Monday, 4 November 2013

Work on the Cobbles in Market Street

The quality of the work done appears to be excellent. Utracrete was used. However a lot of tamping down went on the last Thursday - it's easy to criticise and without inside knowledge impossible to judge. For me given his past history, it will a long time to dispell the idea that Nick Raymond is a poor manager and should have been given the sack several years ago. But one doesn't do that kind of thing in County or District Council circles.

I can quite understand that my letter below is unacceptable - after all what position do I hold? However my offer to meet up with Andrew Moss the Head of Cumbria Highways shown below has not been replied to:


You suggest that it's time we met.

Why would that be?What purpose have you in mind?From my point of view , I would be dealing with people, (Mark , James and yourself) who are highly skilled at pretending to say something that when examined closely means nothing.

Your statement in your other email is an example

"Geoff, rest assured we will be keeping a close eye on this work."

"Keeping a close eye" tells me nothing - of course you will now that we will be watching. You avoid making the statement that you will be using Ultracrete. or maybe by now"Yes, we have used Ultracrete in this repair"

So to summarise.  We can only judge the meaning of your words from your past actions and they from our viewpoint have been unacceptable.

So are you interested in a meeting which looks to the future and where you would be willing to make firm commitments that could be verified by us?

Any other would be pointless: trust between us is none existent but such a meeting would start to establish this.

Best wishes


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