Thursday, 26 December 2013

Calling all energetic creative people

Great and encouraging front page article in the Westmorland Gazette today:

Town to get new 'culture hub', the town is Kendal

For for information , read here

What has Kendal got that we haven't?

Do we need to do some serious thinking?

Don't we have all the vital ingredients but seem to miss that vital 'spark'?

Look at these ingredients:

Ford Park

The Coro

The Country Market at 9:15 am, Thursdays in the Coro, due to resume on Feb 13th 

The Lantern House

Many pubs like the Stan Laurel

The Lantern Festival

Chris Bramall - known all over Europe for the highest quality sculptural and architectural metalwork.

The Ulverston Brewery

The Dickensian Festival, The Flag Festival, and all the other little festivals

Pottery on The Railings


Unique image


Mill Dam Park

Poppies Cafe

Roots and Shoots

And much much much more

In short a town bursting with creative energy - yet . . . . . . All that energy doesn't seem to gel together. Are we not good at working together?

Even Grange is forging ahead

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