Monday, 8 July 2013

Thought for the day- week, month, year , century, lifetime, millenia, eternity

Trip up bumbling slow footed bureaucrats, robots who seek to crush creativity which gives us a reason for living.

Living illegally in a Yurt, (a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey and more recently the hills above Lindal nr Grange-  Illegal, illegal, illegal cry the planning authorities: beautiful, invigorating fantastic, cry the free creative spirits) living glorious dangerous exciting lives,  climbing trees, dodging past fast-moving cars in traffic, skipping in front of charging bulls, climbing mountains to view a sunrise, protesting in the nude, driving down empty country lanes at 80 miles per hour, smiling at gorgeous women (with their slick armed minders in toe),  or would you prefer to sit, eat, drink, sleep, gorp at the tele on the sofa extremely safe and secure - big tele, forbidding house, two foot thick walls, strong doors, shuttered windows, high fences, barking Doberman lonely, depressed, on one's own with pots of money in the bank or better still in the strong room in gold bars.

What can we lesser mortals do other enjoy ourselves with a walk in the woods?

Use humour to help people laugh at the grey unsmiling powercrazed bureaucrats. Better still get them to smile, beware they might have a heart attack, too much emotion.

Flash animations to the rescue. Big Boot for SLDC : little scampering cheeky creative figures for the lesser mortal.

Fantasy helps us cope with dull, boring, politically correct, truth twisting, unfeeling, vindictive, unimaginative, people. Keep the people safe - they might scratch themselves or more likely walk into a lamppost - how dare they put that there.

This is what happens when you sit down to write after playing your version of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto at speed.



Anonymous said...

Edward Snowden hold's up in Mill Dam Park!!!
SLDC special agent Rowley hides in cupboard and sends out anybody brave enough to go!
Women and children first
Whimp Winge" I have not yet been potty trained, and not yet on solids!" said SLDC Rowley
I am a big boy and make a mess in my pants! "please don't pop the bubble wrap"
I shall hide behind the law don't make me talk to the Evil Doctor and make sense. "Oh their goes that bubble wrap again" Pop, Pop, Phst, whisp, tish.
Tin helmets on run!!!!!!!!

Geoff Dellow said...

Love it. Let's all let rip - have a bit of verbal diarrhea - stay 'sane'.