Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I love moving around town at this time.

Isn't it great how friendly everyone you meet is. It gives me a warm 'glow' inside. All my potential adversaries and those that are just acquaintencies move up a gear in levels of friendliness.

I have the feeling we could all get on so well together in the future.

As so we all can, if we keep up this level of being positive to each other. Why can't the "season of goodwill" go on for ever. Can't we disagree and still remain friends. I've been amazed in the past that a very small misunderstanding or criticism (not a blazing row) seems to flip an enormous switch - the size used to switch off the power to the whole of London - and warm friends become "not talking to you or giving you eye contact"people.

Someone who didn't even give me eye contact a fortnight  never mind "boo" because I made a critical comment is back to close best buddies - one of the friendly group. Whoopee. Mind you I've been working hard on the friendly bit with greetings and talking to them whenever possible.

Can't we stretch out this "season of goodwill" for a bit - say till next December.

What we could do is, be really friendly to everyone no matter who they are. It takes a while but in the mean time still give them a blast of criticism when we feel the need. Some people, I find, slowly learn that we can both like and dislike people at the same time. Even people like Peter Winston who rarely gives me eye contact - even at Christmas - is a great guy for getting things done - a quality I greatly admire. He never-the-less raises my hackles when he starts ordering people around.

So can't we, including me, start being more positive to each other. We've an amazing potential for achievement here in Ulverston. We've certainly got some challenges ahead in the new year - it could be depressing to list them. On the positive side I've hearing a rallying cry from some to work together and turn a season of goodwill into some very concrete new achievements that we will all enjoy having been part of. Tough challenges can be great fun to take part in - especially when we look back and think "My didn't we do well".

2014 is going to be the year when we all feel good for being part of such a friendly, determined, hardworking, never-say-no, town. Avril Chalmers/Crutchley with her charity Crisis Support shop has shown us how (ably assisted by many in the town). Step forward Ulverston's very own new "Joan of Arc" - Male of Female to have vision and convince us all to to follow. Or are we ingrained sceptics and will only want to sit and watch?

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