Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Doom and gloom in our media?

Is this not having a depressing effect on us all?

There must be lots of positive stories to focus on?

Isn't there are Good News paper? I get the impression there is somewhere.

The good news for me today is that two friends are helping me move a trailer load of well rotted manure to my allotment - in spite of the rain.

Someone yesterday shifted a heavy paving slab into the house from the car - with a smile on his face!


John S. said...

Geoff, it beats me why anybody believes anything they read in the press, especially the local lot. Good case in point - I am one of those who despises Cumbria and all the myths and mistakes which surround it. So I did a little research and consulted those whom I thought might know a bit more about it - Duchy of Lancaster, Boundary Commission, Local Govt Dept., Ordnance Survey etc. Lo and behold it turns out that Lancashire's real boundaries were not changed or altered in 1974, neither were those of Westmorland or Cumberland.Sure, the administrative areas changed, the Counties didn't, theres a difference. The point being that if I, a humble labourer can do the research then why can't the Evening Mail do it? By reporting their opinion, their view, their mistake, they've contributed in large part to the destruction of 1000 years of heritage and identity. Classic case of cultural vandalism and all because the idle buggers can't or won't get the facts right. Makes you wonder what else they are inventing. Merry Christmas to you and yours GD!

Chris said...

DN is a good newspaper,from a news point of view,morally bankrupt is another point of view.
You would also have to read Swedish.
French papers,La Monde and Liberation do the same kind of posturing as The Guardian and Indy,they can talk the talk but not walk the walk.
Figaro would be my paper of choice if I still read papers,however I would not give them any awards for humanity or ethics.
I am not here to talk about papers,I am here to wish Seasons Greetings to you and yours.
Take Care Geoff,Chris.

Geoff Dellow said...

Good to hear from you John. Now have you got some good news to share. I'm sure that you have some. Trouble is we are brainwashed it to notice what is wrong when actually a hell of a lot is right. My two friends for instance worked their socks off to shift manure for me and that in the drizzle I did on barrow load uphill and it knocked me sideways - my friend did ten. I've just had a soak in the hot bath to recover. I tell you it makes me very uncomfortable having friends doing something special for me - very uncomfortable indeed.

Geoff Dellow said...

Another lovely thing happened to the grey haired allotment holders near Sand Side Special School, we found a jar of Chutney left by our Sheds as a Chrismas present from the students of the school. Now just how special is that?

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Chris, So what's top of you list for the British press - never mind ethics, lets just have something honestly positive - I guess that's ethics! Lets start on here!

Chris said...

UK Press,What I think in sad,is Murdoch got The Times,that was as much a fault on The Unions taking the piss.
I have a pet hate of The Guardian and The Indy,the talk the talk thing but not walk the walk,The Indy is owned by a Russian Robber Barron and the papers Editorial Stance is left of center HELLO.
If I had to pick up a British Paper I would pick up The Telegraph,it is right of center and my heart is left of center,the paper does not even have a real editor anymore,a guy from The Daily Mail.
I want to have an Eddy Shah moment and start a paper about Bunny Rabbits falling in love and making more Bunny Rabbits,however I doubt it would have much of CIRC.
Sad the way Corps have murdered journalism,there used to be a great weekly paper,The Village Voice,I freelanced for them a great feel,decent people with ethical hearts,then it was bought by a Monster from AZ one of 70 plus papers,now it is bland and is penned by compliant little corp chimps that lurk in cubicles.