Friday, 26 July 2013

Westmorland Gazette editorial

Those interested in following the saga of the "Dangerous Pottery in the Park" issue will be interested in reading this very sane article published yesterday that hits the spot well:

"When safety concerns go to far"

 "LOCAL authorities undoubtedly mean well, but in trying to do their best they can sometimes appear spoilsports.
That seems to have happened in the case of South Lakeland District Council, which has banned decorative pottery from a children’s playground in Ulverston.
The pottery was installed at Mill Dam Park by schoolchildren and their parents, taking a full day over the task. But SLDC officials took down the display earlier this month because the pottery was deemed unsafe. Chief executive Lawrence Conway insists there was no chance it would be put back.
What seems to be at the root of the problems is that the group which organised the display – Bugs – does not meet with the council’s approval.
“At the moment, Bugs is a random group of people with no guidance or governance,” said Mr Conway, who cites health and safety as his prime concern.
However, the man who helped to set up the group, Dr Geoff Dellow, is understandably annoyed, calling the council ‘out of touch’." "

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For the background to this story go back to where the story broke and the subsequent articles :

Removal of pottery from Mill Dam Park, Ulverston

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