Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tonight's Candlelit walk

More tomorrow.- It's taking a bit more time than expected.

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Anonymous said...

You set the seed for this event. Procured equipment(scrounged). Then handed over to a top team.
A good Knight Sir.

Geoff Dellow said...

Not sure about "scrounged" - if you refer to the wax from Lindal's Wax Lyrical this and lots of assistence on wicks came most generously from their directors.

The robust crates came generously from David's market plant stall. Yes this could be a 'scrounge'.

As for the essential loo rolls for flares they too were most generously donated by the people of Union Lane to the bin that continues to stand at our front door.

As for the idea it developed by stages from the putting of pottery on the railings to pottery on the spikes to putting pottery all the way along the spikes to putting lights in the pottery leading into a dark (scarey) wood to going round in a loop hence the direction of the walk.

The idea is now open ended and could lead anywhere next year with several opportunities for many creative ideas in the future. Already some new this year - the brilliant swinging lights, the weird 'music' from the sitting sorcerers, the flaming steel drums and canister flame lights to the story telling and enthusiastic singing South Lakes Ukelele orchestra. What next? Your ideas very welcome - feel inspired- kids of all ages very welcome. Join the idiots that choose to light candles in windy rainy squally October 31st each year - and pulled off this miracle this year!- With 15 minutes to spare? So satisfying when it works - so disappointing when it doesn't as last year. Did it stop the loopy light lunies this year?
What is totally gauranteed - next year will be different.