Sunday, 17 November 2013

£3,300 already for the judicial review fighting fund

Keep track of this brave endeavour promoted by the people of Ulverston to make sure our planning department is to be trusted. Go to this web site to find out the latest.

It's important for all of us that we can trust our local government. If we can't do this then democracy is dead and the alternative is chaos. For me spending money on this - no matter what your views - is essential to the future of the town.

Here's a wise view from someone who is more objective than most:

"Finally, we have just made a donation to KUS who need to raise funds for the legal challenge to the Brewery Site development.  Unfortunately, due to where two of the councillors live some residents say "let them pay the legal costs" but it will have a huge impact on all our lives so personally I do think it is justified that they seek help.  No doubt some people will wait until it is built and then moan like hell."

It's important from all of us that personalities are kept out of it. There are too many people around who pick on any excuse they can to do nothing.

This issue is really essential if Ulverston is to remain a vibrant self confident town. A confidence that is being slowly whittled away by others and a lack of people who believe in the town.

At the moment we're heading to become a suburb of Milton Keynes with miles and miles of mindless Persimmons country. A town left with no character of its own.

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