Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our Ulverston Police Force is excellent

I continue to have dealings with our local police and find their quiet persuasive dealings with the public who are misbehaving themselves, and their attention to detail, commendable.

I am now using the recommended procedure for calling the local police; and reporting incidents is working well. From a main line phone, one rings 101 which puts you through to Cumbria Police, then choose option 1 to report the an incident that does not require urgent action. If it does then 999 is the number to use.

Two incidents have required my involvement : one where a traffic crime was taking place the other where young people ages approx. 18 to 25 were congregating in a group of about ten on private property and appeared to be potentially 'up to mischief' eg driving dangerously.

In the first the police will be making a low key visit to the person involved to state that a complaint had be register with them. In the second a police van appeared on the scene after about 20 minutes to assert their presence with the result that the group of young people dispersed quietly in their cars.

The reason I do this is so that people  who blatantly break the law are aware that they have been reported and that in other cases they are aware that their unusual behaviour is being monitored by people around them - if their actions are innocent they will be reassured that the police are very reasonable people; if they are not then they are more likely to behave in future.

As I have said here before a gentle assertive presence of our police over small incidents will discourage criminal behaviour to escalate in the future. At the moment the general behaviour in our town is very reasonable and well within the bounds of acceptable behaviour. ( I find swearing acceptable - others differ).

Let's all work together to keep it that way. Our police, I believe, appreciate the low key support they get from the public at a time when it can be hard for effective policing - in larger cities - to take place with the diminishing resources available to police, a result from cutbacks in man hours available.


RET. said...

You do talk some absolute crap. Still, nothing more certain than the knowledge born of ignorance! I have seen, in recent weeks, this town - "our special town" turned into a shit tip by visiting drunks and not a cop in sight. My particular "favourite" is that male PCSO who swaggers about like he is Matt Dillon and fucks off as soon as there is the slightest hint of bother. Get real.

Geoff Dellow said...

Get real yourself mate and start standing up for yourself instead of taking a swipe at other people. If you don't like the behaviour of drunks, DO SOMETHING about it. Your one of those people that are convinced that 'THEY' must do something. The 'THEY' are you. Tell them to behave or whatever you think will work. Don't expect the police to do something about everything. They are there to support you and conserve their energies for crimes that really need their involvement. Furthermore some cops are better cops than others. Let's encourage the good ones, the rest will quickly follow.