Saturday, 9 November 2013

County Cllr James Airey. Is this the best you can do?

Copied off Twitter:

Full County Council tomorrow , daft Lib Dem motion on GM food . Notice they are saying nothing about their butchering of rural services.

Off too , giving my monthly report . Not good news County Lib Dem budget will destroy rural services and raise Council tax.

I was away at another meeting , did I miss a good show? Am told Jo was so poor it was embarrassing .

Farron brands his own Lib Dem Councillors failures in the Guardian today.

But where were all the Lib Dems at today's event? sausage making perhaps!

Tim is anti nuclear too , he just wants to cover the countryside in windmills and let the lights go out!

* * * *

If you read James Airey's tweets, it is worth asking what does Airey stand for and what is he doing to help happen. How much does he actually support his constituents?

It seems to me - on I must say a very superficial visit - that following Airey's tweets gives little info on what Airey is promoting and stands for. He appears to take the easy option of slagging off the opposition. He could perhaps learn a thing of two from Tim Farron - and he's no favorite of mine - he's not my MP.

Am I wasting my precious time even commenting. If a better person, of any political persuation, were to come forward, I'd give them my vote.

Tomorrow I'll give him something important to do for us. We'll see what he can do!

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