where they argue against themselves.

Conclusion: No one in Ulverston cares a toss about politics.

No wonder we get rubbish councillors and the town continues its downward spiral.

There's only one that I have a good word for.

The door is wide open for some good Independent candidates for our next election on May 7th 2015

Two years to prepare.


Anonymous said...

And what qualifies a good independent candidate that you are always banging on about?
There are plenty of councillors in many authorities in the local area working for the community, for no financial gain. They have belief, strength and achieve. As someone said to me on Friday after standing for CC elections - he stood because he was always critisiing and lambasting any official just because they were an official. He thought as many standing at the bar in a pub believe - he thought he was right. He didn't know the any of the people or really know what they'd done, just critical. He stood (and lost heavily) after he realised that pointlessly slagging them off got nowhere and he should shup up or stand up. He also realised that just because he had a view on a subjetc, no matter how limited, it didn't make everyone else automatically wrong. Quite an eye opener for him actually. He will try again next time.

A cheaper pound stretcher Zoro

Anonymous said...

There is an old Indian saying before you criticise a man walk a mile in his sandals.
Don't put your head above the trench, there are snipers about!
(marks and spencer)

Geoff Dellow said...

There are certainly plenty of them!

Wear a wooly hat.

Jane Harris said...

The state of the Labour Party website is entirely my fault, and I apologise forthwith to all members of the public who are outraged at our negligence! I volunteered to create a website for the local elections last year. I taught myuself to do Wordpress and created the website entirely by myself for no money, having never done anything like this before. Since being elected as a councillor I've tried to be an active support to people in Town Ward, founded and edited a new community magazine, spent almost every waking hour trying to stop bloody supermarkets from killing our town centre, and had to work full-time. The problem is not the laissez faire attitude of politicians, it's simply the lack of capacity of hard pressed volunteers who are trying to do too much. The Labour website is on my list...!

Geoff Dellow said...

I fully symopathise. When I drew this to people's attention I was thinking that it was a sad relection of the state of the political parties in the town if they don't have enough people to share all the jobs around.

It is indeed sad when too many jobs land in the laps of a few that work their socks off.

This leads to another conclusion that I believe Jane has already pointed out. What if the aim of the politicians in the town was to change : towards harnessing what energy there is already being offered in the town.

For instance I know of two separate people who went to the trouble of designing and creating excellent web sites for the town of Ulverston: one of them with a lot of help from a professional web site designer who was a lecturer in design at a local University - Chris Thorpe who has now died. The web site he helped create ran for a while but the lack of interest shown by the local council caused the volunteer to give up because of the lack of encouragement from councillors and officials. The other web site, visit Ulverston.com had many features giving a wealth of information about the local area with the potential of a collaboration with , Julian Thurgood (who incidentally was supported by his local town council) He designs for the whole of Cumbria as his own business - http://www.visitcumbria.com/. Again this Ulverston volunteer has given up.

My point is that if our local councillors made an effort to encourage and harness the energies of the locals who may distrust politicians then a lot could be achieved. Instead of following their own pet initiatives, how about looking for and supporting volunteers who seek nothing more tha recognition and encouragement.

Jane, keep it up you're on the right track.

Isn't it refreshing to have someone who admits a mistake and takes the trouble to explain. In the fifty years that I've been around here I've never heard anything like it.

Anonymous said...

Geoff you've missed a very important point: the quality of the Labour site is superb.
It's amazing to have someone who can learn and then produce such a quality website.
Get behind Jane Harris, whatever the colour of her politics.

She's exceptional.