Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ulverston Market indeed

You must admit this performance provides a bit of entertainment on our Market Square on a Market day.

Did they pay SLDC any money - for parking a car with a Tele in the back?

Was anybody interested?

The Bible bashers had a notice up but obviously couldn't cope with the competition.

In reality it was all happening in the Coro's Supper Room. Yes it was a traditional , very smooth running, Coffee Morning for the Fair Trade organisation. This well honed activity is much loved by a section of Ulverston society. The ubiquitous presence of the  wonderful Cllr Pat Jones was at the inside door selling raffle tickets at a strip of five for a pound. In theory you could buy one for 20p but nobody would dare. The morning ended with her husband, fresh from the kitchen doing the washing up, announced all six winners of bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates and potted flowers with great aplomb.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tradition upheld by every Thursday Coffee morning in true Ulverston Style.


Anonymous said...

Janet and I love the couple Mr & Mrs Jones " Two Troopers"
I would even vote Tory to support their unsung efforts.
three cheers Hip Hip Hurrah.
Jack Kelly

Geoff Dellow said...

I totally agree. This is where I support the people and not there party. Let's not put people in our favourite pigeon holes. Tory think bad. Communist think bad. Green think bad. Lib Dem think bad. Labour think bad.
Surely there must be both good and bad in every person or dogma.