Wednesday, 26 February 2014

South LAKELAND NEWS arrives through your letter box

At SLDC taxpayers expense which time and time again promotes what is happening in:


Subheadline on Page 2 " Increasing Footfall through Festivals:

Action for Market Towns (AMT) recently held a workshop in:
Kendal Town Hall

And so it goes on and on and on throughout this paper.

And when Ulverston is mentioned we get: page 13 top right:

Free energy saving advice.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) will provide South Lakeland residents with a free energy saving roadshow at Coniston on 27th February 2014 at Ulverston Library between 10am and 12.30pm.


Many of the meetings in Ulverston have already happened by the time you read this.

Is this whole paper a joke in very bad taste? That we pay for!

On the back we read how to contact YOUR  councillor - I suggest we all do to ask what's going on

see these important Cllrs:

Low Furness : James Airey
Mid Furness : Caroline Airey, James' wife

Ulverston Central: Bharath Rajan
Ulverston East : Mark Wilson
Ulverston North: Helen Irving
Ulverston South: Amanda Rigg
Ulverston Town: John Clough
Ulverston West: Janet Jenkinson

The only one of the above I would trust to speak up load and clear for Ulverston would be Janet Jenkinson. What are the rest doing for us in SLDC. Yes we hear from James Airey but this is in his role as County Councillor and often to hear what he has not done rather than the opposite.

Isn't it time that our Councillors had more clout. To say that Kendal dominates SLDC is a cop out: there are more Cllrs from outside Kendal on the SLDC than inside. The problem is that our Cllrs need to learn to work together with people in say Sedbergh (something Phil Lister claimed could never happen yet when I contacted their Cllrs they were very keen). Furthermore : How is it that Tom Harvey of Grange is able to achieve so much for Grange - he's a real fighter and is now Deputy Leader (Conservative) of the opposition.

I suggest that we all write to the above councillors and demand more action on behalf of Ulverston.


Max Robespierre said...

Have you considered declaring Ulverston a Micro Nation and yourself The Emperor?.

It would have its merits,The local peasantry would bow before you,deliver baskets of fruit and virgins.

You could invite Ming over for High Tea,I think a lot of Ming's problems relate to his lack of exposure to Victorian niceties.

I will be your PR at The UN and will have a ball insulting fellow PR'S in The GA.

Hail Emperor Geoff.

Maxy Baby.

Johnno said...

I have a big sign on my front door - "NO FREE PAPERS" and yet this load of bollox arrived on my doormat too. WHY? I have zero interest in council propaganda, I am absolutely not remotely interested in Sedbergh, Grasmere or Kendal for that matter. Both Cumbria and SLDC ought to be abolished asap. Both are artificial creations created solely for political convenience. I have nothing whatsoever in common with Carlisle, Penrith, Workington, Grasmere, Ambleside or Dent. I was therefore v pleased to read in last nights Mail that a councillor from Arnside is at last advocating unitary government for our area. He wants Furness and Westmorland to form a unitary authority. I admire his continuing affinity with Westmorland but would myself advocate a different authority area. Quite simply - Barrow plus the Furness and Cartmel peninsulas to join and go it alone. Please, when can we get some "local" in local government?

Geoff Dellow said...

To Johnno : We have got to work within the present system or try to change it. Writing to and being persistent with your councillors would be a start, taking your message to the Town Council would be a second Standing as a councillor at the next election would be a third, voting at the next election for the person and not the party would be a fourth. But moaning here gets you and no one else anywhere. Make a firm proposal that has the support even a neigbour or friend could be very effective. Attend the next Town Council Meeting with one other and I'll come along too for support.

Geoff Dellow said...

Chris I thought you were going to make comments as yourself. Maxy Baby is total rubbish - grow up.

Max Robespierre said...

Oy Vey,

The whole world is a critic.

"I love criticism just so long as its unqualified praise."

That was Noel Coward.

Maxy Baby

Johnno. said...

Geoff, stop being so insufferably smug in your attitude to others with "grievances". We all know you are capable of making a lot of noise to comparatively little end! I have written to Cllr Stewart offering my suggestions and support. I have no intention of standing for a council (UTC) which is little more than a Parish meeting. Cllr Stewart is a Lib Dem, a party I consider to be opportunist liars. As he stands in Arnside I have no way to vote for him, thankfully. So, is all that OK by you then?

Geoff Dellow said...

My Geoff what you put up with in order to get a few comments.

Well it gives a nicely distorted view to the vistor here of what Ulverston people are like!