Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Deep concerns about the reductions in the Fire Service to the Furness Area

Ian of the Ulverston Station puts his job on the line in order to speak out about the proposed cuts.

Barrow, Dalton, Grange and Ulverston will be affected, as I understand it, Engines will have to travel to Barrow from Ulverston in the new proposals adding 20 minutes to there arrival time.

Here Ian warns us of the proposed cuts that will make six of the present part time crew redundant at Ulverston and the knock on effect to the surrounding area.

Many in Ulverston know of all the extra work by our team of part time Fire Fighters. Not only do they carry out their valuable work doing their jobs but they also visit schools to inform children and hence the public about their service. As a result of work like this spanning decades we have an excellent relationship between the crew and the public.

There is a justifiable fear that this service will be put at risk when some of us worry that an increase in disquiet in our communities will result from the economic problems and frustration more and more of us face. There are perhaps some services that should not be cut until the disquiet in the country has settled rather than before a possible eruption that could occur in the near future.

Should we perhaps be looking to see whether in some organisations there is too much money spent on management and too little on selfless workers on the 'firing line'.

Please write to your councillor to show your concern. Ian and his team together with local residents are visiting the Ulverston Town Council this next Monday Dec 2nd at 7 pm to make their point in the 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting reserved for the public to communicate with the councillors. You'll find your councillor here If in doubt which one to choose Cllr John Clough (Lab) and Cllr Pat Jones (Con) have already shown interest and concern. Cllr Mark Wilson has the advantage that he can communicate well with both the District and in particular the County Council being a councillor in each branch of the local government. See Cumbria County Councils involvement at here.


Anonymous said...

A fine report from someone on the front line.
Ulverston is a quirky place, postmen struggle to find us on a regular basis.
"KEEP IT LOCAL" again please.
Jack Kelly.

Chris said...

I thought I would pay a fleeting visit,you seem to be sitting in the metaphoric dark with no comments.
I am a Basket Case,however even the musings of a basket case are better than no musings.
It is disgusting they are cutting funding to Fire,or any First Responders for that matter.
At the same time even where you are in dreary old cumbria The Head Chimp at CCC is paid 150k a year to sit in his office and "do" important.
Nothing you can do about it,nobody cares,you can make a box of tricks you can carry in a rucksack for 200 pounds that will knock out Cellular Traffic for a mile or so depending on propagation.
If their I Phones did not work there would be a blood bath.
Look after yourself,I have a Chem Question if you are in the mood Herr Doktor?.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Chris, good to hear from you. Good to have a comment. Chem Question - you can only try!

Geoff Dellow said...

There was an excellent discussion at a meeting before the main council meeting on Monday with a lot of our fireman contesting the consequences of the proposed cuts. It's amazingly difficult to findout the exact nature of the proposed cuts . Emails to Cumbria County Council and to Cllr Mark Wilson our County Cllr have still not revealed the exact details of the cuts perhaps someone can post where these can be found on the County Council web site?