Saturday, 16 November 2013

Of even greater concern

Time and time again recently but particularly today as I talk with people I respect, I find that they really believe that local government both at district and county level are corrupt and that decisions are being made that are weighted with cash incentives provided by big businesses like the new builders Persimmons. They arrive at this conclusion as a result of the announcement by SLDC regarding the Land Allocation announced yesterday.

Today was market day and I spent the whole time between 10:30 and 4:00 in Ulverston Market Square: first playing chess and then after a short break playing my clarinet - just to keep my hand in. While there I take every opportunity possible to chat with people. Some of them are very wise people who stand back from immediate happening  and reflect about general trends. Some are the kind of people, with a wide experience of life, who come up with well considered views. They voice the opinions stated above.

The concern being voiced is that many believe that democracy is no longer in operation. On the contrary, it is being manipulated by a few with power. I have to admit that none of my councillors, at any level can be reached to discuss what is happening.

At County level I get smooth assurances that he is taking action . To my latest very precise question for him to take action he replies "Agreed" and then does nothing. I have seen similar correspondence with someone else who was pressing for a public meeting before the Land allocation plan was approved. Our councillor agreed that this should happen - and then did nothing

My District Councillor is totally unavailable , stating that she is very 'busy'. Approaches by phone, by email and even by calls at her door get no response.

At Town Council level I made a point of attending a place in The Gill where the three councillorswhere going to be alledgedly available. I had four issuesof importance to discuss with one of them, someone with considerable influence  But when I start talking to him,  he is whisked off to talk to complete strangers who happen to be just walking past and didn't want to talk to him anyway. When I request a further meeting by email on 15th October requesting a meeting to which he replied:

Sorry, I thought we had a talk of some sort.  Sorry it was not of the requisite quality.
I suggest you stick with (another councillor) who is an excellent councillor with endless patience.  I'm afraid I am not and have not.

Cheers, Colin.

These experiences confirm to me that democracy via contact with your local councillor is a waste of time and effort. This leads to the worrying conclusion - being reached by a large number right across the UK - that democracy using one's vote is pointless. But what is the alternative - Anarchy.

Somehow we all need to take this very  seriously if we come to the conclusions above.

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