Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Free food a solution

Sadly my attempt to get a response from Mark Wilson , Town, District and County Councillor achieved nothing. I suspect that people like this have too many things they are trying to do. How can one person do all these jobs effectively. He is following a long tradition of previous councillors that get their photos on the front page of news papers - this time the free SLDC hand out that has just been described here - but misses many the opportunities to get involved proactively. In the past one well known councillor, who died recently was noted for getting on the frontpage wringing his hands over the loss of some service when he did little to prevent that loss.

However a lesson can be learnt - don't go to a councillor but do it yourself and consult knowledgable friends and you can strike Gold.

Regarding the free bread on Saturdays, a friend alerted me to the food bank in Barrow as the one in Ulverston is closed on Saturdays.

When I contacted Barrow, Ann Mills answered the phone, she was extremely helpful. Even though the centre was closed on the Saturday they would make a point of being there to receive the bread at about 3:30pm and pop it straight into the freezer. Any surplus bread would go tothe Homeless centre on Bath Street. Not only this but she immediately picked up on the suggestion that it might be possible to put other food banks in a number of northern towns with this bread company so as to benefit from it's surplus at a day at the market.

The thought occurs to me : we could bypass the Cllrs by sharing information on this blog to put active people in the area in touch with each other. This could prove a very effective answer to Cllrs that just haven't the energy to do all the jobs that they undertake.

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