Sunday, 22 December 2013

Why my blog keeps me "young" and fun loving.

It's writing emails like the following to Highway Men and dealing with their reaction:

Mr Raymond,

Unless there is a flurry of activity before your stated "Close of Play" - it is now 13:30 - I fear your reputation may be in tatters. What has been done could be described as "a lick and promise".

The truth will be apparent in a few hours time when we expect some moderate rain in the late afternoon/early evening. Furthermore there's also a pool of mud awaiting to be washed down onto Stanley Street.

But then there are several hours before "the close of Play".

Youtube will most likely reflect the truth later this evening!

Best wishes,

Geoff Dellow

Visit again tomorrow for the reaction I got from Mr Raymond when he came (in his own time on a Saturday morning) to check the work on the Union Lane drains and give his reaction!

It's fun to look back to see what I was saying about our Highwaymen five years ago: have  a look at this . And my have I some tales to tell since then!

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