Thursday, 27 February 2014

A great business to buy

I'm convinced that the person who buys Smith and Harrison, will not only earn a reasonable and reliable living, he/she will look forward to coming into work every Monday morning.

The article in the Westmorland Gazette:

Ironmonger to retire after 35 years

Provides the background.

Having lived in the town on and off since 1960 doing DIY the whole time when here, I remember the original Mr Smith and Mr Harrison in Theatre Street - a great experience. Since then I have got to know Graham since he was young. It is hard to believe he is now 50 and I can see his point that he is looking forward to a break. I will of course will miss his service saving me hours not only by providing the exact tools for the job but even more valuable how to do it. Only two weeks ago I learnt how to replace a fork handle (yes, of course we went through the Four Candles , John Cleese routine) but what I hadn't learnt was how to rivet the new handle back in place - Graham explained and provided the right soft iron nail.

Going to Smith and Harrison is always fun - mainly for the chat that goes with the purchase but with the chance to keep up to date with the town gossip and furthermore to receive advice where to go in the town or sometimes even Barrow to find a particular piece of equipment that he doesn't sell.

So there must be hundreds of people like myself who are keeping their fingers crossed that Graham finds a suitable replacement - hoping of course that the new purchaser can add the personality we expect to be able to cope with we demanding customers but more important the wide range of knowledge and stock held by Graham. Some of us favour shopping with him even when we have found suppliers that are cheaper: we prefer the overall service we receive and want to make sure this service continues!

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