Monday, 22 July 2013

Support our local police

There's an important meeting at the Coro at 5:30 this Wednesday when the newly elected police commissioner can be questioned about his policy for the police force here in Ulverston. Sadly the Eve Mail omitted the location when writing their report.

In my opinion we've got a great lot of officers and supporting staff for a town with a strong sense of community. It's very important that we find ways of maintaining a good relationship with our officers. Having direct access to them is extremely important to securing good cooperation between the public and the officers that support us. This direct access has been thwarted by having our office in the town closed. We need to find a way that face-to-face cooperation can be maintained.

I'm sure the Cllr Bishop Rowe will be there to express his opinion based on his long experience as a former police officer in Dalton. 


Anonymous said...

Yes we must close our valuable police station to pay for a man at the top who junkets around in expensive transport.
If a crime needs stopping its the fleecing of the public purse.
PC Plod

Rupert said...


This meeting is at CROFTLANDS School at 5.30 and not the Coronation Hall