Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Food waste lunacy

At a time when we are operating a food bank in Ulverston, there is food being thrown away on a substantial basis. Isn't this something the councillor whose ward is most affected, Mark Wilson, could step in and help?

Anyone in the business will know that those selling perishable goods such as bread and vegetables will know that if the goods in question aren't sold by Saturday afternoon then they are thrown away. Thus all bread not sold when the french bread stall packs up on the Saturday market is taken home to be dumped. This may well be true at other bread shops across town. Yesterdays bread at the Coop, Tesco and Booths is probably thrown away to.

Even more serious in terms of waste is the policy to throw away all products at Booths that have past their sell buy date. Friends have been told that they cannot purchase or be given away these products for Health and Safety reasons. Does this policy not apply to the Coop and Tesco? Further afield does it not happen at Barrow and other towns?

At a time when people are unable to scrape the money to buy food isn't there something dramatically wrong.

I understand that another disappointing factor is that even if the bread from the bread stall was given away free at 3.00pm on Saturday it could not be available to the food bank because it is closed over the week end.

Come on Mark Wilson, can't you and our MP John Woodcock step in and help solve this ridiculous situation. I trust that Mark Wilson is preventing this happening at the Coop as he is on their board of trustees.

Is one solution for those with food, to sell it at a knock down price to the food banks on the last day of the sell by date? Similarly bakers and veg stall to offer their food to the needy rather than throw it away?

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