Monday, 24 February 2014

This sane woman is getting a lot of abuse

I fear we don't want to face up to a strong probability that we are in for more severe trouble in years to come. Isn't amazing the people with little scientific background take such a strong position of denial whereas all those that do understand a little about what is going on agree with James Lovelock that it is most likely too late to counteract Global Warming. The only solution of burying carbon which is actually practical so unpopular that no one I know of will do it. For me the real killer is that for there to be a solution - and a drastic one at that - all the major emitters of CO2 have to agree to do it. However we are a global economy in the hands of giant companies that have no interest in curbing these emissions. As Doris Lessing has pointed out we are all vulnerable to brainwashing that has now been developed into a serious art practised by all those that wish to persuade. An art that is exceedingly difficult to resist.

Why for instance does this video refer to The Met Office vs The Green Party when in fact the Green Party is not "vs" at all but supporting the Met Office view - all very subtle indoctrination that tries to make out that everyone disagrees with the scientific view.

For me, as a keen observer of people,  I'm persuaded that of the Senior Met Office Scientist, Julia Slingo, is trustworthy . However the Green Party Spokesman comes across as a . . . . questionable   . . . . politician scoring points.

As I often do, I ask "What do you think?" to this very serious question. One if you take it seriously will influence how you bring up young children who face a very uncertain future. Many of we oldies can cope as we have little future and some of us have learnt how to live with hardship and uncertainty having lived through the last world war and what has happened since.

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