Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Staggered by Johovah's Witnesses

I knew that Jehovah Witnesses where extreme but had no idea it went this far:

Mothers came to my door with their young children age about five to persuade me to accept a tract from their child. I declined.

 In return I tried to pursuade them to accept a children's book for the little girl from me as this is one of my interests at the moment. I offered "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson which I've read aloud and put on Youtube here.

Because the story involves a witch they declined. It seems that witches are taboo: something Jehovah Witnesses associate with Halloween. So I then offerred The Snail and the Whale by the same author. By contast this was accepted with gratitude.

 I am staggered that Jehovah Witnesses have been brainwashed to this extreme and find it worrying that we have people living amongst us with such irrational views. What else do they believe that may lead to more worrying conclusions. Would they be concerned that their children talked to a strange man who thought that Julia Donaldson's witches were actually quite fun. Would he be seen as evil and someone to be treated the the way they see as appropriate for evil people?


The Lieutenant Governor Of St Vincent And The Grenadines said...

Witches, Dr Dellow,
Witch 1
"When shall we three meet again,under lightning or in rain,when the battle is lost or won,when the hurly burly's done,where hast thou been sister?.
Witch 2,That's you Geoff.
"Killing Swine"

I have done Macbeth,very dark,do not like the tragedies with a couple of exceptions,so I will close with Brian.


"I want to have a baby"

Reg,That's you Geoff.

"Where is the fetus going to gestate in a box?."

Charles Russell said...

Good Evening Sir,

Would you like a copy of Watchtower?,would you like me to misinterpret Leviticus for you?.
We think we are weird?,try The Amish or Mennonites or those really weird Hutterite guys.
Zurich City Council had the answer in the 1740,to the Annabaptists.
You want water?,and they drowned them.
A Little extreme,I doubt Guardian Readers would approve.
Must run I need to rewire my Amygdala,you have not lived until you have performed psychosurgery on yourself,just ask Zaphod?.

Geoff Dellow said...

Good to here that you're in fine fettle. . . .Chris