Thursday, 12 December 2013

Andrew Moss last night

I had one of those nod  and wink sliding conversations with Andrew Moss  last night. I came to the conclusion that he was unhappy with something written on my blog. He referred to the blog specifically. He suggested - without spelling it out that if I removed comments on my blog he would be a lot more helpful in doing surveys of traffic counts in this area of town. I hadn't realised that there was adverse comment here so I've just used Google to check it out and yes here it is, posted by someone anonymously as a comment in a posting in 2010 see something I hadn't taken in at the time.

So could this be the reason that I feel uncomfortable about the honesty of this Head of Highways. From his conversation last night, I can only assume that he could have something to hide and wishes to do a deal - remove said material and he'll be more helpful. Is this really what he was trying to tell me? Surely not!


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on that man Cumbria County Council seems to value obedience and conformity more than ability or values.
He will ignore Ulverston at his peril.
Skinny Cat.

Geoff Dellow said...

So what's this about?