Friday, 21 February 2014

More out of touch?

Kendal seems to have a well developed group promoting itself as a Transion Town with all the benefits of the Transition Movement across the country.

As well as Kendal, Lancaster appears to be very active.

Is Ulverston missing out?

Have a look for yourself and explore Kendal's web site.

Note: "A transition initiative (could be a town, village, college, etc) is a community-led project that links into the national ‘Transition Network’."

Now explore within the above link to the Transition Network by going to "Where"and "find transition nearby to find out what is happening with 50 miles of here and you will find that all the activity is within the Lancaster and Kendal area an even further away.

Now have a look at the people and projects that come up below - there are no events listed but - Lots of very interesting and active people and projects.

However what you discover the area of Furness, including Barrow and Ulverston there is nothing, yes NOTHING - rien, zilch. Are we perpetuating the image that we are totally behind the times? ( There are still people in Barrow who have never ever been as far as Levens and the M6)

On the otherhand there is activity here:

Would it not be a good idea for Ulverston  to be more involved with this movement?

Should there not be a group in Ulverston that shows a strong interest? What not even the Green Party?

Or am I out of touch?


Anonymous said...

I am very aware that we in this present austere climate are becoming a nation of charity tin rattlers.
I feel that as services to the arts/social/transport/parks, etc fall under the axe we will find any start up grants will soon be withdrawn leading to more no rattling tins.
I find to my horror that the lady boss of Save the children is paid £300,000 she has other jobs as well!!!
Morality is missing.

Geoff Dellow said...

Not sure I follow. The transition towns are a very proactive movement.

As for"Save the Children"boss it's a real turn off. I also find the organisation Shelter rather repulsive (Using paid collectors who it turns out aren't anything to do with shelter but just earning money also haveing fancy cocktail parties at Westminster to attract the best/most moneyed supporters) but I still support them. Occasionally these self same directors at the top occasionally fire themselves in self disgust!

When is our complicated hypocritical world going to implode?

I keep wandering what it might have been like living in a small town 500 years ago. No doubt another set of problems then!

Can we continue to cope with ours. I'm trying to adjust says he reaching out for his clarinet!

Geoff Dellow said...

Note. I fear that Zoro's statement is exaggerated. I read on the Mail online on Feb 2 2014:

"Fresh demands to curb the salaries of fat cat charity bosses were made yesterday after it emerged that Save the Children is paying its top employee £234,000 a year."

Read more:

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