Tuesday, 12 November 2013

It's a frightening feeling but

I cannot avoid the belief that parts of our local government has/is tipping over the edge towards corruption both County and District Council. Here the focus is on South Lakeland District Council

For this reason I'm strongly behind the need for a judicial review of a recent planning department decision. I believe we need an incisive tool - a judge - to find out what's inside our 'can' to see what's inside it. Is it in fact filled with worms as many of the thinking and aware people in Ulverston suspect.

In this respect it's good to see an immediate response to the launch of the fighting fund which I know is now well over £2000 and ready to soar higher as it seeks to reach it's target of around £10,000. It's a massive amount of money but there are many people like me that feel that this is such an important issue that we're willing to back our thinking with hard, very precious cash. After all, what kind of society do we want to live in? One where big business makes up the rules and dramatically alters our very special town of Ulverston? Oh did I use that emotive word 'special' which many deride? Well it arrived entirely because I believe it's the right word to use.

It was because this town had unique qualities that I chose it as a place to come and live and work, now over fifty years ago. I found that Ulverston was a people centred town - one where people really mattered and were a strong driving force in what happened in the town. Now the people of the town are speaking out for what they believe in, in a way that the politicians are not and this feels consistent with my concept of what the people of Ulverston are like deep down inside.

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