Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Incredible Edible Ulverston

This initiative was launched by Kim Farr of Ford Park this evening with 30 people of widely different backgrounds showing an interest.

In order to get the project moving straight away at least half of these stayed behind - after I left for my scheduled meal - in order to do something immediately.

As well as a Facebook Page it is proposed to have a dedicated web site where people could swap initiatives.

There were some impressive people present: people who have an outstanding quality : quiet determination and persistence rather than emotional supporters that fade away the minute another project appears.

Outstanding amongst these is Cllr Pat Jones, someone I have a lot of respect for. She achieves a lot through her strength of character of support, support, support. Today she's at the Coro Supper Room for the Coffee Morning for Fair Trade.

It will be fascinating finding out what the action people decide to do next.

For my part, I'm an ideas man, the following popped into my head unannouced:

How about covering the whole of the right hand side of Ulverston's Mill Dam Park with runner beans - their bright red flowers will add a touch of colour as well!We just need to improve the condition of the soil to get a good crop!

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