Monday, 22 July 2013

No end of the heat wave?

From the BBC web site:

Monday 22 July—Sunday 28 July
Will the high pressure persist?
At this stage all the signs suggest that high pressure will continue to influence the UK weather heading into to the end July. This will mean that we're likely to see more in the way of dry, fine and warm weather for central and southern swathes of the UK, but there are further suggestions that Atlantic fronts will flirt with northern regions, bringing cloudier skies and the threat of some occasional light rain.
Monday 29 July—Sunday 11 August
A change on the cards for early August.
Although there is still a significant degree of uncertainty in the longer term forecast, at present the computer models are indicating that a change in weather conditions is likely to gradually come into play early in August. The high pressure system that dominated July's weather looks as if it will start to retract away to the southwest slightly, opening the door to some cooler and more unsettled weather to northern areas of the UK that will eventually transfer to central and some southern parts. However, there's still a reasonable chance that the fine and dry weather will at least persist for a while longer in the far south.

Should we not start to be concerned?

Could we start thinking and watching out for people who are not coping with the sun, heat and lack of rain?

Any one else concerned?

It would be good to hear from you if you've spotted any negative sides to what most people think is a great experience.

I've already heard of an old lady in a dream state unable to cope with her beloved dog and told by a police officer that she can't control it whe had best only come out without it.

In another very sad situation a different old friend was found this morning having fallen over in the night, hurt herself badly and died on the way to hospital.

Please look out for neighbours, old people especially. The extremes of weather may be more than their systems can cope with, I understand that we need to drink a lot more water.

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