Sunday, 31 October 2010


To all who worked so hard to making what was for me only something in my imagination so that it became real and I could be part of the reality.

To those that gave materials that enabled us to do most of the event for free.

To all those that came and said things like:

"It was Magical"



Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's a lovely morning, here in Ulverston

Autumn colours in Gill Banks

Bring up kids

I suggest that if you're involved with very young children in any way that you don't provide solutions.

What young brains are geared up for is solving problems.

They are highly skilled at making sense of the world - they teach themselves language in order to understand  and talk to us.

They will thrive in creating things themselves and making things up.

The worse thing one can do is stick them in front of telly or provide them with gimmicky toys that do things electronically. This surely switches off that inquisative nature which encourages them to do and solve things/problems themselves.

Children at this age need difficulties - not easy solutions.

My favourite 'toy' for three year olds is a pile of stackable/ foldable cardboard boxes. You can cut holes in them and they can decorate them with you and create their own houses.

Please don't lets produce a load of Zombies that have little initiative and confidence in themselves.

They need loads of challenges with as little help given as possible.

Life ahead is going to be a nightmare (global warming, no jobs, fighting over resources) so let's help them develop the best skills to cope with difficulties at an early age.

The above deals with children's behaviour with things. Another very important area is dealing with other humans, disappointments and frustrations. They are going to be faced with plenty of these in their life to come . . . . .

What do you think?

Coming down from Hoad on Sunday

Or going up for that matter!

Please feel free to move the barriers to one side that are across the path!

They lift quite easily.

The contractors will not be working.

They shouldn't have been left there blocking the public.

Similarly those at the Newland end of the lower path.

Here you will need something to cut the tape and find it a little more difficult.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Farmers take note

One resident has followed up the complaint to highways and told them they are in breach of HSE Guidelines

Where it states:

"The Local Highway Authority may require debris to be cleared within a specified time after work is completed. Leaving any debris on the road may create offences under the Highways Act."

Their bold type not mine.

More to follow.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A beautiful night here in Ulverston

Buried treasure!

As we placed the candle-jars in amongst the woods of Gill Banks - ready for the walk in the dark on Sunday Evening - we made some discoveries.

Perhaps predictable, was a fine collection of old bottles emanating no doubt from the picnic table that attracts the youngsters exploring what it feels like to get drunk - away from prying eyes. Yes , no doubt the result of your indulgencies in earlier life are still to be found in the undergrowth. However, far more noteworthy was the discovery of a valuable Oak  Sign Post from the past.

In these times of cuts I'm sure we will appreciate having a duplicate of this beautiful sign!

In spite of these distractions we managed to place about 100 lights and avoid falling into the beck - but it was a near thing several times. The footwork of a seventy year old was not as secure as the nibble legs of the teenagers helping.

So nearly half of the lights that go in the depths of the woodland jungle have been completed.

Tomorrow its a chance to meet many of you at the Market Cross as we seek to remind you of what you may be about to miss

Walk the Halloween highway on Sunday, October 31, 6-8pm

All set for this great event that we've been working towards for much of the year.

The Gill will be aglow with flaming lights this Halloween.

And any amount of rain won't stop them!

We're going through with this event even if it rains!

We enjoy this kind of thing too much for mere wetness to stop us; in fact some of us think it will be more fun if it rains!

In a winter spectacle to warm even the most chilling spook-night spirits, an amazing 800 candles will light-up the night. These include nearly 100 pottery 'spike lights' – terracotta candle holders that've been cast by local children and pottery enthusiasts to sit on the railings and cast an eerie glow. Among them there's a coiled dragon with flaming eyes, a cityscape with glowing windows and of course a few ghouls.

A further 700 candles in jam jars will be dotted about in the woods to complete the scene for a spooky candlelit walk from 6.30pm.

Ulverston potter Geoff Dellow is organising the event with people from The Gill.
“It's something we tried out for the first time last year and it was a great success,” said Geoff. “More than 150 people turned-up to walk along the candlelit path and it all looked really magical.
This time we've been busy making even more spike lights and our own candles that should burn brighter and longer than the little tealights we used before.”

Geoff has been busy testing his new candles made thanks to donations of wax from Wax Lyrical, loo rolls and hundreds of jam jars.

“They can resist strong winds of about 20mph but I'm hoping it won't come to that,” he said. “It'll be great to celebrate Halloween simply by enjoying firelight on a chilly Autumn's evening.”

After the walk, residents of the Gill are inviting people to linger in the candlelight and warm-up with some mulled apple juice and a few spooky snacks.

“The test run looked amazing,” said Gill resident Jennie Dennett who's helping organise the walk. “With the candles edging the path it looks like a landing strip for passing witches on broomsticks, or like the corridors of a medieval castle with their flaming torches. There's something very Harry Potter about it, you could imagine a Quidditch match going on in the woods.”

The candles will be lit from 6pm to 8pm and the procession starts at 6.30pm.

Volunteers are still needed to help light all those wicks, anyone who can join in from 3pm Sunday is asked to contact Geoff at gd at  (done to avoid spam) or just turn up and find us we won't be far away!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


These are people that take pride in their environment.
Part of the three million that are said to have walked past here in the national demonstration.

Loads of litter as you might expect when that many went past

Not a policeman in sight.

Next day you wouldn't have known they'd been there.

This is the route that the march took the day before - not a trace of the millions that past through.

Not a bit of litter in sight.

These are people that take pride in their environment.

The public services had obviously been hard at work in the night.

No wonder you see old ladies picking any sign of litter up and carrying it to the nearest bin.

When will we develop the same kind of pride in our streets here in Ulverston?

Far from picking it up, I'm frequently stuffing our bins with whole bag fulls that have been left on the corner of streets.

Why do we put up with this?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Caffeine Withdrawl Symptoms

One of the penalties of taking too much drug in Paris:

All those coffees ! 

Never mind , the sights and the tastes were excellent, the purse a lot lighter.

Signs and symptoms. The most commonly reported withdrawal symptoms are listed below: 

  • Headache – (often described as being gradual in development and diffuse, and sometimes throbbing and severe)

  • Fatigue -- (e.g., fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, sluggishness)

  • Sleepiness/drowsiness -- (e.g., sleepy, drowsy, yawning)

  • Difficulty concentrating -- (e.g., muzzy)

  • Work difficulty -- (e.g., decreased motivation for tasks/work)

  • Irritability -- (e.g., irritable, cross, miserable, decreased well-being/contentedness)

  • Depression -- (e.g., depressed mood)

  • Anxiety -- (e.g., anxious, nervous)

  • Flu-like symptoms -- (e.g., nausea/vomiting, muscle aches/stiffness, hot and cold spells, heavy feelings in arms or legs)

  • Impairment in psychomotor, vigilance and cognitive performances

  • I reckon a spell down the allotment is indicated!

    So that's where I'm going!

    Saturday, 23 October 2010

    Different emotional reactions from strangers on two Paris buses

    In this first situation I openly pointed the camera and took their photos.

    As you see there's not a flicker of interest or real disapproval.

    The behaviour of this second group of three (there's one in front holding the red bag) was totally different.

    I got this group to spring up out of their seats and cheer - the one with the hand bag actually got up and raised her right arm with a clenched fist. They were reacting not primarily to me but to a woman in front that was mouthing off at another passenger - a stranger telling - her to shut up.

    I was the one that triggered off this release of emotion.

    Story to follow!

    A similar situation happens at live performances when you can get the people round you to clap by clapping vigorously yourself!

    This situation was more dramatic!

    Life in the big city

    You can spend twenty minutes next to each other . . .

    And never say a word!

    On the other hand, I gather, these two have met!

    But probably not on this bus!

    Enough is enough

    I've had enough of people making negative comments on this blog.

    Some of them are fair and designed to offer suggestions for improvements. These will be published but a lot are made by people who have nothing better to do that try to tear others to shreds.

    Constructive criticism is welcomed.

    It encourages us to do better not killing off initiative.

    "Oh but you're always having a go at the councillors." you may reply.

    Yes, that's my privilege. We elected them because they said they would do a job.

    They put themselves forward. The job of promoting the best that's in the interest of  Ulverston.

    Their function is to be in touch with what we want and carry this out as effectively as possible.

    If they fail then we need to express our views in such a way that they listen. Their job is to listen and assess what it is the Ulverstonians want. Then having determined this they should attempt to carry this out using all the ability at their disposal.

    If there is an agreed goal then they are at fault if they ignore offers of real help from the community, especially if this is free. We should then keep asking why they choose to ignore this help if it is repeatedly offered.

    At the moment some of them don't like the heat.


    In my view the job of a councillor is to coordinate the talents in the town so as to achieve the best job possible.

    It is not their responsibility to be experts themselves but to respectfully encourage and enable the best people in the town to accomplish impressive feats.

    At present most of the councillors give little encouragement and sometimes even thwart those willing to give their talents and energy.

    We suffer from a party system. People with limited abilities get elected. This is fine because their main role is not to achieve themselves but to determine what the people want to be done.

    When they've done this then they can use all the political means at their disposal. But their efforts must not stop here.

    They must be good at providing leadership so as to coordinate the available resources of people and money to achieve a desired goal.

    In some towns, at a local level, people are elected for what they achieve and not for the party they represent. Towns where things get done have councillors that are almost entirely independent thinkers and there because people in the community know them as doers.

    With the present system in Ulverston, the doers get frustrated and steer well clear of the politicians.

    So lets concentrate on being positive and encouraging each other rather than destroying initiative with unconstructive criticism.

    If you're anonymous and being negative - forget it!

    Friday, 22 October 2010


    Is anyone else fascinated by the way people walk?

    People reveal a lot about themselves in this activity.

    I find it amazing that we all walk differently and I suspect show a lot of our character for those that wish to observe.

    Here I had the ideal opportunity to film a few walkers! Paris pavement with plenty of activity.

    Wednesday, 20 October 2010

    Disgusting journalism on events in Paris

    Don't believe a word of it.

    A totally misrepresented impression is being given and I have the videos to prove that where I was yesterday it was a great party atmosphere.

    No violence.

    No police requred.

    If you're lucky enough to be coming here to Paris, then come.- by Eurostar- transport in Paris by bus and metro no problem .

    Publshed with great difficulty from the hotel computer!

    Tuesday, 12 October 2010

    Something that was said earlier

    On the Evening Mail web site:

    Isn't the root cause of the cost of the toilets, the Tourist Information Centres and to include a really sore issue, the cost of our carparks all down to maladministration by SLDC.

    The high paid executives are not doing their job of ensuring efficient operation. Instead of sorting the working practices of their officers and subcontractors out the councillors choose to run away from the problem and make cuts that would not be needed if the council were running like an efficient business.

    But stop and consider this. Who employ these council workers and set policy that no businesses would tolerate? We do, through our councillors. So why aren't councillors right across the area trying to straighten this local council's workers out.

    The same is true regarding the County Council and the Highways Department the officers take control and the councillors put up with it, they act powerless. Some issues need to be followed and checked through in great detail.

    Isn't an important part of the problem that councillors are only too happy to have a poke at a problem and then give up?

    Don't we need our councillors to show more leadership in exploring the business practices that lead to our problems. Now is a time for some fiery councillors to make sure that the system runs well.

    If they need us to support them in any way they should tell us. How about a march through Kendal or something else dramatic.
    Alternatively some well put together videos on Youtube that show up current practices (works for me a treat!).Can't they come up with something that will get the message across?

    I'd suggest we need councillors right across the District who take their jobs seriously as though they were running a business. Not just making decisions but making sure they were being carried out. Too much time spent in the Council Chamber and not enough breathing down officers necks.

    Does this make sense?

    Events in Ulverston coming up in the next fortnight

    If you have an event coming up why not advertise it here?

    It's free. Just make an entry in the comments below.

    Nearly five hundred people read this blog, so you will reach them.

    Why not give it a go ?

    Monday, 11 October 2010

    Putting bulbs in in Mill Dam Park and Gill Banks

    We're off to a good start:

    500 crocuses, 100 daffs and 100 tulips have gone in at Mill Dam and then about 1,000 crocuses (many of them tiddlers) in the planters in Gill Banks along with Hyacinths

    We're planning to put the same again in Mill Dam very shortly - winter is approaching.

    Work on the Candlelit walk are going very well.

    We had a pottery workshop on Saturday morning and another this evening at 7:30 pm in the Coach House.

    Saturday, 9 October 2010

    Councillors get critised by me

    I agree it's a hard life being a councillor.

    I hear them criticised regularly , in fact it's rare to hear a good word said.

    This is unforgivable  and I mean it.

    How dare people criticise if they aren't ready to do the job themselves.

    I've been watching out for people to run for council for the past two years and haven't met one other than members of the Green Party. This is not entirely to their credit as they are quite open about wanting  to promote the Party as their main objective. Becoming an Ulverston Councillor seems to come second.

    So if you're not prepared to do the job, how dare you criticise.

    By contrast I am keen to become elected and would love to replace one of our six SLDC councillors.

    So maybe this grants me special privileges.

    What do you think?

    Friday, 8 October 2010

    How come?

    With a visitor's pass.

    Parking? Some lessons required?

    Highly infectious

    Reminds me of Nick Park's animation.

    Space - what I need is spaaaaace

    The Gill Banks Candlelit Walk

    It's in three weeks time:
    Please feel free to download our poster and put it up somewhere.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Our economic recovery

    I see there's a Currency War going on worldwide.

    Every country is fighting for itself in order to increase its exports by reducing the value of its currency so that their goods and services are at an attractive price to other countries.

    Low currency value  - higher exports - better economic recovery.

    We can actually do something to help:

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Avoid buying foreign goods especially cheap things from China - buy British wherever possible:
    • British cars, toys, food, beer, wine, materials 
    • Become more self sufficient - grow food, make things out of  local materials - slate, clay (pottery!)
    • Avoid taking holidays abroad - in effect this is buying products and services from other countries
    • So take your holidays in Britain where possible
    • Encourage foreigners to holiday here - we've a lot to offer
    We really need to change our way of thinking.

    People are slowly waking up to the need to rethink most of the things we previously took for granted.

    Any other ideas?

    Outrageous statements that shook the Town Council

    This is the second:

    "Why did councillors not come to me for an explanation of the abusive emails that they received rather than cause two police officers to send their valuable time coming to my house for an explanation."

    From the Mayor's reply at the council meeting, their seemed an irrefutable logic that because the person who was sending the abusive emails claimed to be my second in command, then this must be true. I was therefore responsible.

    It was clear from the behavior of the councillors present that they believed this to be the case and that I was behind the abuse. I can still remember the scowl of Colin Hodgson and Norman Bishop-Rowe who are normally friendly, not giving me eye contact and carrying a long drawn tense face. Most of the councillors present totally ignored me and were hostile.

    My replies could not change the attittude of the Mayor, Phil Lister. He was clearly convinced that I was involved with the sending of these abusive emails and had a case to answer.

    He was adamant, I was clearly involved , and he was very angry.

    There was only one of the councillors who had asked me privately for an explanation previous to the meeting and had checked out that I too had received abuse. This was Colin Williams.

    The result was that I left the council chamber totally stunned as I have already described.

    I couldn't believe that so many people would be convinced by Mayor Phil Lister's faulty logic.

    What kind of people were these councillors?

    The mood in the council chamber was that a public lynching was highly appropriate.

    Thanks to the action of Colin Williams I wasn't completely shattered.

    As I left the council chamber after this exchange he came running after me calling my name and repeating "They've got it all wrong, Geoff. They've got it all wrong"

    At least there was one person who had checked their facts and believed I was innocent.

    My initial reaction was to sue the Mayor and council for slander. I had three reliable witnesses and asked them to make a written record of what  had happened and would use the best solicitors in the country to press my case. I was sure I could win and get the council to pay the enormous court costs that would ensue.

    On reflection I realised that what the councillors believed would have little impact on my life in Ulverston. The public present in the chamber were more likely to believe me than them. My impression is that there are few people here in the town that have much respect for the kind of people these councillors are and certainly not believe them rather than me.

    My word against theirs - no contest.

    There was really nothing to be gained by clearing my name. I have better things to spend my life doing.

    An apology for jumping to the wrong conclusion would be good and help future relations and this is what I would expect from the councillors if I am to respect them in the future.

    I would request (not demand) this.

    An email to the Mayor requesting an apology has resulted in a long rambling statement containing several inaccuracies that seek to justify his  assertion that "There will be no apology".

    He clearly feels he is right and that I was at fault.

    As for other councillors:

    I have had a warm smile from Janet Jenkinson at a subsequent council meeting.

    We'll see what the future holds but no point in dwelling on this any longer.

    Thursday, 7 October 2010

    The place to be tomorrow, Friday 8th October

    This is an experience that can never ever ever be repeated. . . . .

    Drum Roll

    Another Drum Roll

    Tomorrow is the last

    The very last


    That the Pakistan Flood relief shop, next to my Oxfam building (I designed  and converted it! - the inside)

    As we were saying until my alter ego stepped in.

    The  last day the Pakistan Flood Relief shop will be open.

    The beautiful (I remember when Avril was a flirtatious and very attractive secretary in PID, at Glaxo when I worked there - it never occurred to me to even think of flirting back - I was not in her league) women ( the rest of them in there were undoubtedly as attractive in their youth) will be scampering  off home for a looooong rest no doubt to receive breakfast in bed for the next month while they recover - only to re-emerge for the Dickensian week end, that evening.

    Make the most of it.

    Outrageous statements that shook the Town Council

    This is one of them:

    "Thank you to the six councillors that attended the meeting to review tourism where the need for a good web site was discussed however I sincerely believe that:

    The absence over the past four years of the Town Council's concern for a good web site to appeal to the town's tourists has contributed to the closing of shops in the town.

    We need a group of councillors to be formed to keep tourism under constant review"

    I stand by this comment which seemed to shock our Mayor.

    Considered logically all will agree.

    Towns with a good web site for tourists will these days attract more tourists.

    The Town's web site at has been a dismal failure.

    The Town Council's web site does a good job of promoting the councillors and their business but attracting tourists, unlike other Town Councils, is not part of its remit.

    Thus fewer tourists have been drawn here that would have come, had been a good web site for them.

    Fewer tourists - less business for the shops.

    Less business - more shops that close.

    One councillor - Colin Williams has recently addressed the problem - at least he recognises it.

    However the result was poor  as he acknowledged( see discussion on this topic).

    Now completely independently of the council a private individual is producing a web site for tourists that is something that is already special and will get better as more and more is added to it and others chip in to help. Let's hope it makes a real impact next season.

    Have a look at

    If you like it, refer to it on your web site or blog so that it sails to the top of a Google search for "Ulverston" where you may think it deserves to be.

    The more references to it, the higher it will rise in the Google ratings.

    Wednesday, 6 October 2010

    Bad accident reported as approaching Quebec Street going out of town

    Problems with the  traffic system were raised with Mr Airey a senior Traffic engineer at a recent Council meeting.

    Now we have a four vehicle accident, apparently at Newland, which was  reported incorrectly on BBC travel information for this area.

    Never-the-less the following may be pertinent.

    Cllr Norman Bishop-Rowe raised detail concerns about the flow at the Tanks Square round about and Cllr Judy Pickthall about the road approaching Quebec Street because of the narrowing from two lanes to one.

    As I understand it, nothing was going to be done until the system has been tested a whole year.

    Reporting incidents to the police will help build up a more complete picture of what is happening and possibly achieve change more quickly.

    Hopefully our County Councillors are registering strongly our need for a bypass that avoids Ulverston altogether. It may not happen for ten to twenty years but I would have thought a campaign needs mounting now to even achieve this.

    What have your experiences been on the A590 ?

    Beware if you plan to go up Hoad

    More precisely, beware how you come down.

    I'm told that if you've found your way up safely, avoid the steep way down.

    Work is going on towards the bottom and blocking the usual path. The diversion is quite difficult.

    Tuesday, 5 October 2010

    Gill Banks clean up





    Check it out now!


    It's Halloween at the end of the month!

    Hundreds will be walking this way - we think.

    We hope you'll join us on the candlelit walk here.

    Sunday October 31st at 6:30pm.

    Is there a reason why we have had no opportunity to thank Gill Barron for her work?

    Many of you will have marvelled at the fantastic result of Gill's work that we have in Lower Brook Street:

    The John Barrow Mural

    Featured here on the First of July - where you can watch the videos.

    I gather that she is extremely upset.

    At this moment she has reacted strongly on her own web site

    Looking at the web site that she created to display her work. At the moment she has removed most of the photographs of her work in protest.

    However here in Ulverston, I am not aware of any recognition being given to all her hard work.

    In contrast there was a  ceremony that was held when she did the previous mural.

    I spoke to her on almost a daily basis as she worked in rain and cold conditions to produce this masterpiece - she even moved here temporarily to be able to get the work done.

    I gather she wants the matter dropped.

    So this is what is being done.

    As I see it Gill is clearly upset.

    Perhaps, in reality, she's a happy little bunny.

    Until she tells us otherwise we can only go on what she tells us on her web sites.

    I don't think we're going to learn any more.

    The Town Clerk explains that  "She is satisfied with the arrangements made with her."

    It would still be good to be given the opportunity to thank her for all her hard work.

    Monday, 4 October 2010

    The Monday Interview -More from Ulverston's Brewery

    Sizes of the casks used

    Open to tours?

    The Brewery had an open day on Sunday 10th from others in the trade and now it is open for tours of the Brewery.

    Sunday, 3 October 2010


    Many people shy away from this subject.

    It occurs to me regularly as I am increasingly conscious that I am mortal and on the way out.

    I am aware that I am losing some of my abilities which signals that my body is on the decline. My memory is definitely becoming poorer as I strive to remember people's names - often one's I should know well. My hearing is also on the decline - it is still very sensitive but what I hear is increasingly muzzy as I have tinnitus; that constant ringing in my ear.

    Very minor problems at the moment. Never-the-less they are signals to my future.

    Strangely one part of me reacts positively to this awareness. For me it's a good feeling as it produces a  determination to pack every bit of living into what time I have left.

    It could be that this approach may actually lead me to live longer!

    What excites me  is being able to still develop skills and achieve things I have never done before. This may take more time than when younger but I can measure improvements anyway.

    Writing this blog is one activity that stretches me. Consider that I saw English as my worse subject at school (Maths was my best). In spite of passing nine subjects at O-level, I failed English. I used to agonise at writing essays as part of my Friday night's homework - I'd start on Friday, work on it on Saturday and regularly sat doggedly at it on Sunday morning. I've still got some of the sketches of flowers sitting on the table that were done when I was sat 'doing my essay'.

    Playing and composing on the piano is now one of my pursuits, almost an obsession because I'm enjoying the outcome so much.

    Working with other people is also another new thing I'm learning to do. I've always been a loner - aware that if I want a result the quickest and easiest is to do the lot myself. I often can because I've developed a variety of skills as I've lived and can turn my hand to a lot of things, especially practical.

    Now however my goal posts have changed and I'm not so interested in getting a job done as I am in encouraging others to do it with me. This is a great challenge for me at this time as I'm involved with a group of people even now; feeling my way gingerly through this new experience.

    These are a few of the things that are encouraging me to attempt to live life to the full . . . until I die . . . which may well not be in the next thirty years . . . who knows!

    Saturday, 2 October 2010

    Tim Farron is campaigning for President of the Liberal Party

    I think he would be a good influence as he, in my view, has principles that he attempts to live up to.

    However I question why he is following me on Twitter. That seems to be a gimmick to attract my attention to his campaign.

    Well it worked!

    And I'm not a member of the Liberal Party !

    Friday, 1 October 2010

    Join us on Monday waging War on the Balsam

    4 o'clock is the appointed time on Monday afternoon for the first attack to commence.

    This will be known to future generations as the Skirmish of Gill Banks and we've got a welsh woman leading the charge.

    The dreaded invasive Hymalayan Balsam -- Beware.

    Your fate is sealed - or so we fondly think.

    What's more some beautiful new pottery is being attached to the railings tomorrow morning

    - time to get to bed to get the sleep of the just.

    Is the world becoming more considerate to older people?

    I'm convinced it is.

    We'll not the world but certainly London.

    I was very pleasantly surprised how often young people got up and offered me their seats as I used the buses in Central London yesterday.

    I even got a bright friendly smile from a young woman as I past her on the pavement. (I enjoy looking straight at people as I approach them with a friendly bearing. Sometimes this provokes a smile or even a "Hi". It works too here in Ulverston. Contrary to belief  here on this blog, I get the impression that I'm liked)

    It certainly makes you feel good.
    My partner (female) also had several insistent offers of seats (three all together) which she declined explaining that she at 65 was happy to stand a while but after much merriment that rippled around the coach with lots of head turning she succumbed.

    What a great atmosphere.

    Is this really London?

    What's going on?

    My only explanation is that there are a lot of foreign students around who instinctively take care of their oldies.

    Could it be that the foreign invasion of "immigrants" is having a very positive effect on our culture.

    I'm looking forward to my next visit to London - wouldn't you?

    Standing at the corner outside "Hewitt's" at the Market Square has a similar feel.

    Here, I seem to be everyone's friend and get welcome comments for my fights with the council - well done - is a regular comment. Gives you a bit of confidence when taking on our politicians - feeling that most of Ulverston supports you.

    One shop keeper's mother goes as far as stating:  "Anything that you do, I support ".

    Now that's takings too far don't you think?

    Or is that feel good factor spreading.

    Join with us then for our candlelit walk up Gill Banks on Halloween it's going to be even more special this year.

    With long lasting candles in jars which stay alight some ten hours in windy conditions there will be a longer period to enjoy the lights along Gill Banks and the woods. It could be quite spooky. Not a sight you will see again until maybe next year.

    Good also to meet some friendly trick or treaters for a change. Dressing up as witches seems to be the norm for the adults and skeleton kids abound.

    You may even meet one or more of the twenty odd people organising the event that has been discussed since November 1st last year.

    What shall we do next year was the question - well you haven't too long to find out what next!

    Isn't it great mixing with real people and forgetting the cardboard cut outs for a change!

    Allan Wilson's October photos

    Outside Aldingham Church
    Sunrise outside Aldingham Church

    Inside Aldingham Church

    A reminder - click on the photos to access the pictures in more detail - try to imagine what they'd look like in your living room. You could have a collection which you could change month by month.

    I can see that I'm talking myself into doing just that!

    You can still keep in touch with Allan through his web site at

    His cards and pictures will become increasing available from Gillam's Market, Street for cards; Mad Hatter's, Market Street, The Bakehouse, Brogden Street, The Ulverston Brewery and the Bookstall in the Indoor Market, New Market Street for pictures. 

    Asked "How is your new life shaping up?", Allan replies "I'm really enjoying myself".

    Shame we can't pop in to his Gallery for a chat any more.

    A chance to capture the unusual sights of the Candlelit Walk up Gill Banks at Halloween this year?